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A Movie

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  • Shiva.

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Posted 26 January 2012 - 02:45 AM

I saw a movie and I wanted to write the whole story here. Comment about this. Critics are much appericiated.
John is a local gangsta. He spends his life by hanging out with his friends, beating up enemy gangs, robbing, car jacking etc. Every year, during christmas his father and mother comes from abroad to see him. Before they would've come, he'll change his mansion into a hospital. His friends will disguise like doctors. His parents thought that he's a doctor and never realised that he is a gangsta. It was christmas. His parents came to see him. He was so happy though he was nervous. John's father was so proud that his son is a doctor. One day, he takes a walk in the park and finds his old friend Jack. Jack is a selfish doctor and the owner of the St.Paul's Hospital. Jack greets John's dad. John's dad tells that his son is a doctor too. Jack says he never heard a doctor named John in his locality. John's dad then gives Jack the photo of his son. Jack becomes confused. John's dad tells that he's gonna search for a woman doctor to marry his son. Jack smiles and says that his daughter is a doctor and he'd glad if his son marrys his daughter. John's dad accepts and Jack takes the photo of John and shows it to his daughter. His daughter becomes happy and walks away. After a while, one of the maid of Jack sees the photo of John. She tells him that he's a gangsta and he's a kind hearted gangsta. Jack becomes shocked and bangs his head against the wall. Meanwhile in John's home, John's dad tells John that he should marry his friends daughter. John says that he's not interested and he has other plans. His dad says that he and his mother will never talk to him if he refuses. John had no choice and accepts. He asks the help of his friends. They tells him to tell the truth to his parents. John reveals that his father is a heart patient and he'll get a heart attack if he knows that his son is a gangsta. He become more and more nervous. The next day, John gets a call from Jack. Jack asks John to come with his parents to see his daughter. John agrees and tells this to his partents. They became very happy and even more proud. John asks his friends to hope for the best and goes with his parents to meet Jack and his daughter. Jack greets John and shakes hand with him. John pretends like that he's happy. His parents aks Jack to show his daughter. Jack says he'd like to ask a few questions to John before they could see her daughter. They accepts. Jack starts asking questions related to the disease cancer. John has no idea what he's asking and says some wrong answers. Jack laughs out loud and tells him that he doesn't want his daughter to marry a gangster. John's parents becomes confused. Jack reveals the truth that their son is a local gangst. John's parents becomes shocked. Jack asks them all to get out. They go back to John's mansion. John's father begins to cry and says to John that they are not his parents anymore. John beggs them not to leave him. They doesn't listen to him and leaves. John becomes upset. Later that day he meets his friends and says that he's gonna become a doctor and teach Jack a lesson. His friends asks how. John explains the plan to his friends. The next day, they visit St,Pauls hospital and finds a doctor named Ivan. They asks him how to become a doctor. He tells them to get the highest mark in the entrance exam. The next day, john and his friends visits Ivan's home . They plays video games with IVan's father. John threatens Ivan to write the entrance exam for him. Ivan says that it's a crime. John tells that they would kill his father if he refuses. Ivan gets a disguise and writes the entance exam for John. After a week, the results are announce and John gets a medical seat in st,Pauls hospital. John and his friends celebrates. John soon becomes a medical student and attends his class. During his college days, he befriends with all his college mates, staffs, cleaners etc. Jack comes to know that John is a student in his college/Hospital. He meets John. John smiles at him. Jack says that John did some cheating to get the medical seat. John smiles again and tells him that he is right. He also tells him he's gonna repay him for what he did to him. Jack becomes angry and says he would suspend him from his college. John aks him to try his best and leaves. Jack's daughter meets John . They have a little chat. John impresses her slowly. She begins to like him day by day. One day, John attends a special class with his college mates, The professor show them a man in a wheelcharir. He says that this man is in deep coma and he won't recover from it.But, yet this man's eyes will still function. John questions the professor when he will recover from his coma?. The professor tells that he won't and they're gonna make a mercy kill as they had no choice. John strongly opposes the professor and asks the name of the man. The professor tells the man's name is Rick. (Continues in the next post)

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 02:45 PM

QUOTE (shiva s @ Thursday, Jan 26 2012, 03:45)
I saw a movie and I wanted to write the whole story here.

I don't get this bit? Did you see a film, and this is a summary? or, Is this a film you imagined?

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 08:50 PM

Is this a real movie? turn.gif

  • Danni

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 11:10 PM

If this is a real movie, I need to see this ASAP. The sheer lack of any plot or logic is pure genius.

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Posted 28 January 2012 - 01:56 AM

QUOTE (shiva s)
She tells him that he's a gangsta and he's a kind hearted gangsta. Jack becomes shocked and bangs his head against the wall.

this sentence was sublime

  • abishai.kochara


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Posted 08 February 2012 - 02:24 PM

I think its a ripped and modified version of Munnabhai MBBS
The story is so similiar, sorry, exactly same with some changes. lol.gif

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