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Mission Fail

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  • lol232

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Posted 20 March 2012 - 04:03 PM

Will you get mission fails if you fail a mission started from phone (replay mission)?

GTA Phreak
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Posted 20 March 2012 - 05:03 PM

AFAIK no, but wasted and busted counts.

  • lol232

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Posted 20 March 2012 - 06:15 PM

That is more than Perfect, "Overperfect", I can replay missions and obtain, let's say Caged Caddy, without the Mission Fail being accounted to my stats, right?
Well, that makes me happy enough, thanks, GTAP.

GTA Phreak
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Posted 20 March 2012 - 08:03 PM Edited by GTA Phreak, 20 March 2012 - 08:38 PM.

Yes you can. I think it works like in other GTA's: Once you've passed a mission, subsequent failures won't count.
I've got the caged Caddy, Gracie's pink Feltzer and Packie's bright red Comet with 0 failures in the stat.
I got all of those by letting the cops drive them to a parking space, because I hate pushing sly.gif
(Credit goes to Urban Legend for discovering that the cops are able to drive unjackable vehicles. Related post)

My strategies:

Packie's Comet:
Go to the helicopter, put on a parachute (there's one behind the pad).
Fly to Packie's place and the moment Tony identifies his house bail out. (the Comet will actually be there before that, but it's a good cue that you are as close as you can get before triggering the chase)
The mission will fail for abandoning Tony.
Land near the Comet, it will be parked outside Packie's house, unjackable.
Call the cops or jack a passing policecar, leaving cops on foot while you are in a car.
Drive back and forth on the street until a cop gets into the Comet.
There's a certain distance for a cop on foot where he will stop chasing you on foot and start looking for a car, you need to go just beyond this distance (it's fairly obvious when you start observing their behavior).
Once a cop is in the Comet he will start chasing you and try to ram you. So you will lead him to a parking space (I used the Hove Beach one).
You cannot leave your car during the chase, - if you do the cop will also exit and it can be very difficult to get him back in.
The Comet is fast so go fast on the long straight roads, the Comet can easily follow while the other policecars will fall behind.
Be careful on turns, the cop can easily get the Comet stuck. If it gets stuck you need to circle back and lead him off in a different direction.
Once at the parking spot you need to entice him to ram you from within the parking spot, it isn't hard you either stop on the road or the sidewalk (depending on which side he's ramming you) next to the parking space.
When he's reasonably within the space, get out. He will immediately exit to chase you on foot.
Now just sprint down the road and get another car and race away. When you come back the Comet should be ready to drive.
Difficulty: The hard part is getting a cop to get into the Comet, there's a lot of cars around the place to pick from and the cops will take anything. Once a cop drives it out from there the rest is easy.

Gracie's Feltzer:
Drive Tony and Gracie to Gracie's house, don't enter the marker.
Continue past the house and park behind the 1st car down the road.
Put a sticky on Tony's car and drive the other car back to Gracie's place.
Detonate the sticky. The mission will fail.
There's often a foot cop walking outside the house and the explosion should have caused a wanted level, if not call the cops.
If there was a cop outside then he'll almost certainly grab the Feltzer right away.
Lead the Feltzer to a parking spot. I used Brians. There's a fair chance that you can make it most of the way before getting 2*'s (evading arrest), that will make it very easy.
Again, let the cop ram you from within the parking space. Once he's in exit and sprint away. It might be advantageous to have a car already parked in the space to facilitate your escape, - start by ramming it a bit down the road before coaching the Feltzer in.
Difficulties: None really, only stumbling point is the cop flipping the Feltzer or setting it on fire (don't blow Tony's car right outside the house).

Rocco's Caddy:
Proceed with the mission according to the Lancet Jades strategy #1 until mission failure.
You'll now be looking at the unjackable caged Caddy.
The cops can't find the place if you call them, so start shooting the pedestrians just S of the Caddy (there's a fat foot cop a bit S from there).
Once you get a 1* wanted level a police car should come, - jack it.
Now there's 2 cops from the car and a fat foot cop chasing you and the only available ride is the Caddy, - success is virtually guaranteed.
Now lead the tiny and very slow Caddy to a parking space while fending off the full 2* complement of cops wink.gif It actually isn't too hard and on occasion hilarious.
It will invariably get stuck on corners, so lead it to the road that goes directly to Luis's apartment.
When it gets stuck on a corner double back and take another direction, this will bring the Caddy back in the lead of the chase which is what you want.
Once on the right road drive in the middle and continuously look rearwards. The real police cars will overtake the Caddy and try to ram you. When they do, try to spin them around. Hopefully they'll end up pointing in the wrong direction allowing the tiny Caddy to regain the lead. While the Caddy is in the lead pick up the speed.
When you get it to Luis's parking space allow the Caddy to ram you from within the parking space, you might have to ram some of the other police cars out of the way to allow the little one to the trough.
Once it's in the space get out and sprint inside to sleep/save the wanted level off and head back outside to sort out the mess (the Caddy will be UJ until it has been saved and restored)

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