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NBA Basketball

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Posted 10 hours ago


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Posted 9 hours ago

Byebye cavs! ahahaha. Kyrie is so predictable though I was betting on celtics or that miami team.

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Posted 8 hours ago

"Byebye Cavs"? What makes you think they are not the top team in the East? They traded Kyrie and got replica of him who is like 3-4 inches shorter...
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Posted 8 hours ago

As a celtic fan I'm in shock. Really bummed to see IT go but in the long run the celtics still won this trade. Lebron will most likely leave all the drama, I don't really see IT resigning with the cavs all besides the money they could offer him but I don't really see them offering IT the super max that he wants. Plus d rose will most likely be gone as well. So only pros the cavs got was crowder which will come in handy for this coming season and that Brooklyn pick. Cavs will definitely be in re build mode.

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Posted 2 hours ago

Kyrie to the Knicks for Isiah/package. It will be fun seeing Thomas and LeBron playing together and to see if Kyrie can fill the void. They basically just swap really good scorers.


Celtics you mean?





Anyways, Cavs will be in the finals again anyways.

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