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Would you break the law to help someone in need?

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 03:08 AM

QUOTE (NaidRaida @ Wednesday, Feb 8 2012, 14:08)
I was also thinking about such topic but a bit different.

"Would you throw a foreign man from a bridge - he will die - if you can save about ten other foreign people with your act?"

So would you become a murder in order to save lifes/life?

No, it wasn't my problem in the first place, so I should probably steer clear to avoid unnecessary problems. The ten foreigners wouldn't put me at blame, and neither would the one that chooses to stand on bridges if I didn't interfere with them.

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Posted 12 February 2012 - 11:09 AM

Depends on the need.

There are many ways to help people without actually maliciously breaking the law.

Stealing to buy food or pay debts for survival has always been an issue, Metal theft is the best example.

Stealing food to feed your family seems to be a growing problem in the United Kingdom because your forced to pay the high cost of your energy bill.

Do you choose to keep warm or buy food? But do you really need to break the law if there is an organization out there to help you with food, housing, managing debts, etc. People need to let go of the pride they sometimes cling to in order to help themselves.

I was in a shop on the high street (Strip Mall) where I was over hearing 2 police officers talking to the store assistant about a woman stealing items for her baby.

This young mum had already stole from several other stores the same day.

What got me was she appeared to be smoking?

You could you look at this like if she stopped smoking she would have more money to pay for her babies needs and then she wouldn't need to steal.

There is one thing that I hate the most, people with drug addiction stealing from others to get there fix.

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