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When will name changes be available?

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Posted 31 December 2011 - 10:04 PM

I'm not saying it should be implemented to everybody, but I'm thinking that respectable members of the community here, and also people who have shown they're going to stay should be allowed a name change. I understand that previously staff have said that no name changes are being allowed until the release of GTANet V2. What I wish to propose is a small change in that matter, and to allow a few members (respectable ones, people who have been good members - at-least a few quality posts) could have their name change.

Or even just give one or two people a name change as a New Years thing, I don't know. It's the time to be generous, and I say that you allow a few members to be given a name change. I personally wish to have a name change, but don't wish to have to wait so long until V2 to be given that privilege. I'm not saying everybody should get it, because quite frankly I feel that giving everybody who wants a name change, would be quite some work, therefore just give a few people the name change.

If you disagree, then so be it. I will ask another question however, and that is may I have a name change? I beg you to accept this. My name doesn't really make any sense, I don't know why I made it this way to be honest. I wish to have a simple name change and change from 'Prominent Fate' to 'Satanic Fate'. If so, my name will make more sense rather than making me look like a fool who doesn't have a dictionary/the knowledge of a simple word meaning.

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Posted 31 December 2011 - 10:25 PM

There will be absolutely no name changes until V2. Sorry, but if you want a different username, you'll have to make a new account. There's nothing more to be said here.

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