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The first days of 2012 arenít different than any other time of the year here; emotionless faces, so cold that make even the nippiest days of your life feel warm and beautiful, with soulless bodies attached to them, filled with hatred, moving across the lands that once harbored hope and promised a future for those who came here from all over the world. But, those times are long gone. In these hard times, the people here can hardly smile or be friendly, itís just, just, been taken away from them.

In spite of that, there is one thing no government can take away from its people, and that one thing, that one hope, are the dreams and ambitions of the people who are in the springtime of their lives. They might be considered dumb and powerless by the older generation, but, they are, in reality, so powerful and so able that they can change history. Why? How has this changed? How are these little inexperienced beings so influential in these times? The answer is simple, technology. With a clickety-clack sound -as our grandparents like to call it- they can send messages over to people in places you have never heard of, and that, that little thing, can change so many big things.

3 of these youngsters, living under the very same circumstances, have a much deeper love for these wonder-boxes of information and communication than the average teenager. Their names were Reza, Hassan and Ali. These three boys, these three simple boys who shared a certain love for computers, would change history, and inspire others who are in their salad days to speak up, and to know that everyone can make a change, even if they didn't intend to do so at firstÖ
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