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Original GTA IV Serious RP life>>PS3<< *UPDATED*

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 09:02 PM Edited by docrikowski, 29 March 2012 - 12:43 AM.

**** Re-posted**** Updated!****

Updated 1.2.0 RP Version. 28 March 2012.®

Original post;

Original website;

Welcome to GTA IV Serious RP life where everyone can be your friends...so enemies
Some OOC info about this RP event:

This is only for PS3
Everyone is welcome
We play every friday and saturdays( from 9/10 PM at through the whole night at Central Europe TIMEZONE)
This is an event for them who want a kind of realist feeling of life in GTA IV
I will be the gamemaster so,I will look that the game goes well
Maybe I make a forum...

This is only original GTA IV, there is no map packs in this RP!

We have rules to maintain order and make this a well organised event..without them the RP is nothing but a war between kids and retards

If you break a rule,you will be warned,second break by the rule is a kick...
No Random killing(Assasination, is allowed,but needed to be warned to Gamemaster,me..through PM)
No Hazarding language at each other(personal)but if two characters fight..allowed
No Insults against players or members at either forum or ingame

Pretend you are living in the Liberty City or came there for very first time...what would you do...work..live for...live with...where you would live,in which home...what would you do? Its up to you

Fear Factor:
Its kind of a rule that you must be afraid of death...afraid of gangs...robbers...cops..anyone with a gun..

If no one is afraid,well everyone is going to play as Rambo all the time...

You gotta face it, when there is a city, there must be crime, whether it be a bombing, or a robbery, there must be crime! If you have a mic, call a officer immediately if you see a crime in progress. Minor Crimes will put you in the police station for a bit, Big Crimes will put you in prison for 2 sessions of roleplaying. Be careful though, there might be some dirty cops out there...

You start with 1,000$
No Work...no home...no family(or someone)...nothing only clothes and money
Or you just make a character,that may have home and stuff....

Hunger and thirstnes.
You must eat and drink,like in real world or you die....Its a rule.

Entertaiment and enjoy
Have fun..go to strip club...clubs..bars...shops everything you would do in real life

This game isn't all, go to your job, go back home, and then repeat the process. There is alot
of fun things to do in this RP, Including:
- Going to a Club
- Going out for a meal
- Going out for a date
- and much, much more!

Heres the application list(IN-GAME)
Location of Job:
2th Home(Optional):
Backround: Story:
Vehicles(Optional)(Only low-budget cars):
Gang Connections(Optional):

Heres my app:

Name: Vladimir "The Russian" Grotskiij
Job: Russian Mafia Leader
Age: 30
Location of Job: Russian Mafia Compound
Home: Russian Mafia Compound(House of Pegorin)
2th Home(Optional): Secret
Backround: After Vladimir travel from the Old Country he decides to travel to America for fortune and fame...after getting rich at drugs and blackmailing he decides to expand his income by 60%..Then the russian mafia was born

Story: After Vladimir travel from the Old Country he decides to travel to America for fortune and fame...after getting rich at drugs and blackmailing he decides to expand his income by 60%..Then the russian mafia was born.

Vehicles(Optional): Hummer,PMP 600,Limousine...SUV
Gang Connections(Optional): Yes

PSN: deathmight [/B]

Main roles in-game

Weapon Dealers= Decides what price the weapons cost and what weapons can be sold

Car Dealer=Sells cars,decides price,and decide which cars may be sold

Drug Dealers= Sells Drugs,decides price,and decide what they can sell

Shop Owners=Decides what they want at their own shop

Club Owners=Decides what they want at their own club


The police can arrest you for many different crimes such as...

Weapons/Drug Dealing
Illegal Mafia Businesses or using them
Illegal Vehicles
Road Rage

Ranks of LCPD:
-Chief of Police
-Police Officer

What is worse than crime? Organized Crime, of course! You may start your own gang, or join a pre-existing one. Do as the leader says, and don't betray your gang, or you'll be in a car at the bottom of the West River. The current gangs are:
M = Mafia Family
G = Gang

POWER: I = Low influence II = Medium Influence III = High Influence X = Basically, they run that part of town

Current gangs/mafias: 1

[M]"The Russian Mafia" Power: X

Gangs can only do drug and weapons dealing, and other small crimes. Mafia Families can do bigger things like, Kidnapping, Extortion, Gambling, and Pre-meditated heists(but no, 1 heist after another, and you gotta have a good reason like, to hurt another family, or the place makes a lot of money.) Mafia families can also "Mask" Businesses like a Nightclub for drug trafficking, Car dealerships for Grand Theft Auto, etc.

Any questions, send me a private message.

Who is on this RP event:

PSN-In-game name-Job

deathmight- Vladimir "The Russian" Grotskiij- Russian Mafia Leader

Send a reply here at the post the app or send a PM if want to join:)


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 09:14 PM

Shame it's PS3, I'm on 360.

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Posted 29 March 2012 - 12:44 AM

No external events.

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