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Posted 24 February 2012 - 11:55 PM

[FONT=Impact][SIZE=14][COLOR=blue]The Hell Hounds MC is an independent motorcylce club,established in 1969 by sonny "Hellhound" larger and Michael ''Hellrider'' Judas.They thougth of the gang a village raid in Nam' where everything was in flames and the VC didn't come themselves,but they sent horrible,bloodthirsty dogs after the U.S soldiers.


After the horrible village raid Hellhound told Hellrider :''Dude that s**t was fu***n horrible'' Hellrider said:''Amen to that brother,makes me feel like we should leave something in its honor''.And Hellhound answered:''How bout' a motorcycle club called ''Hell Hounds MC'' ?''.And Michael agreed,and so Hell Hounds M.C was born.

They we're only few,but soon a huge shipment for all the M.C's in LC came in from Russia a massive war started for all the bikes,guns and bullets between all the M.C's.The Hell Hounds we're smart though,they snuk in and took all the bikes,guns and bullets for themselves,while the war waged.By pulling that cunning robbery act the Hell Hounds lost quite many members so they're reqruiting.

Gang Weapons:

We use many weapons for our blood spilling needs.To be exact we use:All the shotguns,Desert Eagles for Hounds and Glocks for Dogs,AK's and UZI's,M40A3's and RPG'S,also Molotovs and Bats.

Gang Vehicles:

We use choppers and harleys only to be exact:Zombie,Hexer,Freeway,Diablous,Angel,Daemon,Hellfury,

Gang Turf:

We do not have turf for we hang out all over LC,but we have many buildings we operate through and we have a clubhouse.

Gang Rules:

1.Be loyal.
2.Respect the Hounds ranks,even if they chop your ba**s off and put your legs in a chipsaw.
3.Do not harm a brother or his bike
4.Always try to help a brother.
5.Dont start conflict with other gangs,but do respect them.

Short to say if you don't follow these rules we'll appoint your face for a visit to .... Mr.Blowtorch and Mrs.Chainsaw

Gang Ranks:


Vice President,
Club Secretary,
Road Captain,


How to Join:

Their are two charters ones xbox 360 e.f.l.c only and theirs also a ps3 charter

Just fill out this application:

XBL Gamertag or PSN:
What are you'r skills to be exact?:
What's you'r favourite bike?:
What's you'r favourite gun?:
How can you contribute to us?:
From a scale of 1-10,whats you'r activity?:
From a scale of 1-10,whats you'r loyalty?:
What role in the M.C fits you most?:

Graphics and roster coming soon...

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 05:45 AM

You already have a topic in the Gangs forum located here. Stick to that.

DO NOT make more new topics. This is going to be your final warning before you get temp banned for spamming the forums.

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