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GTA TBoGT - Drug Wars

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Posted 03 April 2012 - 02:56 PM Edited by gtamodguy, 03 April 2012 - 03:02 PM.

OK, this is a new glitch I just found yesterday. Start a drug wars activity anywhere, and get the drugs vehicle after killing the guys who are dealing with the drugs(only if its a car), and drive away from the drop-off point. Armando and Henrique should still be with you. Use cheats to spawn a 2-door vehicle, or find one. Get in it and whoever is first to get in the other seat with you isn't the one driving. Wait until the other one who didn't get in the car finds a car. Start driving and make a lot of turns. The other driver not in the car with you(Either Armando or Henrique) will keep up with you at top speed in the car they found. It will be like a street race, but if they crash and you get far away they zoom up behind you like lightning. I will upload a YouTube video of the glitch sometime this week. For the full effect of the glitch, it is recommended that you find a faster car than what the other driver has or find something lighter than he has. Note that if you get too far away from him, he will spawn behind you at your speed, even if you have a faster car. He will slow down though. It will freeze your game after 20-25 times depending on what system you have it on. I have a PS3 and the least amount of times it took was 6, but that was about an hour of glitch time. The map will start to disappear and reappear, showing blue and tan colored backgrounds, and the LoD textures(LoD stands for Long Distance, the low quality textures used when you are far away from an object) as you drive past them.


GTA Phreak
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Posted 03 April 2012 - 04:06 PM

I wouldn't characterize it as a glitch, it's the way the game works.
The AI can't drive for sh*t, so every time you look away the game cheats to let them catch up.
It has some bizarre and occasionally funny consequences though (like having them do big jumps in vans, or get them stuck far in-land in boats)
Beware that if you're on a bike and fall you risk getting flattened by a light-speed delivery van wink.gif
On xbox it won't crash the game (so that must be a bug on PS3).

During the last phase of drug wars (when you have to bring the drugs to the drop-off), you can enjoy reduced traffic and police density (the reduction is a variable of the particular war, so effect varies).

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Posted 23 April 2012 - 04:25 PM

I love watching them on radar if your in a Copter, I tried to use differant camera views to see how they go through buildings but what I did see looked as tho I was carrying them on a string
through town.. lol.gif

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