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Poll Expiration

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Poll: Worthwhile Idea or Waste of Time. (8 member(s) have cast votes)

Worthwhile Idea or Waste of Time.

  1. Yes (3 votes [60.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 60.00%

  2. No (2 votes [40.00%])

    Percentage of vote: 40.00%

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Posted 07 February 2012 - 11:45 PM

I am not too sure if that has been said or if it is even possible to Implement, but would it be able to add option to the Poll section.

For example I am taking votes for suggestions on Vehicle Names, and it would be good to add several options/conditions for the Poll.

1. No Expiration
2. Poll Closes after ___ Votes
3. Poll Closes after ___ Date

Just a simple thing like that would be useful or even the Ability for the Poll Creator to end Voting (Not Lock the topic, just no more Votes)
This is one thing I think could be implemented and would be useful to some, but others might say it is unnecessary and I am fine with that.

Is this worth while and should it be taken into Consideration?

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Posted 08 February 2012 - 03:23 PM

I'm not sure if it's possible in this version of IPB but IPB definitely has that and if this version does it's most likely for Staff only. If it were useful enough I guess they would have made it public.

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