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Truck Hustle

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 01:39 PM

Hi all smile.gif

I'm having a technical problem with the said mission. Nico couldn't grab and hold onto the back of the truck, and the animation kept on playing endlessly.
I've tried everything from fresh installation, to updating the game patch by patch (yes, all 6 patches), turning the v-sync on and off, using Fraps to limit the fps, adjusting resolution and etc. They all failed sad.gif

I would appreciate if someone who is not facing this glitch with their game to help me pass this mission, thanks!

DDL : https://hotfile.com/...d6/SGTA400.html

I've lost my patience and really need your help sad.gif

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Posted 03 April 2012 - 02:03 AM

Sadly I cannot play this for you, but ultimately you may be able to recover an earlier version of the save file from your computer (you never said what version you were playing, but I have reason to believe its PC because you have a save game) - in many instances, simply reloading the autosaved hidden file (slot 13 I think) will allow you to go back to the last mission or activity and attempt the failed mission over again. Barring that, I honestly cannot think of any immediate solution which will assist you. This said, once you do get it going, you might want to consider a simple solution to the mission.

Following a cut-scene, Niko finds himself standing in a small yard adjacent the one with the truck in it ... and the truck some distance from you. Immediately stand up and head left then vault over the wall into the open area (and road) opposite the yard and parking lot ... then run and ignoring the Triad, dodge into the small yard immediately next to the truck. To access this will will have to jump down some steps then immediately turn right and you will see the truck in front of you. Expect to be shot at, but just ignore the Triad gang members and run for the truck. No matter what you do, its extremely unlikely that you will make for the cab as it will drive off. Just run and when the option arises, hit the key which triggers the cut-scene which shows Niko leaping for the back of the truck. Then once you are onboard, climb up and as quickly as possible work your way forward - the rest is simple after this.

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Posted 06 April 2012 - 12:58 AM

climbing on top of the truck is almost exactly like the last storyline mission climbing into the Annihilator
some have reported a glitch in this area too, where the problem is the frames per second being to high and your button punches can't keep up. many use a program called "Fraps" to adjust their fps down and solve this problem. hope this helps

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