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WestCoast RolePlay|New|Refunding|Professional

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 10:00 PM Edited by lil weasel, 08 April 2012 - 10:44 PM.

WestCoast RolePlay|New|Refunding|Professional

We are very much a community run server, we give all our players input into what happens with out unique script and we pick our admins on what they put into the community.

Forum: emipireroleplay.info

We Need:
Faction Leaders

Our Script
Our Script is completely unique, it was scripted from scratch by our active developers (remember! active developers means active updates!) and we have TONS of unique features!

Our Faction system is 100% dynamic, we can create and destroy factions in game, we can set faction types, cars, names, ranks anything!

Faction list-
SAPD- SAPD are the local police force in San Andreas, there job is to keep the streets safe so the civilians can have a good time!

Senate- The senate our the government, it's there job to make laws and they have ultimate control over most of San Andreas

SaNews- The San Andreas news team's job is to announce news to San andreas, on current affairs and other things.

SAFMD- San Andreas, Fire and Medical Department

S.A.P.S-San Andreas Private Security, any one can hire these guys, if they want some men to start a war or maybe if they just want some security at a party.

Hitman Agency- The Hitmen, you don't want to get on the bad side of these guys, they are trained killers, you can hire them to kill people.

ROGUE NATION- The ROGUE NATION are a bunch of Fallouts from San Andreas, it was originally just composed of ex-service men from the SAPD or Army or FBI but they became so large they demanded their own land from the San Andreas Government, the Government had no option to agree and gave them ownership of FortCarson, this not being enough for them, they stretched their troops to bayside. ROGUE are San Andreas' main enemies, getting on the wrong side of them can be deadly.

Our Scripts features

Dynamic housing system-
When you're at the location you want for a house call an admin over and he can set one for you, you can store weapons and drugs in your house and other things in your house safe, you start with a bedsit but you can /upgradehouse to upgrade your interior design

Dynamic Business system-
You will see unowned business dotted around los santos, you can buy these business's, there are many types of business's we have, Weapon shops, supermarkets, Clubs, Advertisement agencies and some other ones.

Dynamic gates-
We can create gates for players with just one command!

Dynamic Factions
Mentioned above ^^
we also have unique faction member commands, like /drag and many others!

We have many jobs dotted around Los Santos we have:
Mail Man
street sweeper
Taxi Driver

Unique garage system-
we have a garage system you can park your cars in, the garages are player owned and set by an admin.

Drug System
we have pot and crack, you can plant your own drugs and grow them!

Unique Gambling system-
You can play a game of cars with your friends or just role some dice!

Forum: Empireroleplay.info
Working on a project with my buddy!

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 10:45 PM

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