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Posted 12 March 2012 - 08:43 AM

!WARNING! Possible spoilers inside for those who hadn't played Vice City and Vice City Stories! !WARNING!

"Vice City is 24-carat gold these days" - Sonny Forelli

Another night in Vice City. Another big party in the Malibu. Recently bought by Tommy Vercetti, the club keeps earning money for him and his so-called lawyer, Ken Rosenberg. The party hosts hundreds of people who want to spend the evening on dancing, getting drunk and doing bad things to girls they meet. The owner watches everything from the back room upstairs. If only the people knew that there was a bag of money on the table behind him. A bag of money from the bank Vercetti's crew robbed a week before. There surely were policemen on the dancing scene. They were looking for any clue that would lead them to the robbers, having all this money just in front of their noses. They would be too drunk to react anyway. That's absolutely normal in Vice City, a city that never sleeps. Everything that happens at night gets forgotten the next morning.

Just another night for Velasco Salcido. A tall, well-built Mexican in his late twenties was driving his brown Sentinel and two passengers. One of them was Alfonso Perez, the man responsible for most of drug transactions which took place in Vice City. The man who took over most of Victor Vance's assets after his death. His brother, Lance, was desperate to kill Perez, but he was never able to even get close to him.

The other passenger was lying tied in the car's trunk. His life was just about to end and he knew he couldn't do anything about it. He screwed up and he knew it. He leaked very important information about a huge business transaction to Vercetti, causing serious danger to a massive money counterfeiting operation planned to take place all over Florida. Important plates were about to be delivered by helicopter to Vice City Docks within a week at night to make it as silent as possible. Now the competition knew about the delivery and Salcido - alias Muerto - had to cover it with as many people as possible. And that could bring attention of VCPD, which would be a complete disaster.

Sentinel stopped when it reached the junkyard. Alfonso grabbed the gun and got out of the car while Velasco opened its trunk and pulled the man out on the ground. Perez reloaded his 9mm pistol.
- You know that wasn't nice of you, Fernando. - said Muerto, slowly and calmly. He kept looking straight into the victim's eyes.
- Yes, yes, I f*cked up, but please, don't kill me! - begged Fernando. He couldn't resist crying. He was desperate to do anything that could save his life.
- Do you have any idea how f*cked I am now? How f*cked I am because of YOU couldn't get the job done right?
Fernando remained silent. By that time he realised he couldn't do anything. He was about to meet his destiny. Only a miracle could prevent the bullet from splashing his brain all over the car's rear bumper.
- Now - continued Velasco - you'll face consequences. I'm gonna kill you and Mr. Black is gonna kill me if this operation gets blown to sh*t, which is just about to happen. He'll never forgive me all these millions of dollars he could earn and I'll never forgive you all these millions of dollars I could earn. Now, do you have any last wishes?
- Yeah... - said Fernando slowly, giggling. - Can I put this gun up your ass and pull the trigger?

And then there was a shot. Fernando's body was lying on the ground, dead. Alfonso put the gun right to his hand, took off his gloves, untied the victim and threw the rope into the trunk. They made the crime scene look like a suicide scene. The brown Sentinel slowly drove towards Moist Palms Hotel.

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