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Conflict in Crafthill

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Conflict in Crafthill

Crafthill was a humble little town, settled somewhere between Oklahoma and Texas. Just over by the mountainside, over the metropolic highways and road systems. The sidewalks, all brushed with single lined maple trees, all colours of green, yellow, orange and red. Oh, how the neighbourhood would complain about rich stense of musk and the streets filled with bright leaves, those fools. Them great street parades held in town centre every Easter, with all the variety of floats all home made and local, and the street banners overhanging the crowds. But the neighbourhood would seem to complain about the noise and the mess after the fun fair, those selfish people. And the milk bar, spliting the town streets into two, all the children on their biycles would ride there on Fridays in need of a drink and a good time but how the residents would complain; it was really the younger generation that reconised the excitement that was needed to boost the town. Little did the neighbourhood know what was set for them in the next four months ahead.

November 22, 1963

Samuel and his dearest family crowded in the family house, awaiting to hear the great news. Little did small Sam know what was happening when he awoke that morning to see his fathers friends crowded around the radio.

"Great news Sammy," his father called out, moving the newspaper out of the seat beside him.

He made his way to the old furniture and sat down, next to his grinning father.

"So, what's the good news," he asked his Dad, looking down at him.

"President Kenedy is in Texas, and we were planning on going down to see him but Mrs Sanders said that the highways are blocked so we will be listening here," he explained.

It was absolutely in none of Samuel's interests, but politics to his father was like housing toilets... great. What is so important about the president, he's like everyone else on this planet but everyone wants to be in his presents. It became a town obssesion to Crafhill, with Kenedy madness. Posters and street banners, live radio broadcasts, the whole lot was too overwhelming for the twelve year old.

Chris, Samuel's older brother strauded into the living room.

"Hey son, did you hear the news," he asked his son with excitment.

"Yes Dad, John Kenedy is in Texas. They've been planning his arrival for a few months now," his father seemed unpleased with his statement and pretended to not have heard it.

"I mean, all he's going to did is send everyone off to some big war and," Chris was interupted by his Mother, "Christiphor, get to your room..."

Everyone waited to his arrival, for the radio to crackle to proper signal. All looking very excited, his Mother bursted into tears waiting... and there was a very long wait.

"Imagine if Mr President comes to Craft"......

The radio crackled heavily...

"And we can now see President Kenedy and his wife heading down our main street of Texas and what a lovely day it is, isn't it Geourge," the radio came to life, and everyone in the room took a deep sigh as finally, news had come in.

"Yes, the weather here in Dallas is certainly fine here. Now, I'm standing on Elm Street, were the crowd is just screaming for the president here. We have film crew set up and... look here comes Mr President now!"

"God bless him..." Sammy's father muttered, taking a puff from his pipe.

"The crowd is just going wild down here Ted, and it's just going to..."

Gun shoots were heard through the radio, followed by screaming and suddenly panic broke in the household.

The radio crackled and cut off, it was soon turned off.

"I'm sure the president would off zoomed off down the street and to safetly, okay," his father spoke. His mother, lost with words went suddenly pale and went to her bedroom... dead silence in the room.

His father stood up, "Okay fellas, I think it's best you leave now," he lead his friends out of the house and ushered Samuel's younger daughter into her room. He fell lump onto the lounge, with tears in his eyes. He felt so sorry for his father, as he really looked up to this man.

"Harold just phoned me just after I put Janice to her room.. uhmm, the president was shot and is now heading to the hospital... I don't, I don't think he's going to pull through," his Father explained. At that very moment, conflict broke out in Crafhill.

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Posted 19 April 2012 - 05:21 PM

It's an intriguing start. The only real thing that threw me? The centering of text, haha. Call me picky but I really struggled to follow it. Your spacing is alright and the pace is quite good, but I just had a hard time reading it.

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Posted 20 April 2012 - 07:07 AM

Thanks for the feeback, I changed the centered text.

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