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Gun Sound Problem

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 12:12 PM

QUOTE (Overture @ Saturday, Jun 11 2005, 15:15)
Hope that title doens't mislead anyone who isn't having this problem. I can't edit it now tho, only the text. Mods, change the topic name if you want.

Anyways, I solved the sync problems, and it might be something that's affecting you other people.

The solution lay in a very old problem online. Winxp and 2k incorrectly set the SBlive drivers (and audigy I believe) to EMULATED. The trouble is, it's what directsound uses to remember whether it's hardware or software, and my dxdiag thought I had no hardware buffer.

Try start-run-dxdiag[enter] and look at the "sound" or "sound1" tab. If it says the device is EMULATED then this may work for you, it worked for me.

The only way to fix it is to do a regedit (Start-run "regedit"[enter]
and search for every instance of the entry "Device Presence".
Once there, in each one there should have some or all of the following:


Anyways, in most of these in my registry, VxD and WDM were set to 0, and emulated was set to 1. I modified the values so Emulated read 0 and VxD and WDM read as 1.

You will have to re-run DXDIAG (start-run "dxdiag"[enter]) and set the hardware accelleration back to full and test it.

I retested with dxdiag and the hardware buffer works fine. On top of that, the Sync errors and pops and clicks are completely gone from the game.

Hope this helps you out, and works for people. If you need more explicit instructions for using regedit or dxdiag just ask and I'll post a better guide.

Good luck with this one.


i dont know if i have a bug because my gta sa sound is working but my gun sounds are not. do you have any solutions ?

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Posted 15 February 2012 - 12:21 PM

You can help by:
When posting a problem, please, include the following information about your computer:
• Operating system (if you have XP, Vista, or Win7 and which Service Pack(s) is installed)
• Processor?
• Video Graphics card type?
• How much graphics memory, and is it Dedicated or Shared?
• RAM (random access memory)?
This information may also help to identify your problem.

If the game worked before, and have changed OS or Screen settings, If your system upgraded anything (drivers, etc) then the first step is to Delete the GTA_SA.set File. (The GTA_SA.set file is recreated at the end of each game play session. It contains OS data that may no longer be relevant.)

Are you playing the game in Vista/Win7 using
W98 (or XP) compatibility mode,
with Administrative Privileges?

And... before people here begin investing a lot of time trying to fix a possible NO-FIX situation:
What Version (retail, steam, other online store) Edition 1, 2, 3?)
Details of How you are playing:
1. With the Original DVD in the Drive?
2. OR are you Using a No-CD crack? (There is No fix to be found on this Forum.)
3. OR are you Using a 'backup' disc? (Fix is to use the Original DVD.)
4. OR do you have a Downloaded game from Direct2Drive, or SteamPowered.com
5. If none of the above, then what is the origin of your game? (Please be specific, as otherwise there may not be a fix to found on this Forum.)

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