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Quick question regarding YouTube

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  • Reiji

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Posted 12 April 2012 - 08:01 AM

Just to be on the safe side, is Take2 cool with people posting gameplay videos with cutscenes or will they still bring it down? How about Chinatown Wars? I respect their decisions, it's just that I don't want my account to be suspended leaving these projects I've done to waste.

  • Prometheus

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Posted 12 April 2012 - 08:05 AM

I don't think so. Did they ever do that?

  • D T


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Posted 12 April 2012 - 08:07 AM

This guy seems to be doing fine: http://www.youtube.c...tafanboy/videos

My videos containing cutscene footage are still up as well. I think Rockstar only removed videos with cutscenes back in '08 because of spoilers, but now they obviously don't care.

  • Reiji

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Posted 12 April 2012 - 08:18 AM

Figured that it's bad for their marketing sales for TLaD and BoGT. They took down my execution montage video when they were about to release the DLCs for PS3 and PC. My videos somehow get around between 50k - 300k views since I specialize in Midnight Club, think they're keeping a good watch on me if I do that again. Now I'm wondering about Chinatown Wars.

LOL mind if I see some of your vids?

  • radioman

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Posted 12 April 2012 - 08:44 AM

QUOTE (PrometheusX @ Thursday, Apr 12 2012, 03:05)
I don't think so. Did they ever do that?

Evidently it is OK for IV/TLAD/TBOGT, as they included a Video Recorder/Editor in the games with the option to upload the edited clips to both Youtube and Social Club...? However, for III, VC, SA, LCS, and VCS-more than likely not since those require an external recorder(such as VCR) to record game footage...? I mean, if it wasn't OK, then Why would they have included a Video Recorder/Editor in the game? (Curious) confused.gif

  • MrDanceWithLance


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Posted 13 April 2012 - 02:22 AM

I don't think Rockstar and TakeTwo will care if you post GTA IV Era walkthrough videos with cutscenes. It is 2012 now, no GTA IV is no longer something that has to have its spoilers removed, as most people already know the ending and storyline. Also, several YouTube users have posted these videos without getting in trouble.

  • Nem_Wan

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Posted 13 April 2012 - 09:10 PM

Take-Two has to pay people monitor and report infringing videos and they don't have an unlimited budget. They have new games coming out every year. When they were chasing down GTA IV cutscene videos, GTA SA videos were ignored.

When does it become acceptable? You don't know till you try, but a good guess is that a game is considered history after its Complete Edition comes out.

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