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Zone I\O

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Posted 07 February 2012 - 10:22 PM

Hi there!

this is my first script made in 3dsmax

You can import mzone and zone sections and export them
To export .zon file you should create boxes with 1:1:1 segs (you can convert in edit poly, and move verts) where you want, z position should be below zero
in the name of the created box you should enter the name of zone (7 or even 8 chars max, i haven't tested), type of island (it was used in map.zon, in info.zon set 0) and gxt name (i guess 6 chars max) through space

tstzon1 0 gxtnm1

also you can use autorenamer
simply select boxes you want, enter name, type and gxt name in fields and click rename
it will rename with adding count of selection to the end of name and gxt name

when you've done, select all boxes, select type (mzone, zone) and click export

that's all

for import just click the button and select .zon file

if you want to make your own zones to work you can try editing the startup.sco by manually entering lines of creating your zone when game starts
i've also didn't tryed this
if everything will be okay - please, write here about success
and also write if you have some errors or it does something wrong

thanks for reading, and sorry for my english
i'm from ukraine biggrin.gif

donwload link

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