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Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D.

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Posted 17 March 2012 - 09:22 PM

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 27


Trey walks into the clubhouse and finds Rhys playing pool. Trey walks up to Rhys

Trey: Hey Rhys.
Rhys: Trey, good to see you're still alive.
Trey: Yep.
Rhys: Anyway, you ready to hit them damn Mexicans where it hurts?
Trey: Sure. What's the plan?
Rhys: Alright, they've got a sh*tload of drug dealers, and I mean a whole f*cking heap of 'em. And they get fresh shipments of cocaine and pot from the Dominican Republic here by boat. We need you to steal their shipments & take it to our lockup down by the projects.
Trey: Sure...I guess I can do that.
Rhys: Great. Now get that shipment!
Trey walks out of the bar

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to drive to the Colfax Harbor

The player arrives at the harbor. The player is instructed do drive around the harbor until the player finds a van being loaded by the Los Pendejos

The player finds the van. The player is instructed to steal the van & drive it to the lockup by the housing projects

The player arrives at the lockup. Upon arrival, a cutscene occurs

Trey drives the van into the lockup and steps out. A biker walks up to Trey

Biker: You got the drugs?
Trey: Yea, should be in the back of the-
Suddenly, gunfire is heard outside

Biker: sh*t, somebody's breaking in upstairs! Come on!

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to go upstairs & kill a hoard of attacking Los Pendejos members

The player kills all the Los Pendejos members. Rhys will automatically call Trey's phone

Rhys: So, Trey, haven't heard from you lately. You have the van locked up?
Trey: Yea, it's locked up in the lockup, but some of the gangsters tried to take it for their own.
Rhys: Damn...meet me back at the clubhouse, we gotta think up a plan to get those damn spic.
Trey: Alright.
Trey hangs up

Mission Passed

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Posted 18 March 2012 - 12:52 PM

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 28:

Taken For A Ride

Trey walks into the bar. Suddenly, the bartender calls him over

Bartender: Hey, uh...Trey?
Trey nods & walks over to the bartender

Bartender: Uh...Rhys went out for a minute or two, so he told me to tell you to read this.
The bartender hands Trey a note. Trey takes the note and leans up against the bar, reading it in his head, in his own voice

Trey: Trey, I stepped outside for a minute to tie up a few things. Those Mexican street racing punks aren't going to get away with what they did. I just got word that one of their high ranking members just got arrested and is being transported from the local police station to a central station in Monroe. Make sure he doesn't get there. Take him, and bring him back to the bar. I've got plans.
Trey puts the note away and walks out of the bar

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to drive to the police station in Colfax

Once the player arrives at the police station, the police car transporting the Los Pendejos member pulls out of the parking lot. The player is instructed to steal the car

The player steals the police car. The player is then instructed to loose a 4-star wanted level. While doing so, a conversation erupts
Gangster: Hey, man, what the f*ck is this?
Trey: I'm kidnapping you, you dumb aspie, can't you tell?
Gangster: Kidnapping me for who-
Trey: Celtic Crosses.
Gangster: No..please, no. Please don't kidnap me, man. I've got a wife and three kids to look after, they'll be broke without me!
Trey: What the f*ck man, do you expect me to turn this f*cking car around, and drop you off at your place so you can look after your family and sling dope on corners at the same time?
Gangster: Well...yea, but not in that order.
Trey: You're putting your "thug life" ahead of your family?
Gangster: Hey, hey, man...I gotta feed them, right?
Trey: *Singing* Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon, little boy blue and the man in the moon, when you're comming home dad, I don't know when, but we'll get together-
Gangster: Shut up, man! Didn't mean it that way!
Trey: Hey, if you put your work before your family, you deserve to go where you're going!
Gangster: Alright ese, where am I going?
Trey: Who f*cking knows. Heaven, Hell, Fiddler's Green, who f*cking knows, I might just throw you out into an alleyway!
Gangster: You're a f*cking hypocrite man, why're you giving me a lecture about family, when you're out doing work for the bikers?
Trey: The only family I have are my Grandparents out in Alexandria and a couple of cousins out in Vice.
Gangster: What about your friends? My friends are like family?
Trey: Friends? Yea, I've got...oh God.
Gangster: What is it, wanna turn me around, now?
Trey: No, just shut up and stay where you are!

[center]Trey arrives at the clubhouse. Upon arrival, Trey automatically exits the car & another biker enters

Biker: Thanks dude, we got it from here.

The biker drives the car into a nearby alleyway

Mission Passed

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Posted 20 March 2012 - 12:26 PM

pretty cool man. You ever thought of making a map?

If i had the time i'd offer my services tounge.gif (kinda wanna make a map now!)

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Posted 20 March 2012 - 12:56 PM

QUOTE (Mokrie Dela @ Tuesday, Mar 20 2012, 12:26)
pretty cool man. You ever thought of making a map?

If i had the time i'd offer my services tounge.gif (kinda wanna make a map now!)

Sure, you can make a map! I sent you a PM regarding the criteria

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Posted 20 March 2012 - 02:11 PM Edited by universetwisters, 20 March 2012 - 11:10 PM.

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 29:

Knowing Us, Knowing You

Trey walks into the Celtic Crosses Clubhouse. Rhys sees Trey and flags him over to sit next to him at the bar. Trey takes a seat on a stool next to Rhys. "Amerika" by Rammstein plays in the background.

Rhys: Trey, how goes it?
Trey: Nothing much. *Hears music* It's funny...you guys are Celtic, yet you're all listening to German metal.
Rhys: German?
Trey: Yea, I used to date a neo-nazi back in High School, she used to play this sh*t all the time.
Rhys: Neo Nazi?
Trey: Yea, we broke off when she attacked my friend...*Thinks for a minute* Yea, my friend, Craig, with a f*cking Chisel during a three way-forget I said anything.
A small crowd of bikers forms around Trey

Rhys: You know her name?
Trey: *Repeatedly taps his hand on the bar as he tries to remember* Jessica Keller.
Rhys: Jessica?
Trey: Yea, yea.
Rhys leans over the bar and speaks to a female bartender

Rhys: Oi, Jessica. New guy's talking about you.
Jessica, the bartender, notices, and walks over to Rhys

Jessica: Hey man-*Notices Trey* Uh...Trey.
Trey: Jessica. I see you're out of place.
Jessica: What do you mean?
Trey: Look at you...you're a f*cking Nazi, and you're in a celtic biker bar.
Biker In Background: We ain't celtic.
Trey: What?
Rhys: You ever look at our flag?
Rhys nods over to a flag hanging on a wall, over a pool table

Trey: Uh...yea, yea.
Rhys: You don't see any resemblance to...any other flags?
Trey: What-
Jessica: Yea, the Volkssozialistische Bewegung Deutschlands uses the Celtic Cross as their logo, and they're neo-nazis-
Trey: What...what the f*ck are you trying to say?
Rhys: We're a bunch of Nazis, Trey. We're f*ckin' Celtic Nazis!
The bikers laugh hysterically. As they do so, Trey frantically looks around and realizes that the clubhouse is filled with Nazi Memorabilia. He tries to get up, but Rhys puts his hand on his shoulder, preventing him from getting up

Trey: But...but I thought you guys were a bunch of Celts-
Rhys: That's what we are...to people who aren't in.
Jessica: Right. Now that you know, you gotta get patched.
Trey: Patched?
Biker in Background: Hey, why not get him to kill that Jew in the storeroom?
Rhys: Yea, come with us.
Rhys & another biker grab Trey and lead him into the storeroom as Jessica follows. After Trey is led into the storeroom, the other bikers leave as Rhys gives Trey a pistol

Trey: What's this?
Rhys: A gun-
Jessica: Yea, Trey, remember that friend of yours who we had a three-way with in the tenth grade, and I nearly cut his dick off?
Trey: Craig?
Jessica: Yep. Found him sneaking around.
Rhys: Yes Trey. You know what they say, right?
Jessica opens a closet door and Craig, who was leaning on the door prior, falls out. He is revealed to be handcuffed, and has a gag in his mouth. When he notices Trey, he screams profusely, but the Gag makes the screams muffled

Rhys: "Loose lips sink ships"
Jessica: Yea, we had to gag this f*cking Jew just to keep him from screaming.
Rhys: So...you gonna shoot him?
Trey quickly looks back & fourth between Rhys & Craig. Trey makes a decision, and shoots Rhys. Rhys immediately colapses to the floor as Jessica screams in horror

Trey: Get out of here, you f*cking bitch.
Jessica runs away screaming. Trey locks the door behind her as he unties Craig and removes the gag from his mouth

Trey puts his hand over Craig's mouth to prevent him from screaming

Trey:I've got no problem putting the gag back in your mouth.
Craig quickly pulls away from Trey

Trey: What're you even doing here, anyway?
Craig: Looking for you-
Trey: What?
Craig: I got word that you're running with a bunch of bikers, and...you know...I wanted to get you back-
Trey: What? I can take care of myself, man.
Craig: What're you even doing with those bikers, man?
Trey: Trying to hunt down some Mexican street gang.
Craig: And you enlisted the help of Neo Nazi Irish bikers?
Trey: I didn't even know there was such a thing!
Craig: You know what, man? You're a f*cking sh*t friend, man. Ever since a couple months ago, all you cared about was money, and your club, and your f*cking Japanese sh*t. Did you care about me? You care about Neil? What about Dave? Dave's a downer, I know, but you know what? At least we hang out, yea? At least he doesn't throw us aside for some retarded sh*t. I know he's a nut, nobody's perfect. You're just as much of a nut as he is.
Trey: Craig, dude, when we get out of this-
Craig: No, you know what? f*ck this. *Begins to climb out of a small window* All you've been is a sh*t friend, and you take us for granted. And frankly...you can go f*ck yourself.
Craig climbs out the window as Knocks are heard on the other side of the locked door

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to fight their way out of the clubhouse as a group of bikers break down the door

The player escapes from the Clubhouse. The player is then instructed to escape from a group of bikers on their bikes

The player escapes from the bikers

Mission Passed. Trey will then call Neil to inform him of the situation

Trey: Neil, dude, I just got chased out of a Neo-Nazi Celtic biker bar-
Neil: What?
Trey: Yea.
Neil: Yea...uh...why is this a concern to me?
Trey: Well, I just thought...you know, us being friends-
Neil: We aren't friends.
Trey: What?
Neil: Trey, you've treated me like sh*t, treated Craig like sh*t, and you flat-out ignore Dave.
Trey: Well, you know, when this whole thing blows over-
Neil: It ain't blowing over, man. When you get your head in this deep, you ain't coming back.
Trey: What?
Neil: You haven't been listening to a damn thing I've been saying, have you?
Trey: I've been trying to comprehend it.
Neil: Look, Trey, until you can prove to me and the others that you're a good friend, this conversation is over, okay? Goodbye.
Neil hangs up

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Posted 22 March 2012 - 05:27 PM

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 30:

Find The Cost Of Freedom

Trey is about to walk into his Monroe Highlands apartment, when he is stopped by Radovan at the doors

Radovan: Trey, Trey, Trey, bad news, Trey-
Trey: What's the bad news? You don't want me to work for you anymore?
Radovan: No, not that. Its some students down at Allentown University, they think that simply protesting some war is gonna get us out of there-
Trey: Yea, which war are we talking about? The one in Afghanistan, the one in Pakistan, or the one in-
Radovan: Australia.
Trey: We aren't fighting Australia, the war ended in '76-
Radovan: Yes, but we have troops there regardless.
Trey: So, what do you want me to do about this protest?
Radovan: The Mayor gave me strict orders to do anything in my power to end this, including deadly force.
Trey: So, you want me to go "Kent State" on these guys?
Radovan: Yes...that's exactly it.
Radovan pulls an MP7 out of his coat pocket and hands it to Trey, but Trey refuses to take it

Trey: Will doing this help stop any further contact between us?
Radovan: Well...just one more job, and you're cut off.
Trey: Fine.
Trey takes the gun and begins to walk away, but Radovan calls out to him as he walks away, stopping him

Radovan: Leave no evidence linking me to this, alright?
Trey: Yea, I'll try to make sure that some Folk Supergroup doesn't make a song about this.
Trey walks away

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to go to Allentown University & Confront the protesters

The player arrives at the university. Upon arrival, a short cutscene occurs

Trey walks up to a picket line of protesters blocking the street

Protester: Get our men out of Australia and back home-
Trey: Look, man, I hate war as much as you guys do, but I'm gonna disagree for the sake of business.
Trey points his gun at the protester

Protester: Oh, you're clearly a man of principle-
Trey shoots the protester as the other protesters flee in terror

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to chase after a group of protesters before they escape into the subway

The player kills all the protesters. Upon doing so, a short cutscene will occur

Trey pulls out his phone & calls Radovan

Trey: I committed heinous acts of political terrorism for you.
Radovan: Great-
Suddenly, gunshots are heard. Trey ducks down & finds a man in a superhero costume attempting to shoot him. Upon detection, the "Superhero" runs away

Trey: sh*t...some dude in a superhero costume shot at me.
Radovan: Crimson Thunder?
Trey: What-
Radovan: Crimson f*ckin' thunder...meet me at the station, we gotta talk about this.
Trey hangs up

Mission Passed

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Posted 23 March 2012 - 04:37 PM

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 31:

On The Trail

Trey is sitting on a bench outside of the M.P.D. Central Office, and finds Radovan's Car pull up beside the bench. Trey notices that Radovan's driving it, and enters it. Once he enters, Radovan drives away. "Eagle" by ABBA plays over the car radio during the following conversation

Trey: So...who's this "Crimson Thunder" dude you've been telling me about?
Radovan: Some dumb wannabee superhero bullsh*tter who thinks he does a better job making the streets safe than us policemen.
Trey: Well...you guys do a sh*t job. I mean, you guys let anybody related to a gang go, and when you're not releasing murderers and thieves, you're beating up minorities.
Radovan: Hey, that's how I learned back in Belgrade.
Trey: Belgrade?
Radovan: Yea...It's in Serbia, you never heard of it?
Trey: No, not really. Anyway, what am I doing here...with you?
Radovan: We are going to find out who this "Crimson Thunder" is once and for all!
Trey: You sure you can handle this? You won't be dropping out once he points a gun at you?
Radovan: No...you handle it.
Trey: What?
Radovan: Yea. You never noticed? I'm here to make my men look good, you're here for the dirty work.
Trey: Why couldn't you get one of your guys to do this?
Radovan: And loose a good man in a possible gunfight? No f*cking way!
Radovan stops the car in front of an apartment building
Radovan: Alright, here's his place, from what I can figure.
[center]Trey sighs as he & Radovan exit the car

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to go to Crimson Thunder's apartment. On the way there, a conversation erupts

Radovan: The apartment is on the third floor.
Trey: Alright. So, tell me about this guy.
Radovan: He's a dangerous motherf*cker. Steal a car? Bounds your legs & hands, snaps your neck, and carves a bolt in your chest. Deal Drugs? Bounds your legs & hands, snaps your neck, and carves a bolt in your chest. Pirate a movie-
Trey: Yea, I get it. he's a scary motherf*cker.

They arrive at the apartment

Radovan: Are you ready?
Trey: Ready to get out of your pocket, yea.

Radovan kicks the door open & follows Trey

Radovan: You go first.
Trey: Typical.

The player is instructed to search through the apartment

The player searches the apartment and finds nothing. However, Radovan signals Trey over to a framed photograph

Radovan: Trey...look here, this might be a clue!

The player is instructed to walk over to Radovan, who is looking at a photograph of a train crash

The player walks up to the photograph

Radovan: You see it?
Trey: Yes, it looks like a fail in engineering...literally and figuratively.
Radovan: Yes...this guy must be into trains-
Trey: What? Just because he has a picture of one, that makes him a splurging train nerd?
Radovan: Everything's an assumption right now. Now come on, we've got to get to the convention center, I heard there's a Train convention there.

The player is instructed to drive to the convention center. On the way, a conversation erupts

Trey: So...there's a train convention at the convention center? How do you know of this?
Radovan: It's one of those f*cked up talking train conventions, something to stay away from.
Trey: Talking train convention?
Radovan: Yea, it's an entire subculture. They call themselves...uh..."Brocomotives" or some sh*t, I don't even know what it f*cking is.
Trey: "Brocomotive"? It's a mix of "Bro" and "Locomotive".
Radovan: You're familiar with this subculture?
Trey: Yea. Well...kinda...no, not really.
Radovan: Tell me what you know. Knowledge is half the battle.
Trey: All I know is that back in the '90s, that public TV station decided to bring some German kid's show to America, they called it "Ernest The Engine", or something. It was terrible, cheap-
Radovan: -But you are familiar with it.
Trey: No, I just know about the show itself before the sh*tty subcultures ruined it.

The player arrives at the convention center

Radovan: Alright, follow me, I know where it is.

The player is instructed to follow Radovan into a conference room, which is dedicated to "Ernest The Engine"

The player enters the conference room

Trey: I'm pretty sure this'll give us a bunch of dead leads.
Radovan: Not really. I know one of his son is one of these retards, maybe he'll give us a hint.
Trey: You knew his son comes to these? Why didn't you say anything?
Radovan: It's the journey, not the destination. Now, we gotta find this f*cker.

The player is instructed to find Crimson Thunder's son in the crowd of "Brocomotives"

The player finds Crimson Thunder's son

Radovan: There he is!

A short cutscene occurs as Radovan walks up Crimson Thunder's son

Radovan: Hey, Thomas, you know where your old man is?
Son: Radovan? For the last f*ckin' time, I can't tell you where he is!
Radovan: Yea? Why don't I treat you like an African American?
Son: Help...anybody, help! That annoying cop's trying to harass me again!
The son runs away as a group of "Brocomotives" run over to Trey & Radovan

Radovan: sh*t, split up & meet me back at the station!
Radovan runs away

The player regains control of Trey. The player is instructed to escape from the Convention center without being attacked

The player escapes from the convention center

Mission Passed

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Posted 24 March 2012 - 02:35 AM

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 32:

Taking Justice

[i]Trey is sitting on the bench outside of the police station, waiting for Radovan. Suddenly, his phone rings & he answers

Trey: Radovan?
Radovan: Yes, me, listen, I don't have a lot of time to talk, but we've got a few leads as to where that "Crimson Thunder" is. Find him, knock him out, & bring him to the station.
Trey: Alright, where do you think he is?
Radovan: He's either at the Alexandria Supa-Save, the Allentown University Library, or across from the Convention Center, one or the other.
Trey: Alright-
Radovan: Now get a move on, we're burning daylight!
Trey hangs up

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to go to the Alexandria Supa-Save, the Allentown University Library, or near the Convention Center. Regardless of the location, Crimson Thunder is always at the last location the player drives to

The player arrives at the last location & finds Crimson Thunder appear out from nowhere & runs away from Trey. The player is instructed to get Crimson Thunder's health low enough to a certain point. Upon doing so, a cutscene will occur

Trey will sit on Crimson Thunder's crippled body, (who has his hands tied behind his back) as he waits for Radovan to show up, an hour later. Suddenly, Radovan's car pulls up & Radovan exits

Trey: About damn time you showed up-
Radovan: Hey, hey, I was busy.
Trey: Yea, sure. Anyway, here's your man.
Trey points to Crimson Thunder, who is trying to get up & run away. He manages to stand up & run away, but limps heavily & falls over, crying. Radovan & Trey walk over to him

Trey: So...you gonna kill him?
Radovan: I...I don't know, man.
Trey: What?
Radovan: I mean...he's got connections and whatnot-
Trey: No he doesn't. He's a vigilante...a street thug killing in the name of justice.
Radovan: But...but-
Trey: Godamnit!
Trey takes Radovan's gun from his holster & places it in his hand

Trey: Oh, look! Your gun's in your hand, what're you gonna do? You think you can kill him now?
Radovan looks down the sights & tries to fire, but his hands shake profusely

Trey: What....WHAT!?
Radovan: I can't! I CAN'T KILL HIM-
Trey slaps Radovan

Radovan: Ye-yes-
Radovan: I'm trying-
Radovan stares dumbly at Trey

Radovan: War cry?
Trey: *Sighs* My friend who was in the Scottish Army taught me about these...now, LET ME HEAR YOUR f*ckING WAR CRY!
Radovan: *Shyly* Ahhhhh?
Trey: No, louder, SCREAM WITH ME!
Trey begins to scream, as Radovan begins to slowly scream along. As Trey screams more, Radovan builds up courage, screaming alongside him

Radovan: YES IT IS!
Radovan: KILL MOTHERf*ckERS!
Radovan screams and shoots Crimson Thunder in the forehead. After he kills Crimson Thunder, they both look at his body for a few seconds

Trey: Well...how do you feel?
Radovan: Good man...good...I feel...new.
Trey: Really?
Readovan: Yea...like...I can take on the world!
Trey: Oh, really?
Radovan: Yea...I...am...RADOVAN! ARGH!
Radovan starts screaming profusely and drops onto his knees. As he falls to his knees, he takes a sharp breath for air as he grabs his gun. Once he regains enough oxygen, he resumes screaming, firing the gun into the air. Trey backs away, & runs away in fear

Mission Passed

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Posted 24 March 2012 - 01:02 PM

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 33:

Ready For Business

During free roam, Trey gets a phone call from Will

Trey: Yea?
Will: Trey...dude, it's me, Will.
Trey: The gun slinging East German? Yea, how've you been, man?
Will: Excellent, excellent. Anyway, I'm getting out of the hospital today. Well...I already got out.
Trey: I can tell. Where're you at, man?
Will: I'm at my place, and I wanna take you somewhere once you get here.
Trey: Really? Where?
Will: Let's just say it's a good place.
Trey: Alright, I'll be over when I can.
Trey hangs up. The mission "Ready For Business" is now open

Trey arrives at Will's house. Upon arrival, a cutscene occurs

Trey walks into Will's house and finds Will, Vladimir, and Ivan, sitting in the living room, watching football. Will notices Trey walk in & gets up to greet him

Will: Trey! Whassup?
Trey: Hey Will. Glad to see you're alive and well-
Will: Yes, yes, that is true.
Trey: So...who're your friends?
Will: Ah, yes, this is Ivan Petronov, the head of the Petronov Family-
Ivan: I've heard many great things about you, Mike.
Trey: Please, call me "Trey". My dad's name was Mike...and my Grandfather's-
Will: Yes, yes, and here is Vladimir...his son, I believe you guys met when I was moving out.
Trey: Yea, he gave you that van.
Trey: So, Will, what is it that you wanted to show me?
Will: Ah, yea, there's this...place, I bought you, down in Colfax, I think you know what it is.
Trey: Uh...no, enlighten me.
Will: I'll give you a hint-
Vladimir: No, I will give him the hint!
Vladimir, Will, & Ivan break out in laughter as Trey stares dumbly at them

Will: Alright...here's the hint. It is an empty place...you store things in it...it's a warehouse-
Trey: A warehouse?.
Will: Yes, amazing, isn't it?
Trey: What am I going to do with a warehouse?
Ivan: Mike, Mike, you are missing the point. A warehouse is a place of wonderful opportunities. Like, you can open up a-
Trey: Open a nightclub?
Will: Exactly. It'll make money, so on & so fourth, yea?
Trey: Well...let's head on over there!
They all cheer & exit Will's house

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to drive to the nightclub/warehouse with Will. On the way, a conversation erupts

Trey: So...is it renovated?
Will: I'm sorry?
Trey: Do I have to paint the place & put new floors before I open up?
Will: Oh no...no, it's already furnished. We just need somebody to assume ownership of it.
Trey: And, that's me?
Will: Bingo. Plus, we need a base of operations.
Trey: Base of operations for?
Will: Well...robberies, of course!
Trey: Why?
Will: Well, you can't earn money legitimately these days. I mean, look at us. I import guns from around the world and sell them to drug dealers, street thugs, even politicians.
Trey: I see. And we're gonna use our new club for a base of operations for robberies?
Will: I don't see why not.
Trey: I can still party hard, right?
Will: Of course.
Trey: Great. Now, where're your friends going? Ivan and Vladimir?
Will: They're off to do their own thing. I mean, they're the top mafia bosses in the city, they've got more important things to do than come to a nightclub after-party.
Trey: I see.

They arrive at The Warehouse. Upon arrival, a cutscene occurs

Trey parks the car, gets out, & looks at the warehouse. Will stands alongside him, looking at it

Will: So...Trey, how does it feel?
Trey: It feels...good.
Will: Good. Now we've just got to know what you can call it.
They look at the building for a few minutes, thinking of a name

Trey: "The Place"?
Will: No..."The Planetarium"?
Trey: Sounds good on paper, but in Theory, nah..."Modernism"?
Will: What about "Discotheque"?
Trey slowly turns & glares in disapproval to Will

Will: Well...why don't we name it after a song, or a-
Trey & Will: Type of music?
Trey: You're a genius! Uh...*Begins to pace around Will*...Hardstyle, Dub...no, no Dub. Uh...Eurobeat!
Will: Eurobeat?
Trey: Eurobeat!
They both look at the building

Trey: Will...this...is Eurobeat.
The camera slowly pulls away from Will & Trey

Mission Passed

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Posted 24 March 2012 - 07:14 PM

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 34:

The Truck

Trey is sitting in the manager's office in Eurobeat, talking on the phone. "Dancing Queen" by King & Queen plays in the background in the club.

Trey:...No...not in a month, I need one now...liquor license is a necessity-hear me? a NECESSITY...yea? f*ck you, too!
Trey angrily hangs up as Will walks into the office

Will: Hey Trey...how's running this club going?
Trey: *Sighs*Sit down, yea?
Will sits down on a couch. Trey sits down in the armchair across from him

Will: So...what's up?
Trey: It'll take a month...month and a half at the most to get a liquor license.
Will:I see.
Trey: Yea, and without one, we can't sell what gets the customers in here-liquor.
Will: I see. So...what do you want to do about it? Wait?
Trey: No, I've been thinking of a better idea.
Will: Yea?
Trey: Legally, a distributor can't ship liquor to us without a license. So-
Will: What if we found a distributor who worked under the table?
Trey: Na...I've been thinking that we can go out, get some liquor ourselves, and sell it here.
Will: *Sarcastically* But Trey, that's illegal, and wouldn't something like that ruin your reputation as a distinguished man of business?
Trey: *Grins* The pigs are too busy beating up minorities to care about some club owner without a license. Now come on, let's go shopping.
Trey & Will get up & exit the office

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to drive to the Colfax Supa-Save with Will. On the way, a conversation erupts

Will:Alright, where we going?
Trey: I've been thinking about the Supa-Save. They've got a bunch of liquor sh*t.
Will: That megastore?
Trey: Yep. The one that keeps China from going bankrupt.

They arrive at the Supa-Save. The player is instructed to enter the Supa-Save and look for the liquor department. During the search, a conversation erupts

Will: Holy crap, this place is big.
Trey: Capitalism at it's best.
Will: I never got why people would rather come here to buy food or car parts rather than...uh...a food store, or a car part store.
Trey: Will, we're Americans. It is our natural instinct to sit around and put the least amount of effort in controlling where our goods go. We'd rather have a one-stop-shop where we can pick up everything we need & more, rather than have to make numerous trips to god knows where just to buy one item.
Will: It's all their fault. I mean, once you start selling stuff for low prices, people get low wages. And when people start getting low wages, nobody can afford to buy anything, and boom-
Trey: I didn't understand a thing you said, but one thing's for certain: with prices this low, how can you go wrong?

They arrive at the Liquor department. Suddenly, an alarm goes off as gunfire is heard

Will: sh*t, what the f*ck!?
Trey: I think the store's being robbed.
Will: Well, wanna do some vigilante justice?
Trey: Fine by me.

The player is instructed to kill all the robbers in the store, who are marked on the map

The player kills all the robbers in the store. Will then begins to run over to a Yankee parked outside

Will: Hey, Trey, I think the robbers took what they could & put them in this truck, it might be worth something if we take it back to the club!

player is instructed to enter the truck & drive back to the club

The player arrives at the club. Trey automatically exits as Will shuffles into the driver's seat

Trey: You really think anything of value is in there?
Will: There's gotta be something. I'll take it around to the back.

Will drives away

Mission Passed

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 07:25 AM

Man hats deep read though that half a page and it was like it wasent a GTA game. So detailed well done smile.gif

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Posted 19 April 2012 - 07:39 PM

QUOTE (dansgas1000 @ Monday, Apr 16 2012, 07:25)
Man hats deep read though that half a page and it was like it wasent a GTA game. So detailed well done smile.gif

thanks man! cookie.gif

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Posted 16 November 2012 - 08:41 PM

I reckon I can call it quits with this concept thread, yea? If anyone wants to use the music, place names, etc., I'm cool with it.

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