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My mods topic about vehicles.

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  • M.A.Cmods97

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Posted 12 September 2012 - 02:00 PM


first of all here is my mods blog which you can find my mods.


here hydra re-skin'ed by me (digital snow camo)

user posted image
user posted image

Download link : http://www.mediafire...u2lznxdu63cr4qb

Hunter re-skin'ed by me.

Jungle camo


user posted image
user posted image

Download : http://www.mediafire...010gdwfddhoknsu

Snow camo


user posted image
user posted image

Download link : http://www.mediafire...j7h3v87n11mikaz

Desert camo!


user posted image
user posted image
Download link : http://www.mediafire...t1rrzgrqdars7e8

Black camo


user posted image
user posted image

Download link : http://www.mediafire...j93w7f09gb2dd91


Want to re-quest any camo? post on my blog chat box ty wink.gif

and also tank re-skin

Snow camo

user posted image

user posted image

Download : http://www.mediafire...a5fjmu31cr0fnre

Jungle camo

user posted image

user posted image

download : http://www.mediafire...g0zyzlaiu261gcn


also.. enb setting

[ENB] for low/medium PC graphic card.

i create this [ENB] setting for old pc and sux,this will be nice and good ^^, hope you enjoying it.

how to run it?

1-Download it.
2-Put 2files on GTA san andreas folder
3-run gta sa
4-press shift+f12
5-to close it, press shift+f12 again [re-open it, same shift+12]
6-to remove the ENB [remove the 2files {d3d9.dll and enbseries}

Some picture.


Download link : http://www.mediafire...f12pdifhmriym1r


Enb setting like gta iv.

i made that "ENB" mode for making you playing gta sa like gta iv graphic..
this ENB mode need a good pc gaming and good graphic card "THIS WILL BE LAGG IN OLD PC/LAPTOP]

How it work?

1-Download it from the link
2-put the 2 files on gta sanandreas folder
3-go in-game
4-press shift+f12
5-enjoy it
6-if you want to close it press shift+f12 again.

Make a backup if you do not like it.

Here a Video about it.

Download link : http://www.mediafire...crmrvtcowezz6qv


Indian skin [Re-skin work!]
Hi all!

i created that skin [from a month it is old confused.gif i would like to share it ^^]

here indian skin which requested by my friend in COD5 forums/server
[1337]Ron[LF] [His name now!] smile.gif

here picture :

user posted image

Download link : http://www.mediafire...dlfddfkic247hcd

That is all my mods, i am new in modding, more soon ^^

stay tuned at http://mac-mods97.blogspot.com

i am working about some skins mods.

Chong McBong
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Posted 02 October 2012 - 08:22 PM

don't forget to credit the original model authors tounge.gif

  • printingray

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 08:11 PM

Great, I got a lot of stuff here. Continue posting.

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