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Posted 21 March 2012 - 03:20 PM Edited by M.A.K, 21 March 2012 - 03:49 PM.

So this here is a rap I had been working on for the past 3 days , no chorus this time cause couldn't think of any good chorus sadly , but I am quite happy with the rap. again it is related to my life , like every song is I probably write. I did take the g out of most ing words just to make it rhythmic , well enjoy the rap.

I am in my class room fadin' away
going into a place far away
kids looking from the right to left
watching as I fall of my desk
teacher don't know whats happening
she think I hallucinatin'
shouts for help , my eyes close
the last thing I hear is "call the ambulance"

the next thing I know it
I'm in intensive care
half conscious half fadin' again
I see my life flashin'
they sayin' I should be restin'
but they be griefin ' after hearin' my confession
whenever I go take a rest
I am staring eye to eye with death
I know I need counselin'
but talking to someone who you payin ain't gonna help me
I am seriously messed up trying to battle death
not wantin to live just wantin to cross that path
you know I wont be goin to hell
cause I am already in hell
they sayin it was just a crash
not knowing how it made my body crash
they not knowing how that accident shattered
the thing thats beatin'
movin' blood throughout my system
its on the verge of shuttin'
only my soul is keeping it beeping

he was more than a friend I can't get over him
he was like a guardian angel god had sent
he could see where I was headin'
could tell I was ready
was there for me for ten years
that's how long it had been
I knew him but life took him
on the feb the twenty of two zero eleven
he really was more than a friend
but a guardian angel who kept me out of hell
he believed in me I told you this previously
they not understandin'
why I rappin' about the same person
well cause he wasn't a person'
but was an angel from heaven
but now he's gone i'm back
where I started , in hell that's where I am
he was here made me go high
to the point where i could touch the sky
he went I fell from high up in the sky

got back stabbed
but never got knife stabbed
by people who I thought were my pals
that's what friendship is
using you for your cash and things
that's how life is
sorry this ain't no fairy tail
cause life never is a fairy tail
just like there ain't no happy place
you die and go rot in a small coffin
"he's going into shock"
that's what I hear the doctors shoutin'

I am hearing the doctors
and my life almost stopping
not knowing why I lived through this pain
every night I force my self to sleep
but after today I'll be no longer in pain
my life flashes to the point where I am near to restin'
then I see this girl who god had sent
an angel who dragged me straight out of hell
I don't believe it , I really mean it
I never saw something like it
she understood my pain
saw how I had changed
she was the only one to actually
put her mind to it and see the pain
and how I tried to get through it
my heart beats again
the doctors shoutin' "he's alive"
but only to the point
she is with me my heart has become fragile
can't be again shattered
or I am straight leavin'
from this world
that means forever.

Edit : Capitalized the I's and put some other grammar corrections , by the way this is also a summary of my life from 20th February 2012

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