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Lone Survivor

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 02:53 PM Edited by caio3771, 20 August 2012 - 04:03 PM.

What is Lone Survivor ?
Lone Survivor is a 2012 independent survival horror video game, developed by Jasper Byrne under Superflat Games.
It is a post-apocalyptic survival horror game with retro-styled 2D graphics. Players control an isolated, surgical mask-wearing survivor of an infection which has turned the world's population into aggressive, shambling mutants. With limited food and an increasingly fragile mental state caused by his isolation, the player character must be guided outside his apartment in order to look for other survivors. There are no indications that any others survived the apocalypse, bar a note which encourages the player to locate a party of survivors on the other side of the apartment building.

Official Release: 27 March 2012

Official Trailer

Let's play video:


A nameless man in a surgical mask (referred to in the game as "You") has been living in an apartment for an unspecified amount of time after a disease has turned most of the world's inhabitants into mindless zombie-like monsters. The man is alone and unsure if there are any other survivors. He dreams that he is on stage attempting conversation with a man with a box on his head, who says nothing. After giving up on this conversation, he drinks a cup of coffee, that causes the scene to change and he is forced to sneak past one of the monsters. Going past the stage curtain, he encounters a girl in a blue dress. Though he asks her many questions, she never responds or shows her face. When he touches her, she disappears and leaves behind a flashlight. As the man turns the light on, a man in blue appears laughing and the dream ends.
Out of supplies, the man is forced to explore for food, weapons, and other survivors. Following leads picked up from his radio, annotated maps, and discarded diary entries, the man explores the apartment complex, which is infested with the monsters. He is contacted over the radio by a man who refers to himself as "The Director," who occasionally provides the man supplies. Though their encounters are brief, the man and The Director begin to form a friendship. He also encounters the girl in a blue dress from his dream, who he claims seems familiar. As he explores, a series of bizarre, seemingly paranormal events occur and it seems the man is struggling with his sanity. After a confrontation with a large and aggressive monster, the man is able to leave the apartment safely and he begins to explore the city.
The Director tells him that he is going to leave the city. Determined to get past a crashed bus, the man gathers supplies so he may open the bus door. Not sure what to expect, the man is attacked by a large, screaming monster with scythe-like arms which acts as the final boss. After a brief confrontation, the monster flees and the man finds The Director mortally wounded. In their final conversation, The Director tells him that he should go to the hospital to find the girl in the blue dress, and gives him the hospital's security code. Upon arriving at the hospital he finds a clipboard with his name on it, even though he has never been a patient there. He proceeds to the room indicated on the clipboard where the door shuts and he becomes trapped. Seeing nothing else to do, he takes a blue or green pill (depending on how you played the game) at the bedside and then goes to sleep.
The final scene is different depending on the choices that the player has made throughout the game. The man may encounter the man in blue again on the stage that he dreamt of at the game's opening, who taunts and laughs at him, leading the man to shoot him. In these endings, after shooting the man in blue, the man's appearance changes to resemble the man in blue, possibly implying suicide or a descent into further madness. The secondary ending, the 'green' ending is seen as the better of the two. In this ending it is suggested through cryptic and brief flashbacks of conversations that the woman in blue was a spouse or girl-friend to the man and that it is she who died in some form of accident or in illness. It is at least hinted that in living through survivors guilt the man goes though a psychotic episode and is admitted into a psychiatric ward in which he experiences the game up until that point as an insane musing - combating both the violent nature of himself (presumed as the man in blue) and his imaginings which serve to pull him away from the truth. It becomes difficult to tell if the man is dreaming, has awoken and regained sanity, or even if he is still alive. In all endings, the man has a final conversation with the girl in the blue dress, and a shot of the two (or simply, the man) looking out upon the city in different levels of condition, though the green endings concludes with an apparently older and healthy version of the man turning to face the camera.

Official Page

Wikipedia Page

What did you think about this game?
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Posted 20 August 2012 - 03:00 PM

Doesn't look that good.

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 03:03 PM Edited by caio3771, 20 August 2012 - 03:09 PM.

Personally, I liked.
but I respect your opinion icon14.gif

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 04:07 PM

I have it, but doesn't have time to completed it.
It's great, got a creepy atmosphere from it, graphic is good but i'm not really into the gameplay.
Maybe i'll continue this game again, a lot of review said it have a great story.

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