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Posted 21 January 2012 - 04:22 AM Edited by Slamman, 21 January 2012 - 05:07 AM.

Yep, a comic intro worthy of the Pythons...

MONTY PYTHON is what I tend here, a thread dedicated to those who grew up on the British KING of Skit Comedy, Looking up one word led me to the Wikipedia mention, and I thought, SERIOUSLY an impactful show and comic troupe worthy of a new generation of fans
An updated GTA thread, a game with International ties as it is

Feel free to mention Fawlty Towers and The Benny Hill Show as well

Thanks to Public Television in the USA, I grew up watching all of them, seriously, nothing but respect for what they wrought

Show your favorite skits, talk about their influence, or experience in your life
I kid you not, I'm wearing a Spam-O-Lot T-shirt, dedicated swag for fans of Monty Python, the shirt reads "I'm Not Dead Yet", it pertains to the famous comic films following the TV legacy shows, which also led to albums and film success of course!
Benny Hill was also an institution as bawdy as he was, his role in a Genesis music video sums up just what makes him such a lovable bloke, sadly missed.
To those who left us, R.I.P.
Graham Chapman



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    Damn it feels good to be gangsta

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 04:52 PM

The title to this topic is painfully ironic

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    I was alive.

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Posted 21 January 2012 - 05:00 PM

QUOTE (DeeperRed @ Saturday, Jan 21 2012, 16:52)
The title to this topic is painfully ironic

Totally agree. Poor Slamman... he will just never understand.

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 02:08 AM Edited by Slamman, 23 February 2012 - 02:11 AM.

The title of the topic relates to the BRANDING of the T-shirt I bought, had the text "I'm not Dead Yet", from Holy Grail:

Why you peeps, of all peeps gotta go and show disrespect to British comedy? I'll always have a soft spot in the heart for it

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 12:25 PM

QUOTE (DeeperRed @ Saturday, Jan 21 2012, 17:52)
The title to this topic is painfully ironic

Your post in regards to the topic title is painfully ironic. See? biggrin.gif

This is all becoming Python-esque

One of the greatest pieces in comdey history. The Argument Clinic.

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