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Real Life Roleplay

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 05:06 AM Edited by docrikowski, 18 March 2012 - 12:36 PM.

XBOX 360 ONLY---(If u would like to host a PS3 Version just contact me if u have 12 or more wanting 2 play!)------====Max for Lobby is 16

Trust=Break it once u will never get it back(Their will be multiple IG Team members in each lobby so dont try 2 sneak ha)

Player Grabbing=Taking Weapons on the ground without buying them

RD-(Random Destruction)-No destruction of LC without roleplay reason including npcs

Fear Factor=Fear applies to a rp player when u have a weapon pointed at u and a player rp robbing,hostage taking,raiding,stealing,etc towards u. This means u cannot do anything unless u are on drugs that take away fear factor.---Being drunk takes away half of ur fear factor resistance but u more likely to get a larger ticket or fine!---If u are being fear factored by a player u must comply and then report it to the police if ur civilian...If it was illegal dont because ur dumb

Player Griefers-Complaning about legit RP kills or stuff that happens in RP--(If u dont think so talk 2 an admin in private and let them get 2 the bottom of it---Dont be annoying or we will boot u)

NewLifeRule-NLR-If u are killed u forget the last day and dont get ur payday if u have a govt and/or civilian jobs

Assgunning= Pulling a gun that would not be able 2 be concealed-exp...(Rifles,Shotguns,RPGs(lol),Snipers_) Luckily if u are in a vehicle--U may get out and use those weapons bcuz u pulled it from ur car<----Exp of rping-----If u are in ur house u may pull out ur weapon unless u have been put into fear factor mode-

RandomDeathmatching-(RDMING)-Killing another player without roleplay reason. exp...Killing somebody for pushing u, cutting in line,---U have actually play out ur actions as they progress through the roleplay and killing people is not a good way to make friends or money. If all u wanna do is be a gangbanger or cop and abuse u will be perm banned xD-We want people taking it 2 the next level-If somebody pushes u tell them they better watch(They dont say anything u cant do shiz_If they talk shiz back u bet ur ass u can but later down the road with a legit rp reason...Exp//Drugs,raids,etc

Meta Gamining- U cannot communicate with other players except with roleplay interaction...So u cannot call somebody and tell them they heard something about a raid when they were in a car..Obviously u wouldnt be able 2 hear them and same goes with cops and all players alike. (No party chat or private chats will be allowed by anybody except the IG Team-unless invited by one of us. ---More or less dont use 2 ur adv.---

Powergaming= Forcing another player 2 do something that has nothing 2 relate 2 the rp or is extremely unfair---(Dont take things into ur own hands...Cheaters and players who ruin the game will be removed)<-----Contact an---->Admin

Their will be other rules like food,sleep,cars,job upgrades etc but will be explained in game 2 clarify!

If you would like to play this rp plz make sure u add [removed]----->>>>>>>>(THIS ACCOUNT IS ONLY USED TO STORE ACCOUNTS FOR PLAYERS SO I CAN SEND THEM AN INVITE SINCE MY FRIENDS LIST IS FULL)<<<<<------ to attend the roleplay! The jobs could be anything in the roleplay and the default ones and some that we need will be explained in game!

We will host this lobby every Wednesday at 6 pm central!!!!!!!!!!!!-------XBL GT=[removed]====Feel free 2 send me a party inv if u r confused on rules or post here!

U must fill out a character====


XBL Name=

RP Name=


Preferred Job in Real Life Roleplay=

What could you offer to the roleplay?=

Do u have Experience in Roleplaying?(Yes=What and how long---and NO)=


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Posted 18 March 2012 - 12:03 PM

Remove ''contact him to play''.

Also add more stuff so it's more appealing to other people.If you don't remove you'r gamertag this will probably get locked.

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 12:36 PM

Feel free to completely ignore the staff over and over again. We'll just keep locking your topics. Read the rules.

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