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Holland Conscription

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Posted 28 April 2012 - 03:51 AM

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Chapter 1 - Hustler's Anthem

North Holland, my birthplace, it's where I grew up. It's where all my homies are at, It's where I need to be. Liberty City, my city, my home. As I was sitting there, on my stairs, looking out in the city in the starless night, I was thinking about my old friend, Trey. Today was the day he died, back in '08. I remember it like it was yesterday. A man named, Niko Bellic, killed Trey, before Trey killed Dwayne. Although, I still feel dead, on the inside though. Thinking about my old friend's fate, I decide to go and visit his grave. Getting on my car, I put the windows down to feel the breeze on my face. It's Summer here in Liberty City. Sitting on the driver seat, I remember all the times I had with Trey, before he and Dwayne broke apart.

Once I'm ready to go, I start the car and rive away. Driving through the city, I hear all kinds of things. Cars honking, vendors yelling, police sirens of course. Trey is buried in a graveyard down in Colony. As I ride through Star Junction, seeing the beautiful lights that surrounds every inch of the street. Once I get to the cemetary, I get off the car and walk towards Trey's grave. The grave seems as if it's not really supposed to be there. Instead, mine could've settled better. The whole cemetary's empty, but I start hearing strange things, almost as if Trey's calling me, wanting to communicate. But if there's one thing that I've learned in prison, is that being surrounded by big, tall walls, is scarier than being haunted by the dead.

Once I've had enough, I decide to go back home and rest. During my ride back home, I notice that silence is all that's with me. I turn the radio on and decide to put it on The Beat 102.7, atleast music will seem to comfort me. Arriving in Holland, I see two of my men standing in the parking lot of my apartment building. I get off, I try to ask what's going on. "Hey, Sean, some crazy nigga just popped Big Rick." said Tony. "Where is he?" I ask. Marcus, the other one, says that Rick was taken to the hospital. Wanting to know, I ask both to explain the description of the man who shot Rick. They both answer with the same statement, "A Dominican man" murmured both.

Thinking to myself, the Dominican could've been from the NDDD. Those spics always looked for ways to tear our gang apart. Asking the two, I invited the two to come and take care of those scrawny drug dealers. We drove to Northwood, and looked around to find the man that matched their description. Not finding anyone, Anthony finally found the man. A Dominican man with a Letterman coat walking down the street. I parked in a nearby spot, and all three of us got off. Walking slowly to the man, we tried not to make any suspicions of us following him. Getting tired, I decide to approach him and get ready to knock him out. But just as I was about to swing my arm and knock him out cold. A car screeched in, and a whole bunch of Russians jumped out. Thinking they were going to attack us, Tony, Marcus, and I ran for cover and pulled out our guns. Before we could thinking about shooting them, we see that they were going for the Dominican. But it was too late, now they know that we were shooting at them and they want in...

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Posted 28 April 2012 - 04:09 AM

On the first paragraph, I noticed that you would jump from first to third person a lot. I think? Another thing is the grammar is a bit rocky. Look it over a little more.

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Posted 29 April 2012 - 12:56 AM Edited by GTAboyWonder, 29 April 2012 - 03:29 AM.

Chapter 2 - Can't Knock The Hustle

After seeing a couple of Russians turning around as we killed one, the three of us ran towards the car. I stepped on the gas. As I drove away from the scene, Tony started talking. "What did we just do?" he avowed. Marcus then replied, "We did something stupid. First it was the Lords, now we got this? Man, those Russians are powerful. Who knows what they can do to us". I interrupted them, saying that nothing bad will happen. Just as we thought they were gone, the same car that stopped was tailing us. Tony pulled his gun out of his pocket, and started shooting outside of the window. Trying to shake em' of our tail, I decided to take a detour around Middle Park. I turned the car, it screeched so high, it hurt my ears.

Now, I was driving a car through a family park. Not caring what I will hit, I continue driving. The Russians are still on our tail. Ticked off, Marcus pulled out his SMG from his jeans. It seemed as if Marcus finally shot the driver in the head. As the car went out of control, it hit a tree, making spin so fast that the men inside could be dizzy by then. Spinning so fast, the car hit another tree, making it fly high. Finally, the car landed in the water, with the men inside. The three of us ran out of the car, and ran out of the park. As we walked to Holland, Marcus was talking about it all the time, the whole time. Finally arriving at Holland, I waved goodbye at them and left.

I decided to go up to my apartment and chill. Entering the elevator, I pushed the button to Floor 21. Once it reached my floor, I could hear the music of my next door neighbor. He was a Puerto Rican man called, Alejandro. Walking past his door, I heard the rough Reggaeton beat vibrate the floor and my ear drums. Once I've entered my apartment, I sat on my couch and took a nap. Waking up at around Seven-thirty, the sky was a dark blue color. The music from next door was gone, and it seemed that Alejandro was too. As I stood up, my stomach began to growl. Walking to the kitchen, I opened the fridge and looked for anything edible. Nothing was in there, so I checked the cabinets, still nothing. Still hungry, I decided to get some Burger Shot. During my time going downstairs, I bumped into Alejandro. "Hey, Sean. How've you been, man?" confided Alejandro. I answered, "Okay. But you really gotta stop putting that music all the time, man. Some people need rest". Alejandro looked at me as he said, "Oh, I'm sorry for interrupting your beauty sleep, vieja".

Ignoring him, I continue to walk, bumping him hard on his shoulder. When I finally exited the building, the air felt colder than yesterday, but still warm. Entering my car, I rub my eyes to take away the blurriness from under my vision. Starting it, I turn the radio off. Once I arrive at Burger Shot, I go in and order a Double Cheeseburger. Grabbing my order, I set my food on a table and sit down. I grab the burger, and take a big bite, letting the bacon hang on my mouth. I wash down the meat and bread with my soft drink. Looking out the window, I see DeSean. DeSean isn't a member of the Hustlers, but he's in the Uptown Riders. I wave at him and invite him. Once he's in, he sits in the seat across from mine. "Sean, boy. How you been?" DeSean asked. "I'm alright, what about you?". DeSean looks at me with sorrow. "Ever since Malc was killed, I've just never been the same." he pleaded.

I too remember the day Malc was killed. It was not too long ago, maybe two months ago. Malc was said to be involved in trades with the Triads down in Chinatown. During one of the deals, the Shanghai Triads attacked them, and they got Malc just as he ran with the auto parts. I went to his funeral. The saddest thing is that they buried his bike with him. DeSean kept Malc's jacket and hung it on his grave. I knew both were the bestest friends. With penitent, I told DeSean that Malc is probably challenging God in a race up in Heaven. He laughs at this, and cheers him up. He leaves and buys a bag of burgers for the Riders. Once I exit the restaurant. I see Tony and Marcus, running towards me and panting. "What's wrong? You guys alright?" I proclaim. Tony replies, "Some Russians... They attacked Marcus with bats man. They pulled a gun on him as I came in and killed him". Marcus nods during the whole explanation. I get on the car with both of them, and we drive to where the Russians are most likely at, Hove Beach...

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Posted 29 April 2012 - 04:11 AM

Chapter 3 - Hove, Sweet, Hove

Crossing the Broker Bridge, I look out the window to see the wonderful view. The crystal water shining on the moon's light as the waves move. Almost crashing the car, I once again pay attention to the road. When we finally exited the bridge, I took a turn to get off the highway. Being in Broker is strange, as this is my first time. When we finally arrived Hove Beach, the three of us got off the car, and looked around for the Russian who Tony told me about. The one that was with the other Russian who almost killed Marcus. Once again, looking for a man to kill, we walk the streets of Hove Beach. The stench of death is everywhere. Hearing European music, men screaming, and guns firing. Tony notices a man running as soon as we get to Mohawk Avenue. The man ran into an alleyway. Tony makes a run for it, and chases the man. Marcus and I follow him behind. The chase just get's complex. The man jumps on a garbage can and climbs a roof, as he jumps from building to building. We do the same.

The man jumps to a fire escape and enters an open window of an apartment. Tony stops right on the ledge, as he looks down in the marvelous height. Nervously, Tony backs up far, and runs as fast as he can. Finally reaching the ledge, Tony jumps way high. Too high, he didn't even touch the fire escape, he just jumped into the window. Silence breaks in, as Marcus and I wait on the rooftop, waiting for a signal. All of a sudden, we hear a gunshot. For now, we can't tell who fired that, the Russian or Tony. Marcus and I then jump for it. As we enter the apartment, we look hard to find Tony. Finally turning on a light switch, we see something that will forever haunt us. Tony. Not just Tony, but Tony decapitated. With a bullet wound on his leg, arm, and chest right where his heart is at. Marcus was gagging, but holding it in. I didn't know what to do, break down and start crying, or get a phone and call the cops.

But what if I called the cops? Will they arrest us for trespassing, or will they actually help us. Marcus turns to me and asks, "What are we going to do? If Tony's dead, what will happen.". I tell him, "Nothing, if we lost a whole bunch of members, what would be so different about this one?". Marcus looks at me with dicouragement. "He was our friend, Sean. And you don't even care?" he stammered. "He was our gang mate. So was everyone else who died. Harold, Big Mouse, Lincoln, Jameson, Lil' Bill, Rig Mike." Marcus turned the other way around and walked out into fire escape. Hearing the sounds of sirens from Police, maybe from a bystander, I sit there. Looking at my friend's headless body, I know I have to make it up. I need to get arrested. Finally hearing the knocks on the door, I think about it. Assuredly, I exit the room by the fire escape, and climb down the ladder. Putting one foot on the ground, I feel someone's touch on my arm. Tight, and strong. I turn to see a cop. He grabs me by arm, tugging on it, pulling my sleeves. I pull myself from his filthy hands. He once again, grabs it, but this time even stronger.

With rage, I headbutt him right in his pig nose. He screams in pain, as more cops come and surround the alleyway. Two officers run towards me and tackles me to the ground. Falling face flat on the ground, dirt goes in my eye. I feel the cuffs, tightening my wrist, with the cold metal pressing against my skin. The cops pick me up from the ground, and take me to the cruiser. The two finally get in and start driving. As we drive, and stop on a corner, I notice Marcus. He standing there, leaning on a wall. Looking at him, I knew he was laughing at me on the inside, being glad I was arrested. But then, I see that he's holding a brick in his hand. I look at his face, winking at me, he holds the brick up high and throws it straight on the windshield of the cruiser. The two cops exit, as they chase Marcus. I know that they'll never catch him, as he's known as Cheetah in the gang. Turning against my back against the door handle, I manage to open it. But I fall right on my head, as a woman begins to scream. The scream seemed to alarm an officer as he turned to look at me. Running towards me, I kick my legs up, hitting his jaw. Looking around for the keys to the cuffs, I see them on the key to the car. Manage to get them, I unlock the cuffs and start driving the cruiser.

Driving around looking for Marcus, I finally find him as he exits an alleyway. He enters the car, and we both drive away. "Why did you have come here?" Marcus stammered. "Because you're my friend, not my gang mate." I avowed. He looked at me and smiled, as we fist pumped each other. After losing the cops we finally make it to dawn. Stopping at a diner, and eating breakfast, we had a good time. As we both looked out the window, we saw the man who killed Tony

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