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The Deaths In Liberty City.

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Posted 01 May 2012 - 09:30 PM

We all roam around Liberty. And we all encountered people who've we ended up killing. Well now there is a topic for that.

Share your stories. Why did you kill said person? What happened? You can share your story about how and why you killed that person.

- You must have actually done the kill in game.
- Please, use the correct spelling don't use "i" and finish with a period (I hate improper grammar)
- Keep it in character meaning: You can have a certain character which you portray in game. You talk sharing what you did killed or got in a fight with. Don't exit this form of character often, and don't if not necessary
Example: I went to Steinway Beer Garden over in Dukes. This drunk guy walked up to me as I went to enter the bar. He had some cone on his head. I looked at him strangely, he was staring at me, blocking my way. After thirty seconds he said: "What are you looking at, you d*ck?" I simply ignored that comment asking him to get out of my way. When he said no, I simply shoved past him. He then grabbed my shoulder and threw me to the ground. I fell hurting my back, he stared down at me with a knife in his hand. He went to stab me then I covered my eyes in fear, after a few seconds nothing happened I opened my eyes. He had missed! I guess being drunk throws off your precision. I kicked him, and hard in this shin. He fell quickly and I made my move I grabbed the knife from the ground when he dropped it, and in my anger stabbed him several times, I fled the area quickly.

P.S: If anyone one would like to help me, please do.

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