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Most hated-liked antagonist

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gta player13
  • gta player13

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Posted 07 May 2012 - 11:55 AM

I like Jerry martinez because he is very funny in the early missions. alien.gif
I hate armando mendez because he is a traitor and he uses you.Too bad you kill him thought...

  • markusizr


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Posted 07 May 2012 - 01:27 PM

i like kill cholo
and i hate when soliders army base shots you

Sgt. Foley
  • Sgt. Foley

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Posted 07 May 2012 - 10:41 PM

This should be in the GTA Series Chat.

  • mcsim2401


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Posted 09 June 2012 - 09:12 AM

I like one cholo guy who has a high voice and always speaks slowly when fighting.
I hate the Sharks because they are too powerful and if you ruin their business they riding on their Ranchers and attacks you. It's hard to survive there.

gta player13
  • gta player13

    BOOM! headshot.

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Posted 08 September 2012 - 07:30 PM

QUOTE (Sgt. Foley @ Monday, May 7 2012, 22:41)
This should be in the GTA Series Chat.

No it shouldn't.I don't mean all the gta antagonists.Just from Vice City Stories.

  • Mr_Leone

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Posted 08 September 2012 - 07:43 PM

Jerry was dumb, so I couldn't really hate him.

  • BlackGuard


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Posted 09 September 2012 - 08:58 PM

Jerry Martinez is my favourite antagonist in this game, closely followed by Marty J. Williams. I would have appreciated more missions from both of them. I never cared for the Mendez brothers at all.
I feel that the Cholos, Bikers and Sharks came across as very generic villians. Couldn't we at least have seen their bosses? I mean, you even wipe out the Cholos in Umberto's last mission but we never get a boss fight.
And what about the Trailer Park Mafia? They fight you in a few storyline missions and disappear forever when you kill Marty. IMO they should have been used as a rival gang in the empire site war.
I liked the Shark death squads though. I consider myself to be a really good GTA player and even I have to look out for them.

GTA fan from the United Kingdom
  • GTA fan from the United Kingdom

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Posted 15 September 2012 - 10:22 PM

I like Jerry Martinez because, like gtaplayer 13 said, he is hilarious in the early missions.

Most hated antagonist is Marty cuz he beats up women, glad i got to kill him, f*ckin gyspy c*nt

Arsen Vitiuk
  • Arsen Vitiuk

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Posted 07 October 2012 - 12:10 PM

Most liked antagonist: Jerry Martinez. He creates a lot of tense during the Storyline, so you never get tired of him.

Most hated antagonist: Marty J. Williams. This is just one dumb prick that I had pleasure killing. Although some of his missions are interesting ("Waking Up The Neighbours", "O Brothel, Where Art Thou"), he acted like a big shot although he wasn't.

  • Quagmire123

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 10:07 PM

sorry for this bump but anyway,
Most hated antagonist is Marty cuz he beats up women, glad i got to kill him, f*ckin gyspy c*nt

Marty is not a Gypsy ,he is a redneck

  • intent100

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 08:05 AM

easily jerry the mendez brothers never really impressed me that much. and marty was just a dick.

  • Alenko


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Posted 21 January 2013 - 07:17 PM

I really f*cking hated Marty... his constent belittling and calling Vic "boy" made me hate him.

  • Radoonhagaydoon

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Posted 21 January 2013 - 08:03 PM

arrogant obviously

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