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Posted 10 September 2012 - 06:29 AM

Got much better this time. Keep up the good work! icon14.gif

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Posted 10 September 2012 - 01:41 PM

QUOTE (deepthroatgta6 @ Monday, Sep 10 2012, 06:29)
Got much better this time. Keep up the good work! icon14.gif

Zigackly.Now I am reading this everyday..Keep it coming.. icon14.gif icon14.gif

Alif Akbar
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Posted 13 September 2012 - 09:55 PM

Wow, good work so far. I'm impressed with this idea. Keep it coming then

Anyway, do you got this idea from the old DYOM Magazine ? And you know that you're not the old user in here, but how you approached the old users to contribute to your magazine ?

Once again, keep it up. And some tips, why don't you use the tables for the magazine ? The magazine might look better with them

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 03:31 PM

user posted image

Greetings Readers! Welcome to the fourth issue of GTAForums Weekly. Well, let's kick things off with a little survey. GTAForums now accommodates over 462,000 registered users. According to a recent survey, it has been revealed that most of the people sign up in GTAForums either to get involved in V Section chat or for advertising. It was also revealed that most of the people who get banned are newbies.

You may also notice that the issues are somewhat short. Well, I don't really get much time for the forums or editing the issue but I promise this won't be the same in the future. We're also removing some sections due to image limit concerns. We hope there will be a solution for this image limit issue soon. Now, it's time for a brand new issue filled with delicious forum news so get ready to feast upon it. Tuck in and Enjoy!

user posted image
Welcome to another edition of GTAForums Weekly!

Even after months since the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the topic by JOSEPH X remains one of the most active topics in Gaming Chat. So, Skyrim gamers, be sure to drop by and share your experiences.

Are you good at writing reviews or interested in reading the reviews of others? If so, the GTAF Gaming Reviews Index is the place to go. Just make sure to read the rules and use the proper BBCode template, all provided in the opening post.

For all those who are interested in Visual Arts (whether computer-generated or not), the Visual Arts section is where you should go. From threads dedicated to Photography to the Signature of the Week (SoTW) competition, where you can enter a signature and possibly earn yourself some recognition. There are also some useful tutorial threads in that section, for example, The Photography Starter’s Guide by eDad, for those interested in learning about Photography. And The GFX Starter’s Guide (also by eDad) for those who want to learn about computer generated GFX. Also, last but not least, the Graphics Designer Resources. by Whiskey, which serves as a directory for all tools which may prove useful to those who are either starting out or consider themselves advanced in GFX and visual arts. The Writer’s Resource in the Writer's Discussion Section may also prove useful to both budding and experienced writers.

Thanks for reading and have fun reading the other sections.

Source: Greenline
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user posted image
-Last week on Rockstar Central....What famous hollywood actor said to Dan Houser “me hitting you and you hitting the floor!”

Burt Reynolds!! The story took place during the voice recording for Vice city.
The story began when Reynolds cut his scene and Dan asked politely for another take.
“Hey,” Dan said, “can you say that line again?”.Reynolds stared him down and muttered,“Say that again?”.
“Can you do the line again?” Dan repeated.
“You know, you need to give people an ‘atta boy.'” Reynolds replied
“An ‘atta boy'?”
“Yeah, people do something good, you gotta give them an ‘atta boy.'”
Khonsari and Dan shifted uncomfortably, having no clue what Reynolds was talking about at first—then realized he wanted a bit of acclaim before he did anything again. He wanted a “that a boy.” They redid the line,but Khonsari thought that Reynolds's attitude only got worse.
The studio grew hot,so hot he was sweating through his clothes.Unbeknownst to Reynolds, his manager had gone out to buy him a dry shirt. When the shirt arrived, Dan innocently approached Reynolds. “Oh, your shirt's here,” he said.
Reynolds didn't know the shirt was coming and must have thought Dan was insulting him for being sopping wet. “There's going to be two hits here,” Reynolds told him,“me hitting you and you hitting the floor!”
Dan flipped, ready to cut Reynolds out of the game entirely. Khonsari intervened. “We
got the performance,” he told Dan. “He's a total cock, but let's move on.”
From Jacked:The outlaw story of grand theft auto by David Kushner.

-So,do you want to see a voice recording video of Vice city? Ok, here you have
You can see some famous Vinewood actors like Dennis Hopper (Steve Scott) or Candy Suxxx,
I mean Jenna Jameson.

-Dan and Sam houser are not very generous when it comes to giving interviews,
so find a video with Sam Houser talking about plans for PS3 should be a treasure for GTA fans.
Click here to find the treasure chest.

-In the last issue Rockstar central spoke about the making of GTA IV. We considered that´s fair bring some cheers to people who did this masterpiece. There is hundreds who worked to make possible GTA IV .
And when we say hundreds, we mean hundreds. You can Find the complete list here.

-Did you play Chinatown wars on DS? What about a sequel ?
According to Gameinformer this could have become real.Rockstar could have worked on a 3D open world DS game,but sadly "in all likelihood was a cancelled project."
You can read the complete story here.

-Are the Houser brothers between the 40 Most Powerful People In Video Games?
Kotaku says yes,according with this website the Brothers Rockstar are at number 19 in the most powerful people list.
Why? Because “they have power, the we-can-do-whatever-we-want kind of power.”

-“The key idea of the game was that it wasn’t about violence; it was about freedom,” Dan Houser on GTA III.

-Quote of the week; “They’re the Spielbergs of our industry. The amount of revenue that guy generates… When you meet him he’s a really self-effacing guy.” BioShock dev lead Ken Levine on Houser brothers.

-Hashtag of the week; #GTAMemories

Next week in the gtaf weekly.
-Do Rockstar employees read the fan sites forums ? Hmm…....

-What did NASA say about Grand Theft Auto IV?
You will find the answer to these question next week here.Stay tuned.

Source: bud23
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user posted image
This week had been a big week for the regulars of General Chat. The notable thread this week is Nine Eleven. You'll probably know what this topic is about after seeing that title. Well, things were quite normal at first, but this didn't last. People started arguing and others went off-topic. This argument invited chaos into the thread and finally the thread was locked. The thread was however opened later and the OP is believed to have been temp banned by Attorney General.

There was also a topic created by a PBM who is believed to have been banned many times before. The thread was about his short journey through GTAForums and how he was banned a large number of times, in his opinion, without a reason. But, the truth is that, there seemed to be a whole bunch of reasons behind his bans. No one seemed to care about this. Like every other PBM's, he started flaming the whole GTAForums community. Finally, the guy's fate was sealed by the game changer, Girish, and his thread was also locked.

There was some controversial stuff going on between two modders named quechus13 and zzcool. It is believed that zzcool was making profit by making videos about quechus13's mods. A topic was created about this by qechus13 in General Chat. He claimed that he was betrayed by zzcool and he requested people to help him by commenting in zzcool's videos. No one came really forward to help as there's no way others can help him in this. In the end, Waddy promised to appoint a modding staff to investigate this.

So, that's the end of General Chat News, folks. See you next time!

Source: shiva s
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The Lost and Damned Players Lounge

Despite an unfair belief that TLaD is dead, this lounge constructed by Mr. Reaper aims to gather all the bad ass players in to one place.

This lounge is exclusively dedicated to TLaD related discussions. So, if you still respect bikes, beer and booty, this is the right place for you.

There are also certain rules you should follow before stepping into this lounge such as no claims of TBoGt being better, TLaD sucked, no gang related arguments, etc. Now, why are you still looking at me?

user posted image

Hello and welcome to the second edition of 'A View From The OGA'. For those who missed last week's issue of GTAForums Weekly, this is a column keeping you up to date on all the news occurring within the OGA.

This week, we in the OGA have been discussing IRC and how we can raise its profile in the build up to GTAV. If you don't already know, GTANet has it's own IRC network. You'll need either an IRC program such as mIRC or you can use the Java application which is accessible from the GTANet homepage. There are many, many channels on GTANet and it can seem a bit daunting. What I suggest is joining the channel called #gta which is where a lot of GTA discussion takes place. As well as that, there is #callcentre which you can visit if you're a bit stuck with IRC. Finally, I suggest the AMF's IRC channel which is #amf. If you visit here you'll find that there is often great discussion about GTA as well as discussions on a range of other topics.

In the near future, the OGA are wishing to push GTA discussion into IRC a whole lot more. We would like to see some real time discussion about GTA and are really excited about the possibilities. Think of it as the great GTAV section only a whole lot more interactive and engaging. Stay tuned for more developments on this.

Because we know that GTAV will support crews, such as the ones we saw in Max Payne 3, the OGA has been in discussion about what it means for Official Gangs and Unofficial Gangs. There is already a GTAF crew on Max Payne 3, but we know that the arrival of GTAV will bring greater interest to multiplayer gaming on GTAF. Therefore the OGA have discussed the advent of a Multiplayer League on GTAForums for Official Gangs and Unofficial Gangs alike.

Of course, there is already such a league for GTAIV right now in the Gangs section of the forums, but some members of the OGA have discussed GTANet officially supporting this. So imagine this, you go onto GTAForums one day, you log in and then instantly the forums will have a skin that matches the gang you are currently in. Imagine an AOD skin, Yardies skin, SOTL skin, etc. Each gang will have its own separate subsection of the forums (similar to what the OGA has now) where gang members can discuss privately their gang's strategies and upcoming matches. As well as that, members can go onto a website (let's call it www.gtamp.net) where they can see upcoming fixtures for gang matches and league tables or which gang controls what territory. Could this be the first baby steps towards GTANet V2.0? That remains to be seen and it's still very early doors on this idea. But you can be sure that when new details do emerge, they will appear in this column.

Until then though, yippie ki yay motherf*cker, I suppose.

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This week has seen a little more activity in the Music Section compared to last week so I've had a fair amount to choose from in the last few days.
Nevertheless, the high quality of the music that has been posted still made it quite a tough choice.
So, without further hesitation, the Song Of The Week goes to "Across The Stream" by Elsiane (posted by The-King).

I fell in love with this song the instant I heard the first few seconds.
The almost instantaneous build-up at the beginning that smoothly flows from a downtempo beat into an emotionally fueled arrangement of strings is breathtakingly beautiful.
After that the bass comes along and takes the lead, the drums offering subtle support. All the while a hauntingly sweet voice relaxes every muscle in your body allowing you to slowly drift away.
The rest of the song ebbs and flows between chilled-out rhythms and forceful string sets, the drums making themselves known when necessary.
After I heard this I immediately sought more, I craved it. I came across many tracks from their debut album "Hybrid"
which blessed me with such tracks as "Mend (To Fix, To Repair)" and "Morphing", both continuing to drive my love of them to another level.
All in all, this is perhaps one of my favourite discoveries, music-wise, of 2012.

Worthy Of A Mention

Amongst all the tracks posted in the music section each week, there are some true pieces of brilliance and choosing just one is quite difficult.
So, here, I'll give a nod to other songs that I feel are worthy of a mention.

Passion by Nightmares On Wax (posted by Vanilla Shake)
Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker Remix) by Hurts (posted by _____)
No Ordinary Morning by Chicane (posted by Gareth Croke)
Dead Flowers by Townes Van Zandt (posted by gta3kuruma)
Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz (posted by SatournFan)
New York (Empire State Of Mind) by Maverick Sabre (posted by John The Grudge)

I hope you all enjoyed the above tracks and thank you to everyone who keeps the music section rolling.
Be sure to pop in to the Rate the song above you thread, the The Forum Musicians' Commune
and the ~Studio: Q-13 Lounge~ topic, where music is the flame that fires the soul. See you next week!


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We choose random people for asking this article question. If you're interested in taking part, please PM me.

This week's article question is:
If you were given a chance to promote someone to a Mod, who would you choose?

blitz: Edmachine. No doubt.

Irviding: If I were given the chance I would immediately promote sivispacem to mod. He's a very senior member here at GTAF and I believe one of the highest regarded and respected users as well. Not only for the plethora of information he possesses, but the manner in which he is able to deliver it even to the dumbest and unwilling-to-listen type of people.

I would love to have his level of patience, but unfortunately that will never happen. He already has experience being an area mod in the D&D area and would be great to have moderating the entire site. Knowing him, he might have some problems dealing with the retards in V section, but I think he'd overcome it.

sivispacem: To full-on mod? I'd probably say Ryan. The amount of grief that guy gets in the V forum from idiots and spammers is beyond ridiculous, and he fully deserves the power to deal with the constant stream of abuse he gets for it. Plus he's a first-rate bloke and great long-term poster.

And, here's the best answer given by Jay for this week!

Jay: I would promote myself. I have been likened to Dick Cheney many times and a move such as this is in line with those comparisons. I am the benevolent, understanding leader that this forum deserves and the iron fist without the velvet glove that it needs. I will reign in tyranny towards those registered after 2010, establishing a caste system of subservience and respect.

I will institute a zero-tolerance insta-ban policy based on a series of banned words for the V section (including "steak"). I will reinstate the Pit™ but not only would post counts be turned off, they will taken away with every reply. Any dissent will see the offenders first-born seized and given the surname "Cerbera". Any member posting a milestone thread for post counts under 10,000 will be banned for that amount of days.

My presence viewing threads will illicit fear. My shadow will promote order and restraint. My punishments will be swift. My visage humourless. Winter is coming.

user posted image


user posted image

The 50 Cent Bulletproof Mod V.2

Author: King Shady| Category: Characters
"Get rich' or die tryin', Go Shorty, The Candy Shop.." I'm sure you know about this playa'. This mod made by King Shady is a full player replacement mod for SA featuring high quality texture and realistic head model. Though the mod is not finished there's already a lot of feedbacks for this mod. So, don't miss it!

user posted image

Nine Eleven

This topic is about the incident which shocked the whole world. This topic was created in General Chat this Sunday and it had been very active this past week. If you want to pay your respects to the people who have lost their lives in the 9/11 incident then visit this thread.

GTA V will, probably, be banned in Australia

Here I present to you the thread which has been rather active this past week. You should really check this out if you're an Australian. Yes, as the title suggests, the game is expected to be banned in Australia. Though this is not confirmed, this might be the worst news for all the GTA fans over in Australia. The OP SMG, has also provided detailed information about this in the main post so don't forget to check it out.

And, that's it, readers! The issue has come to an end. If you liked reading the issue, why not give us a boost by subscribing? Simply reply stating that you'd like to subscribe or just drop the word "sub" if you're too lazy. Let me just point out the advantages of being a subscribed reader. First one; the issue will arrive in your inbox even before it's published elsewhere. Second; you don't have to check the topic every time to see if a new issue has been released. So, I hope we'll get more subscribers after this issue. We hope you had fun reading the issue. See you all next time. Until then, peace.

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 04:14 PM Edited by .dre., 15 September 2012 - 04:16 PM.

Opps. Didn't realize it's posted on the thread. Nvm

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 04:14 PM

QUOTE (shiva s @ Saturday, Sep 15 2012, 21:01)
Jay: I would promote myself. I have been likened to Dick Cheney many times and a move such as this is in line with those comparisons. I am the benevolent, understanding leader that this forum deserves and the iron fist without the velvet glove that it needs. I will reign in tyranny towards those registered after 2010, establishing a caste system of subservience and respect.

I will institute a zero-tolerance insta-ban policy based on a series of banned words for the V section (including "steak"). I will reinstate the Pit™ but not only would post counts be turned off, they will taken away with every reply. Any dissent will see the offenders first-born seized and given the surname "Cerbera". Any member posting a milestone thread for post counts under 10,000 will be banned for that amount of days.

My presence viewing threads will illicit fear. My shadow will promote order and restraint. My punishments will be swift. My visage humourless. Winter is coming.



I fully endorse this.

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 04:17 PM

I'm guessing Khonsari is Iranian? Hehe.

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Posted 16 September 2012 - 01:28 AM

Damn, I've been waiting for this, great job as always, shiva. smile.gif

Master of San Andreas
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Posted 21 September 2012 - 04:33 AM

Can't wait for issue 5! nice job shiva! icon14.gif icon14.gif icon14.gif

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 10:28 AM

Missed the issue few days ago, but good job for it now.

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 11:22 AM

JAY 2012

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Posted 21 September 2012 - 09:10 PM

That's a good read. Great job as always! icon14.gif

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 08:24 AM

Sorry for the bump, guys. Issue #5 will be published tomorrow.

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 02:23 PM Edited by shiva s, 22 September 2012 - 02:53 PM.

user posted image

Welcome to another exciting hot edition of GTAForums Weekly. The only weekly News edition which will bring you the lodown of the happenings in GTAForums. TheGreatGig23 is leaving the team since he won't be able to carry on. It is a great loss for the team as he had been doing a good job covering the Music of the Week Section and also proof-reading the previous issues besides his busy schedule. But, he has promised to return back to the team soon. See ya matey' It had been a great time working with you.

I guess, you know about about GTAF 2.0, which is on it's way to GTAForums. Well, people in OGA are currently looking for suggestions on what GTAF 2.0 can bring about in regard to gang sections and multiplayer gaming on GTAV. If you have any beautiful suggestions, you are kindly asked to post it here in GTAForums Weekly. You'll read more about this in Pandazoot's article. The OGA People will get notified by your suggestions you're gonna post here so feel free to post your suggestions here. Have fun reading the issue!

user posted image

Hello and welcome to another edition of GTAForums Weekly. Here's some GTAF news to get started with.

GTAF-Profiles: Know Your Neighbours is a great place to introduce yourself, just fill out the questionnaire (The BBCode is provided in the opening post) and post it in the topic. Just don't be surprised if meta187 shows up at your doorstep and offers you chocolate in his van.

Elephants and Donkeys are fighting against each other in a display of… America in the US Presidential Election 2012 thread which was started as the Ron Paul 2012 thread by CubA_iLL_BrothA, be sure to join in and pick an animal. Or say how much you don't care for both of them.

Spammers will spam. Sometimes in topics of their own. Sometimes in other people's topics. And sometimes, through PM. If you want to put an end to the PM spam that's been plaguing you, just post in the PM Spammer List topic. Remember, spam is stuff like advertising, linking to Goatse or other shock/pornography etc. Stuff that you disagree with can be simply fought against using the block list. Kindly explained by adamcs on the first page of the thread.

SOTW #43's Voting Thread has started. You can get in there and check the submissions and vote for you favorites.

Have fun reading the other threads in this topic.
Jay for Mod, 2012!

Source: Greenline

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lzw3 here, giving a short but detailed report on the happenings around the GTA V subforum. As there is no new information regarding the release of Rockstar's next big game I'll be focusing on three popular threads in the section.

The first thread for this week is the Xbox World GTA V Preview thread created by The_Majestic. The topic is about Xbox World Magazine's tweet about a GTA V 'preview' in their next release, issue 124. Many people that posted in the thread claim that the magazine is known for their baloney statements and it will most likely be a look at August's screenshots. A while after the thread was created lefantome posted the cover which had just been released, discovering that all the things mentioned on the front cover just happen to be the same things that are in Augusts screenshots. Thumbs down to Xbox World for most likely misleading thousands of people.

The next thread that has attracted much attention this week is the GTA V Page Update thread made by Frantz Fuchs. The topic concerns the GTA V Overview page on Rockstar Games' website being updated with August's screens. This raised many people's spirits and has made them gain a lot of hope for new information, possibly even a second trailer. Towards the middle of the thread peop,e were starting to get angry at Rockstar and Take2. Last time the page was updated screenshots were released 40 minutes later, leading many to believe history would repeat itself and we'd get new information. This clearly didn't happen.

The third and final big thread for this week is the GTA V on Wii U thread created by JustWaitOG. It is dedicated to this Gamerbliss report on the possibility of GTA V being released the Wii U. The thread quickly turned to whether or not the Wii U could even handle a game this large, with people then proving that the Wii U is actually on par or possibly even better than the current generation of consoles. One thing that I instantly foresaw in the thread was users saying that the Wii U is for children. While I don't own one this cant be true due to its enormous hardware capabilities, and this was proven by future posters in the thread.

Anyway, that's all and let us all pray that there will be drought-breaking information released within the next week or so.

Source: lzw3

user posted image

Last week in Rockstar Central.....What did NASA say about Grand Theft Auto IV?

-The answer is.....One NASA Scientist uses GTA IV to prove we are living inside of a computer simulation created by a programmer from the future. You are not real,we’re All Trapped Inside A Video Game.
Rich Terrile, NASA Scientist; “The natural world behaves exactly the same way as the environment of Grand Theft Auto IV. In the game, you can explore Liberty City seamlessly in phenomenal detail. I made a calculation of how big that city is, and it turns out it’s a million times larger than my PlayStation 3. You see exactly what you need to see of Liberty City when you need to see it, abbreviating the entire game universe into the console.
The universe behaves in the exact same way. In quantum mechanics, particles do not have a definite state unless they’re being observed. Many theorists have spent a lot of time trying to figure out how you explain this. One explanation is that we’re living within a simulation, seeing what we need to see when we need to see it.”

GTA fan, NASA Scientist’s Rich Terrile have a question for you;
“how do you know it’s not 30 years in the future now and you’re not one of these simulations?”
Interesting question, What do you say? You can read the entire interview here.

-Last week we did a question ....Do Rockstar employees read the fan sites forums?
We are not allowed to speak much about it, so by now only we can give you public information,as for example Felipe Busquets´s( Rockstar North´s developer ) profile in a spanish forum. Here Felipe speaks about GTA IV´s delay or the release date for Liberty city stories. It´s here

-RAGE stories. You ever wondered which was the Rockstar´s main reason to developed its own engine?

If so,Rockstar North's technical director Adam Fowler can give you an answer.
“The main advantage is we have control over the direction the engine takes. If we need something for our game we have a direct connection with the guys who would be developing it. We get early access to systems which might not be completely finished but are ready for development use. Bugs get fixed in days, not weeks or months. This has been especially important as we reached the end of the project. We talk to the RAGE guys every day. We know what is happening with RAGE on a day to day basis.

Definitely, working with guys in house gave us much more input into the development of the RAGE engine, and gave us direct access to the guys who made it which has helped enormously.”

Do you want to know more about RAGE engine? OK,
Here you have an article with Rockstar explaining the tech behind GTA4.

-The wonderful world of Rockstar(See '"The Wonderful World of Disney"');"We wanted it to feel like a gangster film. And you can't do that if you can’t use bad language, or have a hooker on the corner, or a strip club, or all the other things that are part of that world......If you don’t like any violent content in your entertainment, then I apologize because I do."

"We’re not at all aspiring to virtual reality — what we are aspiring to is what feels like you're living in your own world, halfway between 3-D cartoon and action movies." Dan Houser.

-Video of the week; Michael Hollick (the voice and motion capture for Niko Bellic) speaking about his work in GTA IV.

-Quote of the week; "The natural world behaves exactly the same way as the environment of Grand Theft Auto IV." Rich Terrile, NASA Scientist

-Twitter of the week; https://twitter.com/pizzathis

If you have any suggestion or you want to know something about a Rockstar game, please let us know.More next week,stay tuned.

Source: bud23

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Jay the stronghold of Leone Family Mafia is now looking for a promotion to MOD! He has also placed his election promises.
  • "I will reign in tyranny towards those registered after 2010, establishing a caste system of subservience and respect."
  • "I will institute a zero-tolerance insta-ban policy based on a serious of banned words for the V section (including "steak")."
  • "I will reinstate the Pit but not only would post counts be turned off , they will taken away with their every reply"
  • "Any dissent will see the offenders first born seized and given the surname "Cerbera"
  • "Any member posting a milestone thread for post counts under 10,000 will be banned for that amount of days."
  • "My presence viewing threads will illicit fear"
  • "My punishments will be swift"
  • "My visage is humourless"

So, if you think Jay is a good canditate, caste your precious vote for him! He could be the worst nightmare for all the trolls, spammers, dickheads and V-tards around the forums.

user posted image

Greetings from the OGA once again. This is Pandazoot with your weekly roundup of all the goings on of the Official Gang Alliance.

This story broke just as the last issue went to the press so I'm going to bring it up here instead. The GTAForums Max Payne 3 crew is currently the number one crew in the world. You may have seen this story elsewhere but it was big discussion inside the OGA because the gang was pretty much birthed inside the OGA. To anyone who has played Max Payne 3 online and flown the GTAF colours, we would like to thank you all for your support. Bring on GTAV!

Following on from last week's news of a possible GTAF 2.0 (if you haven't already read that, do so now then come back), the OGA were looking for more suggestions on what GTAF 2.0 can bring about in regards to gang sections and multiplayer gaming on GTAV. We would like you to post them in the GTAForums Weekly Topic. But we must stress that you DO NOT PM OGA members. Thank you.

Finally the OGA has been delighted with the level of discussion in the GTAV section of the forums over the last few weeks. Members are showing great analytical skills in deciphering what Rockstar has in store for GTAV based on the clues we have so far. Keep up the good work.

Until next week, sayonara I suppose.

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This week's top track goes to Half Life by Sneaker Pimps (posted by Warlord.)

I love nothing more than a great chill-out track and this is exactly that. It reminds me of the times I used to have with friends when I was in college. We'd sit by a small lake until sunset, smoking a few joints and passing a bottle of whiskey. We'd talk about anything, always laughing, always loving. These have been the greatest moments of my life so far. So, for reigniting those memories, this song immediately has a special place for me. It also has a sexy, seductive quality to it, too, and I just feel as though this could be one of those songs, along with the sounds of Portishead and Elsiane, that will accompany some great moments in my life.

Worthy Of A Mention

Amongst all the tracks posted in the music section each week, there are some true pieces of brilliance and choosing just one is quite difficult. So, here, I'll give a nod to other songs that I feel are worthy of a mention.

The Road To Hell by Chris Rea (posted by Gareth Croke)
Why Try To Change Me Now by Fiona Apple (posted by guib)
Rock Bottom by King Krule (posted by Akaviri)
Sidology 2 - Trinity by Machinae Supremacy (posted by _____)

I hope you all enjoyed the above tracks. Be sure to pop in to the Rate the song above you and the ~Studio: Q-13 Lounge~ topics where music is the flame that fires the soul.

Unfortunately, this will be the last week in which I write this column. I hope you've all enjoyed the songs I've chosen in the past few weeks. Anyway, I'll leave you with this masterpiece from which I took my name. From the very first moment I heard this song, I knew my life had changed in many ways. I adore this song for so many reasons. There's an unspeakable amount of pain in it, a pain like no one has ever come across before, but occasionally, roars of triumph surface and battle with the pain, always ending with an uncertainty as to who came out on top. No matter how many times I have heard it, I always find myself being emotionally battered by it. When Clare Torry sang this, little did she know that twenty seven years later, a little Welsh kid would form an undying love for what she had done and would forever thank her for the introduction into the world of Pink Floyd, the greatest gig on Earth.

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We choose random people for asking this article question. If you're interested in taking part, please PM us.

This week's article question is:
Jay 4 Mod! what do you say?

finn4life: I don't know, I don't know if he reports things frequently and wants to be. It's not my place to decide.

goin-god: No, he is french.

OverTheBelow: I think, he's a very solid member of our community, however due to the layers of an onion I cannot recommend anyone move from his place. It would displace the onion. It would make our eyes water. Onions.

trip: Yay for Jay. peace.

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This section aims to highlight members who had been very helpful to the forums as well as members around the forums.


Forum Debut: December 6, 2008

yojo2 is an old user in GTAForums. He originally signed up in this forums to show his appericiation for a mod created by Onepiece. He later learned modding and made some splendid mods. He's now a troubleshooter in IV Forums. He likes to help people who are having issues with anything related to Tech. You can usually find him in IV Troubleshooting section and Tech & PC Chat Section. The staff has also awarded him a medal recently for all his continued help to the members around the forums. Way to go, pal.

user posted image

Welcome to the brand new Interview Section! This section will feature interviews with a forum legend/veteran every week.

We decided to ring Gamesguru for this week's interview. Gamesguru is the man who lead GTAF Newsletter to the success. He is now a forum led-by of the Events and Gangs sub section. Anyway, have fun!

Shiva: How did you know about GTAForums before you joined?
Guru: Before I had access to the internet at my home, or even a computer for that matter, my only time spent online (for the most part) was at school or at my Uncle's house. I believe I viewed this forum a few times here and there over the years, but I never had the time to invest a membership into it. My initial introduction to the site at the time was through modifications, which peaked my interest significantly during the Vice City era. Eventually I had my own internet connection and computer (although for a computer nerd it was quite a late purchase). This happened in between the promotional roll-out for Grand Theft Auto IV. Leading near into its release, I found these forums to be the best source for information about the game, so I finally decided to register.

Shiva: Are you a regular in any other sections besides Gangs and Events section?
Guru:Not so much nowadays, as I have been busy with real life commitments. If it wasn't for the Angels of Death MC and my responsibilities as a Forum Leader, my activity would be non-existent. Even the time I invest into socialising with the Leone Crime Family has faded. I've been a creeper for the most part anyway, and most of my posts were sunk into the latter two areas, so not much is lost in that regard. I did frequent the music section often, even though I rarely posted (with the exception being the Official Rap & Hip-Hop topic). That being said, I browse more focused forums for music these days so it's really hard to acquire an enthusiastic interest for the area, when it pales in comparison to dedicated music forums, understandably so.

Shiva: Your opinions about V Forums?
Guru: There really isn't anything I can contribute to the menu that hasn't already been added into the pot. It focuses on the up-coming Grand Theft Auto, which is always going to be a deadly allure. I don't pay attention to the idiocy and outlandish behaviour that happens there, but fortunately we have staff and members who invest time into that area, in order to install some form of order. Although it's no surprise really, this is the internet after all. The universal land of the free, where people say anything they please, just because they can do so safely. Many of the members there are young and enthusiastic kids, who are new to a format such as a forum (and life in general). So of course ignorance will be sprouted and selfish emotions will overflow into the numerous topics there. I look for the good in it though, as that same enthusiasm can create some great conversation and memories. I think too many experienced and "mature" members neglect the area, because that is the easiest thing to do, and everyone likes to tag-along in a good old pretentious circle-jerk. Which can be just as annoying; it just has less repercussions. To be honest, I don't really know what point I'm trying to make, maybe its because I'm somewhat indifferent to the area, maybe its because I'm really hungry. In essence, the forum harbours the best of the best, and the worst of the worst. I should of just said the really.

Shiva: Which gang in Gangs subsection is your favourite?
Guru: The Angels of Death MC. Some people might find that answer controversial and painfully obvious simultaneously. Why is that though? I am apart of that gang after all. A lot of people confuse that with me abusing my powers as a Forum Leader, but I try to be as fair as possible. I believe that's because our worst days are behind us as far as negative behaviour is concerned. So in regards to a lack of warnings pertaining to the gang I'm apart of, that is why, because there is no action needed on my behalf. People just want an excuse to paint the staff as some type of evil conglomerate either way. Who am I to hinder their adorable little imaginations? Yes it's my favourite gang, and it happens to be the gang I'm a partof; but I play with those people online and I know most of them on a personal level, so in certain ways I don't see it as an online gang that surrounds a videogame, I see it as a group of friends. The gang is occupied with some of the nicest and funniest people I've had the pleasure of talking to. It's a band of brothers, which suits our theme. No other gang offers that for me, and if it were to, it would be after I sacrificed work and time for the sake of it.

Shiva: If you were given a chance to promote someone to a mod, who would you choose?
I'm not sure who I would like to see be promoted to an actual Moderator, or an Adminstator for that matter. I would only elect someone that I new would be suitable for the role. That being said, speaking from experience, I would say that Toke would be a good addition as a Forum Leader, alongside me and docrikowski. Talking to him personally, and from his time as a Moderator at RedDead.Net, I can confidently say he would be a great person to have on board alongside docrikowski and myself. It is unlikely however, as he is the President of the gang I'm a part of, I don't see that sitting well with the staff or the public. It would create the same circumstances a political scandal does. To his credit though, he does well over at RedDead.Net, is passionate about the Multiplayer section and is constantly reporting ill conduct. He is a risky choice however, as he is very brash and outspoken in nature. At times it even gets him into trouble, and I can see him being far too strict and abrasive in certain situations, and from what I know through our talks together, he would like to make changes and introduce repercussions that would be nigh on impossible in this climate (as if asking for too much). With a little time though, I can see those issues being ironed out. There is also the benefit of him being from a different time zone. Most of our local members are quite close to (or are) in the United States, meaning that a lot of reports and issues happen when both me and docrikowski are away/asleep, as we both live in England. Furthermore, Gay Jay Mod for 2012.

Shiva: Your opinions about GTAF Weekly?
Guru: In all honesty, I haven't taken the time to read any of the issues in detail. From what I have seen and read however, it is off to a fantastic start. It definitely needs improvement, and there are evident growing pains, but so does every new project akin to this. Perseverance and experimentation will be vital, and once you find that balance, that magic, you will only improve from there on in. It's a better start than the one I had with the GTAF Newsletter as far content is concerned. Then again, I felt like our team set the bar for future publications, meaning a higher amount of quality is required from the offset. The readers are the ones who reap those benefits, and it's great to see the progression. The distribution and formatting seems rocky however; in the sense that you guys are still trying to figure out how to supply the publication, as well as getting people interested in providing and reading the content. I haven't visited the topic in within a week or two, so things may have drastically changed. As is the way with the internet, but I must applaud your team for creating the presence of a community. You reply to questions, get members involved and take criticism on board. GTAF Weekly will only be as good as its readers, so it's impressive to see that bond grow.

Shiva: Please mention someone who is very helpful in Gangs & Events Section?
Guru: Sometimes, people can be helpful to the point it becomes a detriment, and it is very rare you see that balance of help and letting members figuring "it" out on their own being conquered. It's an issue I've been vocal about in the past (not that it made a difference). It would be unfair of me to single out anybody in particular anyway, as many people help out in different ways for different reasons. I think it would be best for me to play a safe hand and commend the GFX Heroes for their work put into the area. It's a unique concept that they've incorporated into their gang. Not only do they play games and socialise, they also offer graphic related services, whilst avoiding deferring members away from the GFX Request section. That being said, for a gang that thrives on creativity and design, its surprising that some of their members would heavily burrow from some of our (Angels of Death MC) design with their additional gang. Then again, having multiple gangs is frowned upon, but I was willing to make an exception due to their purposes. That's neither here nor there though, and it's a topic that trails away from the question, so for the sake of peace and time, I will leave that subject for another day. I've gotten into the habit of letting sleeping dogs lie.

Shiva: Your plans for the future in GTAForums?
Guru: There isn't any. I will continue my role as a forum leader until (or if) I deem it impossible to continue on efficiently (to the point I can do that well, alongside living my life). I will also continue socialising with members of the Angels of the Death MC, and contribute ideas and content for the gang. I have no plans per say, excluding complete forum domination, but the competition is running rampant, especially with so many "medal whores" helping everybody and sucking dick for blow. Therefore I'm going to say no more and keep my plans close to my whereabouts (tattooed on my back to be specific). This is a forewarning, GTAForums V2 may be coming sooner than you think, but it won't be as you envisioned, far from it...

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You should really check this topic if you're looking for some good dosage of humour. People seem to have a lot of fun photoshoping the screenshots of GTA V. This guy named Choco Taco, he seems to have a lot of creativity loaded in his mind. For the past few weeks, he has kept entertaining people by posting photoshopped screenshots. Here's a one which made many people laugh.

user posted image

Slender man in V? Here's another hilarious one posted by user named Galonka.

user posted image

If you'd like to see more, visit the topic right now.

user posted image

HD Claude for GTA IV

Author: fidox | Category: Characters
This is a full player replacement mod for GTA IV. Niko will be replaced by HD Claude with new hair model. This mod was orginally started by fidox on April 25, 2012 and the thread has almot reached its 11th page. Judging by the feedbacks given by the people so far, the mod is a success.

user posted image

Fifa 13

As the title says, this topic is about the twentieth edition FIFA video game series. The release date has been announced. It's around 25th September. For the past few weeks, this thread is so active with people's posts and their opinions on the Demo. So, don't forget to check this out.

Red Dead Redemption or Grand Theft Auto IV?

This topic was created in GTA Series Chat subsection by user named PaddsterG2k3. The poll is now open and you can vote for your favourite among the two. The OP has also left some questions so don't forget to vote and answer.

And, that's it, readers! The fifth issue has come to an end. As mentioned above, the OGA people are looking forward to your suggestions for GTAF 2.0 so if you have any, feel free to post it here. If you want any important article to be added please PM me (shiva s) or PrometheusX. See you all in the next issue until then peace.

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 03:09 PM

Great job as always. It's a very good read! smile.gif

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 06:58 PM Edited by grope_4_that_date, 22 September 2012 - 10:40 PM.

QUOTE (shiva s @ Sunday, Sep 9 2012, 06:31)
Hey shiva, I really want to get involved with GTAForums Weekly. I have some really good ideas.

Which one sounds the best?

Under the Covers, with Grope_4_that_date
I will interview various members here at the forum, via PM...

GTAV Screenshot Fun
I will submit the best screenshots of the week.

I'm sorry, Grope. I'd be really glad to have you in team but due to image limit concerns, we can't afford much articles. We're also removing articles. But, don't worry, we're now working on the layout with Narcis so more images can fit in. I'll PM you if the layout is ready. Hope you'll understand.

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Welcome to the brand new Interview Section! This section will feature interviews with a forum legend/veteran every week.

user posted image

Great to see you took some of my suggestions! Thanks. lol.gif
Keep up the good work. icon14.gif

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Posted 22 September 2012 - 07:14 PM

Nice work! Keep it up!

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 09:08 AM

shiva, this keeps getting better and better. Keep up the good work bro, as well as your staff that's contributing to it. icon14.gif

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 09:51 AM

Quality work. icon14.gif
Love the new sections.

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 10:33 AM

Um, i always thought Jay is a moderator, am i missing something? i have him on my respect list btw.
Loved that interview with Guru by the way, my favourite part by far.

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 10:37 AM

QUOTE (Gtaghost22 @ Sunday, Sep 23 2012, 20:33)
Um, i always thought Jay is a moderator, am i missing something? i have him on my respect list btw.

I think he used to be area mod in the GTA IV subforum around the release. I think I remember him from one of my old accounts back then.

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Posted 23 September 2012 - 10:47 AM

QUOTE (lzw3 @ Sunday, Sep 23 2012, 10:37)
QUOTE (Gtaghost22 @ Sunday, Sep 23 2012, 20:33)
Um, i always thought Jay is a moderator, am i missing something? i have him on my respect list btw.

I think he used to be area mod in the GTA IV subforum around the release. I think I remember him from one of my old accounts back then.

I mean quite recently..
I even thought he is a Global Mod, not just a led-by, guess i was wrong, would love to see him get promoted to a moderator though, he is a great member.

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 11:51 AM

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user posted image

Welcome to yet another issue of GTAF Weekly! I guess the previous issue was the best among the five issues as people seemed to like the two new sections which was added. Sadly, there will be no 'Music of the Week' section in this week's issue as TheGreatGig23 has left the team. Anyway, there aren't much notable happenings in GTAForums besides the usual new gangs, new topics in V Forums, staffs locking the topics, spam and all the other forums stuff. The staffs seem to be less active this past week. Girish seems to have reached his 33k posts. GTAForums Top 100 Games 2012 Edition was created by Master of San Andreas in Gaming Chat and the topic got pinned as well. Mati requested a ban in GTA Network Support. It seems that, he's going to create a new account but the reason behind is still unknown.

For more forums news, read the below sections. I'd like to thank TheGreatGig23 for all his contributions to the previous issues by his exciting Music of the Week articles and being a proof reader. Hope you will all have fun reading the issue.

user posted image

Hello and welcome to another edition of GTAForums Weekly. Here's some GTAF news to get started with.

Debates & Discussion is a very sensitive place, so before you decide to post, I recommend a quick look at A Guide to Presenting Arguments by Cerbera and A Guide to Punctuation by me. Another important thing to do before posting in D&D is to read around a bit and get a feel for the way the forum functions, what is frowned upon and what is accepted. This is important in all sections, but needs to be more emphasized in D&D.

What does "Signature disabled." mean? It means that your signature was either too big, or broke the rules, and then got disabled. To re-enable it and read the rules on the signature/avatar size/content, please view the Sig Re-Enable Request Thread.

Are you related to any famous people? Tell us in the newly resurrected Famous People In Your Family Genes thread.

Thanks for reading and have fun reading the other sections of this newsletter!

by Greenline

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MIKEON8ERISBACK opened a topic earlier this week asking, what was GTAForums.co.uk was about? GTAForums.co.uk is believed to be a banned website due to viruses and malware contents. Irviding was the first to post in the topic.

He provided a detailed explanation about it and the reason why it was shut down but MIKEON8ERISBACK was not ready to believe him as he thought that Irviding was just trolling him. This misunderstanding made him to end up in argument with finn4life. They both started started arguing for no reason. These arguments stretched to the second page of the topic. In the end, Girish locked the thread to put an end to the arguments once and for all.

theomenofficial seems to have become a fan of GTA_stu as he quoted some hilarious posts made by GTA_stu in Quotable Notables topic and also described him as the best member in GTAForums. The description of Quotable Notables thread was later changed to "a.k.a Suckle GTA_stu's Nutsack topic".

On September 25, the regulars of General Chat witnessed an introduction thread from a new user named Andya. Unlike the other introduction threads, this thread was quite different and sounded really strange. The OP introduced himself/herself (the gender of the OP is still unknown) and said he/she loves using sextoys and also asked if there's anyone else who loves having pleasure with sex toys. The first to post in this topic is MIKEON8ERISBACK. He suspected the OP as a bot and requested others not to post in this topic concerning their safety.

But, people didn't listen to him as they responded to the topic by posting their favourite sextoys (Not sure if they were trolling?). MIKEON8ERISBACK again requested the people not to post in the topic. This marked the beginning of their real fun as they started making fun of him. Not to mention that, Ryan joined this fun too. Meanwhile, the OP Andya opened a similar thread in Gaming Chat asking people to post their favourite sex games! MIKEON8ERISBACK showed up in that topic too. In the end, both the topics were binned and the OP Andya was confirmed as a spam bot and was banned.

by shiva s

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lzw3 here, bringing you a small but in-depth report on the happenings during the last week within the GTA V Subforum. As usual, because there is no new information about Rockstar's next big title, I will be focusing on three big threads for the week.

The first big thread that has arisen over the past seven days is the Trailer 2 on Anniversary of Trailer 1 thread where JohnnyBNL presents his theory that the second trailer for GTA V will be released on the 2nd of November, the 1 year anniversary of the release of the first trailer. Many people joked that we'd be lucky to get the trailer by November 2013, while the serious people thought that one would even be out before November this year. Either way, it's anyone's guess as to when it will be released, only Rockstar Games can tell for sure.

A second major thread for the week was the Screenshots, the Bad Points topic, where Xx-ADITYA-xX posted a link to this YouTube video that involved a user who goes by the name of PowerSports420 pointing out the bad graphics in August's GTA V screenshots, specifically the floating objects in them like the trailer on the truck and them man running away behind the Infernus. A lot of the users in the thread were enraged by this, stating that the reason it isn't realistic is because it is a video game and if you want realism then go outside.

The third and final important thread from the last week or so is the Next Generation? topic, where coolsamme is worried that GTA V will actually be released in late 2013 or even 2014! This goes against almost all forumers' predictions that it will come out in the first half of 2013. Many of the posters in the thread brought up the point that if Rockstar did release it on the next generation of consoles they would loose millions and millions of dollars and that they'd have to be stupid to do so.

This brings us to another end of the GTA V report. Let's hope for more information regarding Rockstar Games' next big title within the next week.

by lzw3

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-"Many GTA fans are desperate to have more information about GTA V, but good or bad for fans, Rockstar games will remain scarce to preserve their 'magic'", Rockstar's Dan Houser revealed in November 2011.

"It's really important to us that the games (feel) kind of magical..."

"It might annoy people that we don't give out more information, but I think the end point is people enjoy the experience. … The less they know about how things are pieced together and how things are broken down and what our processes are, the more it will feel like this thing is alive, that you are being dragged into the experience. That's what we want."

-The half-hour "short film" for Red Dead Redemption, directed by Hollywood man John Hillcoat (The Proposition, The Road), was screened on TV in 2010. Some of you missed that, though, so here it is. It uses Rockstar's rich open world in Red Dead Redemption to tell the story of John Marston's struggle in the new American Frontier.

-How many copies the Grand Theft Auto franchise has shipped since its debut in 1997?
The Grand Theft Auto franchise as a whole has now shipped more than 114 million units since its debut in 1997(official statement of Take two from September 2011)
Here you have the last lifetime unit shipment numbers for other Rockstar titles and key franchises, including:(Last updated from September 2011)
* Midnight Club franchise: 18.5 million
* Red Dead Redemption: 12.5 million
* Max Payne franchise: 7.5 million

-Take two against the Chicago Transit Authority. Topic; GTA IV ads.

Shortly before the April 29th Grand Theft Auto IV launch, the Chicago Transit Authority pulled ads for the game from its vehicles and facilities.Prompting the move was a rash of unrelated shootings in Chicago and a Fox News hit piece that linked GTA IV to the violence, even though the game hadn't yet been released. Just a week later, Take-Two warmed the hearts of censorship opponents by suing the CTA in U.S. District Court for breaching its $300,000 contract. The case dragged on through the summer, but in late September the parties were nearing a settlement.

As part of that settlement, GTA IV ads appeared on CTA buses for six weeks in november and december 2008, for give T2 a little boost for the holiday season. CTA spokesperson Noelle Gaffney explained then:

"The CTA made the earlier decision to remove the ads from the system following some violence in the city. The CTA felt that, based on the circumstances, it was in the best interest of our customers to remove the ads and further review the circumstances. CTA said that it will accept no further ads for M-rated games once it works off its GTA IV debt." Why?

The CTA board voted to ban advertising for video games rated "M" and above., The ordinance, which took effect on Jan. 1,2009 cites a "demonstrable correlation" between intensely violent video games and violent or aggressive behavior.

CTA ,Really?

-Video of the week; A History of Rockstar Game Intros;
A comprehensive trip down memory lane compiling a video tour of their signature animated Rockstar intros that have appeared at the start of their games since the late 90s. From the Rockstar newswire. Click here to watch the video.!

-Website of the week; Here you can find some interesting artworks from the artist Patrick Brown in deviant art. In our opinion you should take a look yes or yes.

-Quote of the week; “There are repercussions for the choices you make,” Sam Houser, co-founder and president of Rockstar Games on the Rockstar concern about the violence in its games.

by bud23

user posted image
GTAF's Must play Games (2012)

GTAF's Must Play Games 2012 started by Yossarianite in Gaming Chat will provide a huge list of all the games that a gamer must play at least once in his/her lifetime. This topic will be useful for Gamers who visit GTAForums looking for some great games.

You are asked to suggest one of your favourite game. But, there's certain procedures for submitting a game. You should either attach a proof or a review or both if you're gonna submit a game.

You're not allowed to copy and paste reviews from other sites. There's also some common rules to post in this topic such as No flaming, No spamming. So, if you have any suggestions, feel free to post it there!

user posted image

Hello and welcome to another edition of A View From The OGA. This week has been a bit of a slow news week in the OGA section but nevertheless here is what's been happening…

The AMF have been in a conflict all week with one of their own members. The member known as Edmachine has been in a battle with his AMF buddies for refusing to back down over his claims that he is the outright leader of the AMF. Edmachine was reported as saying that "I have been a member of the AMF for many years and I have been admin of the IRC channel for a long time too. Therefore I should have a bigger part in the group."
Rumours have it that a agreement has been made between the two parties which involves Edmachine being made "Duke" of the AMF.

The OGA held a small GTA Trivia competition in the #gta irc channel this week. It was won by 'mufflover' who said he was honoured to win the competition after correctly answering that CJ's middle name in San Andreas is 'William'.

Finally the Zaibatsu are set to start a recruitment drive very soon. Waddy told me that this was the time to bring in fresh meat with GTA5 on the horizon. if you wish to be considered for recruitment, please send a CV to Waddy.

That's all. Until next week, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight…I suppose.

user posted image

We choose random people for asking this article question. If you're interested in taking part, please PM us.

This week's article question is:
If you were given a chance to create a new subforums, what kind of subforums would you create?

"I really think this forum has been so developed over time to include pretty much all possible areas of discussion.

Though unlikely to be implemented since the staff have disagreed to place restrictions on members in the past - a subforum for new members (possibly within the Support forum) would be my only addition. This could have the rules very clearly displayed, as well as the GTAF Newbie Guide and other useful topics, like an introduction topic to welcome new people, and a sort of 'gen chat' style topic for people to get to grips with forum posting. If all goes well this could prevent the number of people who join GTAF without fully understanding how it works, what they're entitled to and what is expected of them. It may seem like common sense, but clearly a lot of members lack such a thing. To make it more useful this could be the default forum new members are redirected to, and only have posting rights in this section untill they are deemed a worthy contribution to the rest of GTAF. I think the V section would especially benefit from this addition, however unlikely it is."


"It's a tough question, for I'm rather pleased with the current collection of subforums that we've got. However, I've always thought that the GTA Series Chat section needs some reorganization, so I'd probably create a new subforum for concept threads - that's if anyone still makes those. Back in '09 they used to pop up like shrooms after rain and they were quite difficult to organize, so yeah, that's about it for me."


"This week I was asked that if I was given the chance to create a sub forum, what would I create. Well first I would create a sub forum with new set of automatic BOT enforced rules that would automatically issue a ban (depending on the case as in upper or lower) if the word 'troll' is used, a lower case version would be a temp ban, an upper case version would issue a full permanent ban, this can be reversed on appeal depending on the context used, for example the topic discussion was about the film Troll or the discussion was about nursery/kindergarten stories etc.... in fact I would probably roll that out across the entire forum starting with the V forum... that would prune a few Vn00bs™. For that reason I'm being greedy and bringing back Teh Pit™ for while to prune a few folk as well.

The forum I would actually create however would mainly consist of locked topics as this would be a Repository, called the GTAForums Depository (where folk could claim there was a second man on the grassy knoll... it's a conspircahhh I tell yahhh!!). This would be a resource library for topics which have references to the forums many important topics, such as:

-Historical topics which have led to local folklore (Digital Camera/Cat-Spiders, Cerbwang wow.gif etc) .
-A Hall of Fame which would have a list of people who have left a significant foot print on the forum (notoriety or legitimate reasons).
-Previous winners of the Annual Awards.
-A timeline history of the forums.
-A memorial "wall" dedicated to those who have sadly departed
-Pinned important topics, Lounge, Modding and Game Related.
-Regular Topics (Have Question, Grumpy Forumers (plug-plug) etc).
-Rules and Regulations.
-Links to Useful forum tools, Firefox/Chrome add-ons etc.

There may be other topics that could go in there, but that would be a good starting point until the feedback rolls in."

Gareth Croke

user posted image

This section aims to highlight members who had been very helpful to the forums as well as members around the forums.

Secronom President

Forum Debut: September 23, 2010

Secronom President is the forum led-by of the DYOM sub-forums. He signed up in GTAForums as a DYOM Designer. He not only made missions but also helped PatrickW and Dutchy3010 in making the DYOM Subforums much better. He created a DYOM related game called BUYSAG which was awarded the 'Best Topic of the Year' in DYOM Awards 2011.

He later became the Site Moderator of the DYOM Website. He also created a lounge for the DYOM Designers known as The Designers' Lounge in DYOM Subforums which has already reached 302 pages. On February 8 2012, he was appointed as the Forum Leader of the DYOM sub-forums and he seems to be really proud of it.

He has now recieved a GTANet Contribution commendation for his continued help to the members of the DYOM Subforums and he is still doing a great job as a forum ledby.

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This week, we decided to ring Arsen Vituik for the interview. Arsen is the man who introduced the idea of GTA III Chain Game which is the most active topic in III Section. Let's hear his shout. Have fun!

Shiva: So, how did you know about GTAForums before you joined?

ArsenI didn't know anything about GTAForums before the day I joined. Back then, on July 15 2010, I recall searching for some help with GTA III - what exactly I don't remember - and the search brought me to the topic on this board. I stayed around and looked through other topics, and then, for some fabulous reason, decided that I could somehow be helpful to the people looking to know more about GTA, GTA III in particular, and that's how I joined. And that, in fact, was the first time I have encountered this site.

Shiva: All your mods and your posts shows that, you're a huge fan of GTA III. Why do you like it so much?

Arsen: I definitely cannot find any objective reason for it being my most favorite game in the series. I like all III era games (and GTA2 as well), everyone is unique in its own way. But why this exact game? Well, it feels like I belong there. Difficult to explain. I'll try nevertheless.

When I play any game, I try to feel it. If it's about GTA, all you'd do is try and feel yourself as a part of this game. Feel you belong to the city, you're the one with the game world. If you succumb into the game world itself and become a part of it, playing the game from the inside, then you will truly feel the game. And that's just what I did. So it felt as if Liberty City with its grit and darkness, rainy weather and dangers lurking around every corner became my second home. Really it did. So it would appear that every time I start GTA III and load the game, I return home.

Your home is where the heart is. And my heart, for some reason, lies within the darkness of a city with prevailing rainy weather. Most possibly because I'm such a person, with such a character. This now is an insight to that my self that many don't know of, but no matter how friendly and communicative I may seem, deep inside I am lonely. I don't really have many friends in real life, simply because I only let those people near me who can trust me and who I can trust. If I don't trust a person, nor does he trust me, I cannot view him as my friend - that is my opinion. So, returning to GTA III: A dark city like LC is a place where you can lose yourself, hide your real feelings deep inside your soul under a grimace on your face... Just what I do every day, really.

Now I know I don't make any sense at all, at least for some people. Just so I see things from another perspective. It really helps me understand the matter in most of the cases, whatever it is.

Shiva: What is your biggest contribution to the III subforums?

Arsen: The Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game, without any doubt. There is no further need to explain why.

But in short, the GTA III section is more inactive than sections concerning newer games, most notably GTA San Andreas and GTA IV. This Chain Game gives those people who own a GTA III on PC and want to find a good reason to play, come back here and participate. And despite it being inactive at times, it is still going on. The way I see it, slow and steady wins the race. It's not actually a competition - everyone plays for his own pleasure.

And I also disapprove the way some of the moderators and administrators treat the GTA III section, saying it's "dead". Until there is at least one person continuing to post in it, this section won't die.

Shiva: Are you a regular in any other subforums besides III subforums?

Arsen I am visiting other sections. I mostly visit sections dedicated to other III era GTA games (VC, SA, LCS and VCS), and I also pay a visit to the General Chat section at times. Just so I rarely post there. That's all there's to it.

Shiva I found this in your profile:

"When I will have exactly 24.999 posts on this forums, I won't post anymore.."
Can I know why?

Arsen: Before I get on with the issue itself, there is something I have to tell. I am possibly the most estranged person you have met in your life, more so if you get to know me in real life. So there are some things that at first don't seem to create an issue, but for me they do. And vice versa.

GTAForums has a Rating board. The player earns a respective rank for achieving a certain number of posts. At 25.000 posts the Rating awarded is "King Of San Andreas". The next one is "Spammer" at 30.000, followed by "Spammaster" at 50.000.

Now, in GTA San Andreas I never achieved the "King Of San Andreas" rating, so I think I am unworthy to be given this title here on the Forums. And "Spammer" and "Spammaster" ranks I find offensive in some way - after all, the Administrators could come up with far better ranks for people who took their time to make so many posts.

That's it.

Shiva: If you were given a chance to join an OGA group, which group would you choose?

Arsen: Can't really think of any now. Most likely, The Zaibatsu. Developed a liking for the guys while playing GTA2, so... I only hope the group members really live up to the name of the Zaibatsu. If you know what I mean...

Shiva: What do you think about GTA V subforums?

Arsen: It is all exaggerated way over the top. I really mean it: why get so excited about the game that hasn't come out as to go on and make all those speculations topics, creating numerous false theories? This isn't worth it, come think of it. Moreover, that results in the game being viewed in a totally different way than it will really be. It is mostly because of them false theories and speculations that this game will seem worse than it really is: simply because it has not lived up to what you already pretended it to be.

Truly, there are some decent topics, but that only takes up less than 10% of total Section's threads.

The way I see the matter: I'll tell everything about the game when it comes out and I get my copy, if I will ever get one, of course...

Shiva: Your favourite member in GTAForums and why?

Oh, there are many. If I am allowed to pick some and not one, I'd go with lol232, cidamelo, miromiro and _____.

lol232 - He is a good guy, and we go way back. In fact, he was one of the first to join the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game. This was the time we got acquainted and since then, we've been great buddies. We had our issues as well, and we've gone through tons of things to hell and back, but he proved to be reliable and prudent. So he's earned my trust, and I earned his.

cidamelo - She is a great woman. If you can see her besides her admiration of Claude, you will find out that she is a loving wife, a caring mother and there are so many topics you could talk about with her apart from GTA III! But for some reasons her love for Claude makes many members back off and treat her like a sicko. And that, in fact, is the way it works in real life. Too bad, so sad.

miromiro - Very practical and helpful. Can't say that he follows the rules to the letter, but he definitely ain't the vicious rule-breaker. His help around the Save'N'Play topics only leaves to think that he really knows the way into helping the others. Plus, all the information he gives is all approved and accurate - he never gave information from a doubtful source - at least not to my knowledge.

_____ (formerly known as Claude Speed.) - this guy really knows his way into GTA III. While he may not confirm it himself, he is a professional GTA III player. Initially I got to know him in the GTA III Chain Game, but as time went on, he also proved to possess great knowledge about the game overall, including different speculative issues and ambiguous statements. Even if he doesn't find support among the others, he can firmly stand his ground. And that's what I like about him.

Shiva: Your plans for the future in GTAForums?

Arsen: Nothing that special, in fact:

- Carry on with the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game
- Support the III section all the way
- And someday get to 16.000 posts as well!

Thanks a lot, Arsen. Cheers!

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Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven Rage

Author: Alber2gt | Category: Map

You should check this out if you're a fan of the RAGE Engine. This mod is a total conversion mod for the good ol' popular game, Mafia. Though conversion from other games involves a lot of risks and permissions from staffs, the author is ready for it. This mod features all maps with all areas, all mafia cars, all interiors, new possibility and much more. The author of the mod has teamed up with xXaerooff2Xx, nkjellman, Blaster_nl. He is looking for people who are experienced in Maps, Vehicles and Sounds Converting so if you personally think, you're a good candidate, feel free to PM him.

Good Progress so far as it is ripped 100% of land and 56% of houses. South Country with Chinatown and Little Italy. There seems to be a lot of expectations for this mod. We wish Alber2gt the best of luck with this project.

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Nationstates "GTA Forums" Regional Discussion

And, yeah! It is back after being dead for several months. Nationstates is a roleplaying game in which you create your own country fashioned after your own ideals and care for its people. This game was started by goin-god and fireguy109 on August 31, 2011 and there are more than 60 Nations being operated by members of GTAForums. For the past few months, this thread was dead with no activity. On September 18, 2012, Greenline bumped the topic and people have started roleplaying. The current roleplayers are El Zilcho, Greenline, Otter, OdDsOcK, GTA_stu, PrometheusX and Tyler (I apologise if I've left out someone, blame my memory). If you wanna sign up for this, you should create your own nation here. You'll be asked to specify a name, classification, flag for your country. Once you've created one, drop in this thread and start roleplaying.

GTA 3: PSN release confirmed

This topic was opened by bud23 in GTA III section on September 24 2012. This is a good news for people who still loves playing as Claude. Allocate a space in your PS3 Game DVD's collection as GTA 3 has been confirmed for PS3 by Sony. This topic was so active this past week with posts from people. Some people seem to be excited about this so if you love this news, feel free to check it out!

And, glad to meet you once again. Yes, the 6th issue has come to an end. You can also contribute to GTAF Weekly by sharing your articles with us. Just PM me or PrometheusX and we'll do the best we can. Hope you enjoyed all the sections in this issue.

I've already started working on the next issue so expect an awesome one next week.

See you all next time, folks until then have fun watching this 'Gangnam Style' Mom and Son video!

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 12:44 PM

In my opinion this was the best issue yet, kudos Shiva for putting it all together, icon14.gif

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 12:47 PM

I don't think I have commented on this before, but well done! I enjoyed reading these. icon14.gif

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 12:59 PM

QUOTE (shiva s)
This week, we decided to ring Arsen Vituik for the interview. Arsen is the man who introduced the idea of GTA III Chain Game which is the most active topic in III Section. Let's hear his shout. Have fun!

My favourite part, as always, i love those interviews man, Good job. icon14.gif

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 01:16 PM

QUOTE (lzw3 @ Saturday, Sep 29 2012, 18:14)
In my opinion this was the best issue yet, kudos Shiva for putting it all together, icon14.gif

I liked the fifth one more. Good job though.

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Another great issue shiva, Prometheus & co!
Cheers for the MM mention too

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All right, who the f*ck leaked the classified AMF info? f*ck's sakes.

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 01:49 PM

QUOTE (Fnorg @ Saturday, Sep 29 2012, 13:44)
All right, who the f*ck leaked the classified AMF info? f*ck's sakes.

All those OGA news are reported by Pandazoot. I'd like to apologise on behalf for that. Sorry.

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