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Do you talk to yourself?

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  • spectre07


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Posted A week ago

Yes, I share my emotions myself.

I think I am the best friend none can do.

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Twilight Sky
  • Twilight Sky

    Driftin' at the apex, sliding into 1rst.

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Posted A week ago

Sure I do. It's one of three ways I keep my mother tongue the dominant language while I teach myself Finnish.

  • Tokasmoka


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Posted 2 days ago

I do, being an only child in an affectionless home I needed someone to talk to when I was growing up lol, I always considered it 'practice'.  I just comment on bs as if other people are around but it's not like I am talking to made up people.  At work I talk to myself and also work on impressions for an animated series I've been kind of working on.

  • JON22

    FECK U ALL >:(

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Posted A day ago

Only when I'm waiting to cross the road. I tell the cars to f*ck off under my breath 'cause I'm in a rush to get to work.

  • Adrenalist


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Posted 9 hours ago

Yes. Sometimes with gusto.

Usually it has to do with some depraved ruse of a fast food attendant.

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