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GTA IV PC Roleplaying

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    Perhaps here... Things will be different.

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Posted 02 April 2012 - 06:54 PM

I have seen that not many players in GTAForums play GTA IV PC(even though it is kinda more reliable than the XBOX 360,not trying to start a war,but there is no fire mod or anything here,only simple trainer which can only be used on freemode.),which is a shame.

Well,2 days ago,me and a couple of friends did some roleplaying.The numbers of roleplayers have been increasing,we had 14 roleplayers yesterday.We simply do it for fun and use (()) for radio talks,() for actions,and regular chat for talking,but we say when we are speaking OOC.Of course,this is serious RP.Anyone can create any group they want,get any non-owned house,and get any car,if they feel like they've achieved enough ''money''.I think it's funnier if you only get new stuff when you worked enough,but that's the players choice.

Anyway,if anyone is interested,feel free to add my gamertag: JoaoMH
We normally roleplay at about 19:00 GMT.

Known groups to the roleplayers:
Fire Department
Special Services

As you can see,these are the groups that people have roleplayed already.I feel that it might get more attention here,and we might get some new roleplayers.

Most of us use Simple Trainer to aid roleplay,like to grant us armor,the job's weapons,or just some roleplay skin,even though we do not depend on it.

We have some simple rules:
No Godmode
No Hacking
No Glitching
No Deathmatchers(you can kill someone if you have a proper reason)
No Trying to ruin other people's roleplays

We use no blips.The Never Wanted option is allowed for members of the law. Unlimited ammo is allowed for all.

Some of the owned buildings:
Lawyers Office - Marine's Base Alpha
Sprunk Factory - Marine's Base Delta
LCPD Departments - Government
Hospitals - Government
LCFD - Government
Playboy X's - My house,shared with another roleplayer.
Bohan's Safehouse - Kesha(terrorist)'s last known location,free now though.
Airport - Government

Sorry for the huge-ass post.If anyone is interested,add my Gamertag.

For you people who think roleplaying is not possible in IV,think again.It has been stable and getting more players every day.

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