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72 Hour Rush

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Posted 07 March 2012 - 02:15 AM Edited by Dr-Mayhem111, 14 March 2012 - 12:50 AM.

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Movie Introduction Music


Raphael Aligieri aka The Malibu DraculaBorn April 13, 1957The main character of the machinima (movie). He portrays as a retired mob hitman with a past to erase. His ex wife and his daughter were kidnapped by a long time enemy of Tony and gives him 72 hours to do contract killings in order to rescue his wife and daughter.
Benjamin Philips aka The Code SharkBorn September 16, 1960The long time enemy of Tony. He is an ex CIA operative with skills to hack anything in the world. His brother was assassinated by Tony and he swore to avenge his brothers death no matter what it takes.


Location: Starfish Island, Vice City - Vercetti Estate
Date: Friday April 13, 1987
Time: 08:22 pm

[The Vercetti Family celebrate Tony's 30th birthday with a big party. Automatic by The Pointer Sisters heard in the background.]

Tommy: Happy birthday Ralphy.

Ralph: Thanks Tommy, you didn't have to throw such a big party for me.

Tommy: But I wanted to, you're my best hitman Ralphy.

Ralph: Speak up Tommy I don't think the feds heard you.

Tommy: Haha very funny. Go ahead and have a good time, we are on the top of the world.

Ralph: Cheers to being on the top of the world.

Tommy: Oh I almost forgot, it's important you pass by my office tomorrow. It's business wise.

[Tommy and Ralph drink their shots and continue on with the party. Ralph notices this beautiful woman dancing in the crowd and becomes attracted to her. Ralph talks to Richard Malone an associate of the family.]

Ralph: Wow, who is that?

Richard: Who?

Ralph: That blonde girl dancing.

Richard: Oh that's Veronica DeSalvo.

Ralph: DeSalvo, as in Mike DeSalvo our Capo?

[Mike DeSalvo shows up.]

Mike: That's right.

Ralph: Jesus Christ Mike, you scared the sh*t out of me.

Mike: Haha I'm sorry. I see you're interested in my sister?

Ralph: Will the word yes kill me?

Mike: No, if you like her then go over there and ask her out. I trust you.

Ralph: Really?

Mike: Yeah go ahead.

Ralph: Thanks Mike.

[Ralph walks towards Veronica.]

Ralph: Hi, I'm Ralph.

Veronica: I know who you are, I'm Veronica. Happy birthday.

Ralph: Thanks, would you like to dance... I mean you're dancing already but I meant...

Veronica: I would love to.

Ralph: Really, great.

[Ralph and Veronica dance for the whole night. The night passes and it is now the afternoon, Ralph wakes up and makes his way to Tommy's Mansion. He puts on his best clothes and drives his expensive sports car. As he is driving the radio starts playing Push it to the limit by Paul Engemann. Ralph arrives at Vercetti Estates and song ends, Ralph walks to Tommy's office.]

Location: Starfish Island, Vice City - Vercetti Estate
Date: Saturday April 14, 1987
Time: 02:35 pm

Ralph: Hey boss.

Tommy: Hey Ralphy, how was your night with Veronica?

Ralph: It was amazing, I'm still a little hungover. How about you?

Tommy: Mercedes came over last night, what more can I say.

[Both Ralph and Tommy chuckle a bit.]

Ralph: Alright let's talk serious, you told me to pass by here for what exactly?

Tommy: You remember Martin Philips from Liberty City?

Ralph: Yeah the ex CIA agent.

Tommy: Yeah well he just stumbled five million dollars two days ago.

Ralph: FIVE MILLION DOLLARS! Where the f*ck did he find five million dollars?

Tommy: It's from the Colombians.

Ralph: So what.. they just gave it to him?

Tommy: Well not exactly... He hacked into their account. He wants to use that money to buy alot of coke and distribute it to start his own business.

Ralph: And that's good news?

Tommy: Yeah because if we become his main supplier that means more money, more coke, and less heat. Once this is done, we could officially run the entire Vice City.

Ralph: Are you sure?

Tommy: I'm positive. So are you in or out?

Ralph: You're the big boss so I'm in.

Tommy: Okay good, the exchange is tomorrow at 9pm at the docks.

Ralph: Alright so this means we have enough time to party the whole night?

Tommy: Hell yeah. You thinking what I'm thinking?

Ralph: If you're thinking drinks, women, and going crazy at the Malibu Club, then yes.

Tommy: Alright then let's go.

More coming soon
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Posted 07 March 2012 - 05:20 AM

I'd just like to say that Tony and Tommy are names that are just way too similar and I keep getting them mixed up. Change Tony's name to, well, anything else. Johnny, Frank, Carlton, Murphy, Jeffrey etc

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