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Unique Vehicles in GTA IV?

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Posted 15 April 2012 - 02:00 AM

I'm collecting unique vehicles in various saves. Are there any I'm missing?

- Roman's Taxi (Unobtainable once Roman gets Cavalcades).
- Beige Willard (Loan Sharks Car)
- Little Jacob's Virgo (Unique Red & Black)
- Gracie Ancelotti's Pink Feltzer (Obtainable by sniping driver immediately after "I'll Take Her...)
- Romero Hearse (Only obtainable by robbing immediately after "Undertaker")
- Brucie's Huntley Sport (After Boating Activity)
- Bernie's Infernus (Has Unique Stripe)
- Stevie's Cars (Gold Infernus, etc.)
- Stevie's Comet (Used in mission No. 1)
- Michelle's Merit (Green Tint)

Please list any OBTAINABLE unique cars (not cars that are impossible to gain outside of missions) that I haven't listed. Thanks.

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