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NBA Basketball

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Posted 18 hours ago

Care to explain how you think they are rigged? Besides refs making sh*tty calls or favoring the home team.

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Posted 16 hours ago

I'm so ticked that Phil is making personnel decisions based on the f-n triangle, which will be done in two years when he's gone.

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Posted 9 hours ago

Yeah, I seen that they drafted their 1st round pick because "he fits the triangle". That dude seriously can't drop that outdated scheme.

Russell Westbrook named MVP. Well deserved. Could've easily gone to Kawahi or James as well.

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Posted 7 hours ago

The Knicks are a joke, it's like they're trying to f*ck things up.

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Posted 10 minutes ago

Dunn looks like he was lost in Minnesota, this new start could give them both a chance, and as a Minnesota fan I'd rather see them go then Wiggins/Towns noah fence lol. 

Minnesota would have to have been crazy to give up Towns or Wiggins for Butler, but the fact that Dunn looked lost in the Nba after being a 4 year college producut when 1 and done players are coming in at 19 running offenses. Im definitely not saying that Dunn cant turn it around and become and perrenial all Nba player because he absolutely could. But youre warning of "beware 76ers" is a laughable joke considering the dissaray Chicago is in. Theyre in conplete rebuild mode now.

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