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found a way to keep cops from chasing after you

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 04:56 PM

so the topic explains it. i changed around a few of the ped files to make to cops run away from you while committing crimes. its quite funny actually.

open up pedpersonality.dat and delete anything that says cop, fatcop, swat or fbi. (i dont know the actual names, but it should be obvios wich ones say cop, all of them between "M_Y_PMEDIC" and "M_Y_SkateBike_01") and save it.

then open peds.ide and scroll to the very bottom. find where it lists the cops (should be blindingly obvious, its at the damn bottom and says cop.) highlight everythinh that says cop and paste in the following


M_Y_Cop,  M_Y_Tourist_02_p,    0  M_Y_Cop,  M_Y_Tourist_02_p,  1  M_Y_Cop,  M_Y_Tourist_02_p,    2    M_M_FatCop_01,  M_Y_Tourist_02_p,  0  M_M_FatCop_01,  M_Y_Tourist_02_p,  1    M_Y_Cop_Traffic, M_Y_Tourist_02_p,  0  M_Y_Cop_Traffic, M_Y_Tourist_02_p, 1  M_Y_Cop_Traffic, M_Y_Tourist_02_p,  2    M_Y_Swat,  M_Y_Tourist_02_p,    0  M_Y_Swat,  M_Y_Tourist_02_p,    1  M_Y_Swat,  M_Y_Tourist_02_p,    2  M_Y_Swat,  M_Y_Tourist_02_p,  3

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