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Mother Cluckers!

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Posted 26 April 2012 - 01:51 AM

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Meet Larry Ladwig, a man working in a chain of restaurants that represents chicken. Working in Cluckin' Bell is torture for Larry, as he works for a physco boss, works with lousy co-workers, and serves annoying customers. Follow Larry in an "adventure" that will certainly be a cluckin' delight. Not only will he be standing behind a counter, but he'll get into mishaps and dangerous tasks throughout his working days.

Chapter 1 - First Day On The Job...

As I stood there, putting on my work uniform, I was as nervous as a Turkey in Thanksgiving Week. Today was my first time, my first ever job. I wasn't getting ready for an interview for an office building, nor was I getting dressed to go out and be some sort of high-tech worker. I was getting ready for my first day working in Cluckin' Bell. Cluckin' Bell is a restaurant in which "low-life" mid-aged virgins work to gain money and buy video games, or weed, or something. But I got this job for one reason, to move out of my mom's apartment. After graduating High School in Carcer City, my dad sent me here to Liberty City.

My mom and dad were divorced when I was 7. At first I thought my dad went to some convention with his plumber friends, but then a year passed and I knew something was wrong. I finally finished dressing up in my uniform. The uniform is a Yellow and Red polo with the words "Cluck You!" behind. As I walk downstairs, I can here my mom making some breakfast. I walk in the kitchen, and sit on the table. "You ready for your first day, hun?" my mom stated.

"Well" I remarked. "I'm kinda nervous."

"Of course you'll be nervous, that's how I felt when I first worked in WigWam Burgers." said my mom. "But you'll be fine."

My mom continued to make me feel comfortable and relaxed as she continued flipping pancakes and fry eggs with bacon. When she finished, she served me in a clean plate, and set it on the table. I took a big bite on the bacon, as the grease slid on my fingers.

"Woah." my mom retorted. "Eating too much won't fix that nervous system of yours."

I ignored my mom, and continued eating as fast as I could. As I was sipping on my Orange Juice, I turned to look at the clock. It read "9:22", I need to get there in 8 minutes. I chow down on my food, nearly choking on a piece of bacon. When I finish, I kiss my mother on the head, and walk out. The sun is really bright today, but the wind is chilly. It's October right now in Liberty City. The Cluckin' Bell I need to go to is in the busiest area of Algonquin, Star Junction. That's a bad thing for me. I'm not really a people person, most of the time, I'll choke on my saliva when talking to a girl.

I hail for a taxi numerous times, none will stop. I look on my watch, it reads 9:27. A taxi finally stops and I walk in. "Where to?" asserted the driver.

"Star Junction, please" I reply. The ride lasts a while. As I sit there, looking out the window. I notice that the station the taxi has on is Electro Choc. I tell the driver to change it to a more suitable station, I ask him if he can change it to Liberty Rock Radio. Once he does, "All Along The Watchtower" by The Doors is on. The song ends right when we arrive, I get off and pay the man about 5 dollars, and even get him a tip for not trying to kill me. I walk down the street, walking the opposite direction than most people. As I bump and get spun around by numerous pedestrians, I finally see it. The logo for Cluckin' Bell. The yellow bell with a rooster's feathery hair hanging from the side of the building. As I enter, I feel as if I was dragged to hell....

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Posted 26 April 2012 - 08:20 AM

That was enjoyable to read. I imagined the song 'Hells Bells' in my head while read that; Cluckin' Bell, Hells Bell.

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Posted 26 April 2012 - 11:27 AM

A comedy about fast foods.

So where's the jokes?

It's not bad. It sounds to me like you're trying too hard to create similarities with GTA IV, where such things would be better done subtly. The entire radio bit for me didn't do anything.

Apart from that i'm not seeing much in this. I'm aware that this is the opening, so if you carry on i hope the next chapter gives us a lot more.

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