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The Elder Scrolls Online

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Posted 14 July 2015 - 06:18 PM

If you liked Oblivion or Skyrim, then you'll like this. You can be very independent in this game, which I like.

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Posted 14 July 2015 - 09:32 PM

Just got it for $12. I was also in the beta program. Let's see what's changed, shall we?

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Posted 4 weeks ago

If anyone is still reading this topic and playing Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 I am desperately stuck on Provisioning Writs and require some



I require the recipe for Baked Apples, I have the ingredients but I cannot complete the writ until my character learns the recipe and I have had no

success in locating it through theft from houses/castles or on any of the guild traders etc.


Anyone who can help me with this PM or send me a friend request, you can find gamer tag on my profile. Thank you.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Is it possible to become a vampire at level 11?

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