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How to increase your accuracy.

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Posted 05 August 2012 - 07:52 AM Edited by BartSmith, 05 August 2012 - 07:57 AM.

I haven't found any similar information in GTA: VCS section, so I thought it could be useful.

I'm one of the maniac gamers than want to get 100% accuracy at the end. It looks good when you have 100% completion of the game & 100% accuracy with it, or maybe it just me tounge.gif . But, it's very hard not to miss a single shot during the whole game. I'm pretty sure that even experienced GTA gamers know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I've got the same problems earlier when I wanted to get the same result in GTA: Vice City on Xbox. Most guides said that you just need to fire from the Sea Sparrow's gun which would magically count 'bullets that hit' only & not fired. This would increase your accuracy rating till 100% or even above it (but, that would be too much IMO). Sadly, this trick probably works on PS2 versions only since I've tried it many times & it didn't work. After some tests I've found out that you have to use Predator boat to achieve the same effect. What a relief cool.gif .

However, in GTA: VCS Predator trick doesn't work, but you can use Little Willie or Sea Sparrow (if you know where to find one), fire the gun & hit pedestrians. This will count 'bullets that hit' only. The important thing: it works only if you hit people, not the vehicles! You can't get above 100% like in other GTA games, but it's still great that you don't have to worry about your accuracy at all. This was an irritating nightmare for me for about 45% of the game till I've figured this out. I even managed to miss 10 bullets only (believe me, it took me many tries) in "Jive Drive" mission as this was the only mission I've had troubles with because you can't use any other gun, you're shooting from the car which is on the move & the game sometimes count your bullets improperly.

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