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Posted 14 February 2012 - 01:05 AM Edited by Yellow.Jacket, 14 February 2012 - 02:04 AM.

I tried using map cleaner because I want to remove the game's map but keep the game's objects to make a new map from scratch, using some of the objects that were already in the game. I ran map cleaner 0.5 and put that "basic map" that adds the floating ground with the tree. So far so good, but when I go to Map Editor to try to add more objects, when I go to select the objects to add, I can't see them, just an empty black space. And when I clic on one to place it in the map, the Map Editor crashes (yes I do know how to use Map Editor, I've used it a lot before). I thought it was because maybe Map Cleaner deletes the objects from inside GTA3.IMG so I tried to put the original back up GTA3.IMG instead, but the game crashes.
Is there a specific way to achieve what I want? That is, disabling the IPLs (to get an empty map), keeping the IDEs and all the original objects, and then placing them in the map. And what does Map Cleaner do with GTA3.IMG ?
Pardon my n00bness turn.gif

EDIT: I realized I had forgotten to tick some IDEs in the Map Cleaner to keep them, that's most probably what I was doing wrong whatsthat.gif I'm gonna try it out.

EDIT2: Yep, that was it bored.gif sorry for this topic, I think it's working for me now.

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