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Missing missons on ps vita.......

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 12:50 AM

Got PS Vita which allows you to dload PSP games including chinatown wars. Really enjoying the game especially the drug wars element that it incorporates. I am a bit of a completionist so I like to do all missions in order. After a couple of Kenny missions you unlock drug dealing and then shortly after you get a email asking you to buy a property for $5000. I completed all the Kenny missions, so I thought, but had not encountered anything about this property and email was still there. The last mission for Kenny I did was called 'Recruitment Drive'.

I then carried on doing Chang Missions (which led onto Melanie missions and Zhou missions) then decided to try and buy this property in Kennys email. Couldn't find anything. I did some research and find out that your supposed to see kenny with $5000, he then gets a new base and you start the mission 'Carpe Dime'. This in turn unlocks Van hijacking. However I am already able to Hijack vans, I have not done this mission (I even checked replay board in safe house and my missions end at Recruitment Drive).

There is no K any where on the map, no way of buying this property and as I have said I can already Hijack vans. I then checked the full mission list and apparantly there is another 5 or 6 after this as well. It just doesn't make any sense because you only need to raise $5000 to buy the property... I have $100,000 at this point in the game. I actually spent 2 hours trying to find some information on this and there is nothing anywhere, all walk through guides just talk as if this is something that is immediately there.

Do I have to do more missions for the other mission givers before Kenny comes back or something? If so why can I already Hijack lorries? Just does not make any sense. Could this be an error in the game, if so will I have to go back and start again to get 100% completion rate?

Please can someone help me, really enjoying the game and this is doing my head in as I have got well in to it only to find this happen.

Many thanks.

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Posted 29 February 2012 - 05:53 PM

Not all PSP games run right on PS Vita. There emulated on Vita, similar to how PS1 and PS2 games are emulated on PS3. There are sometimes issues with emulation. Try to re download if you can. If not, maybe the game wont work. I seen somewhere that not all psp games are working on Vita. My cousin was having issues with The Sims 2 for PSP on vita, as it would not go past the character creation screen.

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