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SA Doesn't like a line in .an IDE

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Posted 11 April 2012 - 04:06 AM

Ok, I'll give you the jist of it.

I'm making a map mod and prior models I've implemented into the game have worked fine (Albeit no prelighting).
This new model I've made, however, doesn't work and I've ran my mind blank of what it might be, it appears fine in 3ds Max, it appears fine in MEd, the IMG's rebuilt, it's exported correctly, it has textures and a coll.
Here's where my problem has arisen, I've got the line below in a map IDE.

18636, wall_e, jplv, 299, 0

I've noticed the game is happy to load up if I stick a # in front of it (so as to not load it, obv.) however once that line is as above, regardless of IPL placement, even if there is none, the game crashes approx. half way through the loading bar.

Is it something to do with the game loading the model itself despite the fact it doesn't render it until the game's loaded? Or is it something to do with the coll or img?
I'm all ears to explanations confused.gif
I'd really appreciate the help as my brain is starting to leak out my nose in frustration. D:

  • EvilRaptor

    The Ranger

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Posted 11 April 2012 - 04:09 PM

Requesting lock and delete, found the solution after about 9 hours of searching the forums tounge.gif
Turns out it was the object limit, despite the free IDs I could only add 5 new objects before the game decided it was time for "NO."

I'd like to firstly apologize for making this topic since the answer is so obvious now, and secondly I'd like to thank GTAForums for its help to others in the past. wink.gif

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