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Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D.

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Headers & Logos by UNRATED69

Ideas by bugoy & Don Giovanni

Maps by Morkie Dela

user posted image

Are you a huge fan of history who can't get enough of phallic-shaped monuments? Are you a recently-elected politician who can't wait for a seat in the senate? Or are you a thug who's looking for work? Regardless of your background, Monroe C.D. has something for everybody: From the glamorous monuments of The Strip, to the modest split level homes of Alexandria and Bennett, to even the slummiest apartments of Colfax, Monroe C.D. and Northern Virginia has something for each and every one of you!

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. takes you on a magical mystery with Mike "Trey" Steven in his never-ending battle to juggle friends with power.


*1. Take The Long Way Home (Intro)
*2. Rough Riders (Dave)
*3. Stealing The Shipment (Dave)
*4. Kidnap (Raven)
*5. Stalker (Craig
*6. Shopping For Surplus (Craig)
*7. Free Bird (Craig)
*8. Operation: Ghettoblaster (Craig)
*9. Criminal Monroe (Marcus)
*10. Locomotive Breath (Marcus)
*11. Fists Of Steel (Lucius)
*12. Hit 'N Run (Neil)
*13. Junk In The Trunk I
*14. Junk In The Trunk II (Neil)
*15. The German Connection (Will)
*16. Movin' Out (Will's Song) (Will)
*17. Overwatch (Will)
*18. Corporate Warfare (Edward)
*19. The Escort (Edward)
*20. Explosive Situation (Lucius)
*21. Mr. Shaw Has Left The Building (Edward)
*22. Man On Fire (Raven)
*23. Police Brutality (Raven)
*24. Evidence Dash (Radovan)
*25. Wheels Of Steel (Rhys)
*26. Bash The Bistro (Rhys)
*27. Liquidation (Rhys)
*28. Taken For A Ride (Rhys)
*29. Knowing Us, Knowing You (Rhys)
*30. Find The Cost Of Freedom (Radovan)
*31. On The Trail (Radovan)
*32. Taking Justice (Radovan)
*33. Ready For Business (Will)
*34. The Truck (Will)

user posted image

Shortly after the revolutionary war, the capitol of the new nation of America decided to be moved from Liberty City to a more suitable location. After dropping Anchor in the Potomac river, Lewis Monroe wandered through mosquito-filled swamp, attempting to find a suitable location to build the new nation's capitol. Realizing that there were nobody there except for Native Americans, and realizing that the area would be terrible to build a capitol city on, he and his men signed a treaty with the Native Americans, stating that the barren land was to be forever theirs. The treaty was broken five minutes later, when he discovered gold. After a bloody war with the Native Americans lasting for a month, Monroe gained control of the land and named it "Monroe: Capitol District (DC)".

In the late-1970s, a large group of Scottish, Welsh, and Irish immigrants attempted to flood into Monroe as rumors of political uprisings began to spread through the Celtic Nations. Monroe accepted most of the Irish, but closed their doors to the Scots, Welsh, and Irish undesirables. Therefore, The Celts decided to move to Alexandria, later inhabiting the neighborhood of Little Belfast. Today, Little Belfast is a neighborhood torn apart by gang violence, along with heavy racial discrimination. Scots hate the Irish, Irish hate the Scots, and they both hate the Welsh.

user posted image

Just like it's neighbor everywhere else in America, there are numerous ways of getting around. For example, there are:


Just like every populated, sane city in America, Motor Vehicles are a popular way to get around. However, it would be wise to heed this warning during your trip through the Monroe Metro Area: Lock the Doors, Roll up the Windows, and floor it until you reach your destination.

Purchasing? No problem. Just take a look at the Croatie dealership in Avariya, selling some of the best imported vehicles from former Yugoslavia, such as the "Novska" cargo van and the popular "Adriatic" sedan, one of the best selling cars from Eastern Europe.

Got a car? Good, because apart from the gritty side streets and national roads, there's many highways to go on, such as the:
*Clinton Highway - Monroe to Alexandria
*Bush Highway - Monroe to Bennett
*Roosevelt Highway - Monroe to Colfax
*Lincoln Highway - Alexandria to Bennett
*Truman Highway - Alexandria to Colfax
*Carter Highway - Bennett to Colfax


Cars not your vibe? Rather throw a hammer down and race alongside the wind, getting bugs stuck in your teeth? Need not worry, as Colfax Bikes will cater to your every need. From lightweight dirtbikes, such as the best selling Hawkwind to the quick and nimble Sepeku Custom.

Rail Transit

Thanks to the "Übernahme Group" purchasing Northern Virginia's old rail system and upgrading it, Rail Transportation is now available in and out of Northern Virginia. The Übernahme Group uses German imports on the line, such as the Class 218 alongside Bi-Level commuter cars to shuttle people to and from Northern Virginia and Beyond.

Passengers not your thing? The Louisiana Northern runs freight around the South and Midwest, operating out of numerous yards throughout the Monroe Metro area.

Don't forget, if you're in a rush to get from point "A" to point "B" and don't want to deal with the traffic, there's always the Subway. You can leave all your traffic-wise worries behind as you climb aboard and travel to your destination, knowing that you're riding on one of the most easily accessible rail lines to terrorist.

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    brb sitting in my 85 Skylark as it idles in the garage

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ARN - Classic Rock

The number one home of Classic Rock in Alexandria, Alexandria Rock Nation (ARN) is the only radio station dedicated to the best rock of yesterday, and the only station that promises not to sell out and become an Active Rock station in a few months.

DJ: Roy Marsh - the former frontman of the rock band "Red Tide" in the 1960's. He enjoyed the limelight for a few years until his band broke up in 1973. He longs for the times when he could still party, smoke, drink and swear with the best of them.

Roy: And that was Gordon Lightfoot, with the "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald". God bless the souls of all those men laying at the bottom of Lake Superior. You know...that's what I like about the music of yesterday. It was actually good! I mean, nowadays, music is nothing but people ranting about their own problems. What about the problems of others? Stop thinking about yourselves for a f*cking minute and be considerate...alright, we've got some Neil Young coming up after this commercial break, so stick around.

* Siberian Khatru-Yes
*Forever Man-Eric Clapton
* Eskimo Blue Day-Jefferson Airplane
* The Raven-Alan Parsons Project
* Take The Long Way Home-Supertramp
* Carry On-Crosby, Stills, And Nash
* Living In The Past-Jethro Tull
* Hush-Deep Purple
* Gimmie Shelter-Rolling Stones
* Do It Again-Steely Dan
* 21st Century Schizioid Man-Kind Crimson
* In The Dead Of Night-U.K.
* Love The One You're With-Stephen Stills
* The Loner-Neil Young
* You Got That Right-Lynyrd Skynyrd
* The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald-Gordon Lightfoot
* Life's Been Good-Joe Walsh
* The Wizard-Uriah Heep
* Take The Money And Run-Steve Miller Band

Big 94.7 - Oldies

Don’t you hate this modern rubbish that they call “music”? Tune into this station and travel back to a time of the Cold War, Hippies, and fighting in wars that we weren’t even involved with in the first place. This station plays all the best pop from the 1960s to the 1980s. So during your visit, if you have nothing better to listen to, you can listen to what the "Shaw Corporation" calls music.

DJ: Edward "Groovy Ed" Maxwell, a 47-year old man who comes from Las Venturas. He is the only radio DJ in the game with an MPD criminal record.

Surname: Maxwell

First Name: Edward "Groovy Ed"

Age: 47

Place of Birth: Creek, Las Venturas, SA

Affiliations: N/A

Criminal Record:

1980 - Public Indecency, Destruction of Property
1987 - Sexual Harassment
1994 - Sexual Harassment
2003 - Sexual Assault

In 1980, climbed a traffic light naked and peed on it.
Currently works at "Big 94.7", a radio station in Monroe.
Known pedophile. Gate-crashes children's birthday parties.

*Live Is Life-Opus
* Turning Japanese-The Vapors
*Wake Me Up Before You Go Go-Wham
* Our House-Madness
* Fernando-ABBA
* Don't Stop Me Now-Queen
* Strawberry Fields Forever-The Beatles
* Rocket Man-Elton John
* Young Hearts Run Free-Candi Stanton
* Tainted Love-Soft Cell
* Sixties Man-Sweet
* Mad World-Tears For Fears
* Imagination-Belouis Some
* Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie-ABBA
* Catch The Fox-Den Harrow
* Down In The Park-Gary Numan
* Good Times-Chic
* Kiss Him Goodbye-Steam
* Only The Good Die Young-Billy Joel
* Stayin' Alive-Bee Gees
* The Look-Roxette
* Things Can Only Get Better-Howard Jones
* Maniac-Michael Sembello
*I'm So Excited-Pointer Sisters

user posted image

City7 - Modern Pop

You into this new-age sh*t called “Pop music”? If so, lucky you. There’s a radio station here in Crystal Valley so you can feed your sick fetish. So go ahead, listen to your pop music. Hell, maybe while you’re at it, you can loiter at the mall and start wearing makeup, you sick f*ck. Don't try to get away from it, though. The "Shaw Corporation" owns this station, and forty others like it across the northeast and throughout the midwest and the south.

DJ: Angela Shaw, the 28-year-old spoiled daughter of a wealthy media magnate. She constantly talks about her expensive clothes (she once "threw away a skirt 'coz it's the wrong shade of pink"), her two poodles (who are as horny as she is) and the men she's had sex with the previous night (the list includes Monroe Injuns superstar Todd Brandon). She can sometimes be heard fingering herself while she speaks.

* Scream For My Ice Cream-Blood On The Dancefloor
*What Is Love-Haddaway
* Scatman-Scatman John
* Another Night-Real McCoy
* Na Na Na-My Chemical Romance
* I'm Blue-Eiffel 65
* Email-Pet Shop Boys
* Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom-Vengaboys
* Toxic-Britney Spears
* All About Us-t.A.T.u.
* Bad Boy-Cascada
* Edge Of Seventeen-Lindsay Lohan
* Hot 'N Cold-Kate Perry
* Lift Me Up-Moby
* Remind Me-Roysksopp
* Touch The Sky-Cartouche
* Lollipop-Aqua
* Striped Summer - Dil-Don't
*Back To The Streets-Tom Novy
*Bassmastic-Nina Barry
* Starstruck-30H!3
*Everytime We Touch-Cascada

Kingston - Reggae/Dancehall

You like Reggae? What about Dancehall? If so, Kingston is the right radio station for you during your visit. You’ll love the beats, love the effect this station has on your “casual” drug use, and the increased potential of being pulled over by the police for a traffic stop.

DJ: Wendell Coleman, the self-proclaimed "King of Stoners", hence the name.

*King Of The Dancehall-Beenie Man
*Call Pon Dem-Chezidek
* Position-Terror Fabulous
* Liquidator-Harry J. All Stars
* Heads High-Mr. Vegas
* Dreadlocks In The Mountain-Black Urhuru
* Bum Flick-Little Lenny
* Big Ninja Bike-Tanya Stephens
* Anything Goes-Major Lazer
* Bad Boys-Inner Circle
* Boombastic-Shaggy
* Can't Live So-Baby Wayne
* Dude-Beenie Man
* I Shot The Sheriff-Bob Marley
* Man Down-Rihanna
* Fatty Bum Bum-Carl Malcolm
*Baddest Ruffest-Backyard Dog
*Incredible General-General Levy

user posted image

KRAP - Rap

What are you? Are you a true-blooded gangbanger, or a suburban homeboy with rich parents? Either way, this is the station for you. So if you’re in the mood for rap, pull your pants down, turn your cap backwards, and tune into KRAP.

DJ: Tyrone "T-Will" Williams. He is a former member of the Huztlerz and lasted for exactly three days because he got a paper cut. He claims to have an extensive knowledge of gangsta rap, but gets obvious facts wrong, like how he says Madd Dogg was killed in Liberty City in 1998(That was DB-P).
T-Will: Hello, this is K-RAP.
Female caller: Hi, I want two Heart Stoppers, a large fries and a Sprunk Extreme please.
T-Will: Shut it, fool! This ain't no f*cking Burger Shot, baby! This the best radio station in the world, you gotta be a f*cking bitch to think this is a motherf*cking burger joint! Anyway, you're on K-RAP. Kay-rap. Not "crap", ya punk-ass bitches. Next Tuesday, Imma get a tattoo across my back, saying "In memory of Madd Dogg, 19-somethin'-somethin' to 1998". *sniff*

*Push It To The Limit-Rick Ross
*Get Your Roll On-Big Tymers
*This Is Why I'm Hot-Mims
*The World Is Yours-NAS
*Run This Town - Jay-Z
*Code Of The Streets-Gang Starr
*Get It On The Floor-DMX
*Trillionaire-Bun B Feat. T-Pain
*Rocko-Dis Morning
*Shawty Lo-Foolish
*Hood Nigga-Gorilla Zoe
*Party Like A Rockstar-Shop Boyz
*I Love It-Young Jeezy
*Go DJ-Lil Wayne
*Right Now-Akon
*Joyride-Da Shootaz
*Scary Movies-Reef

OR-bit - Trance/Techno

Broadcasted 24/7 from Club OR-bit, DJ Wolf keeps pumping the best nightcore for the snobby, gel-haired dancers and the women who love them.

DJ: Wolfgang "DJ Wolf" Werner-A professional DJ who can identify any techno song within a few seconds. He specializes in Nightcore and other mainstream techno, and commonly harasses the club patrons, even on the radio.

* Castles In The Sky-DJ Satomi
* One-Scooter
*Elements Of Trance-ACM
* Strings Of Life-Soul Central
* My Heart Goes Nana (Nightcore Mix)-Millenium
* Komodo (KS. Nightcore Mix)-Mauro Picotto
* If You Want Me (Nighcore Mix)-Sandra Gee
* Heaven Above (Nightcore Mix)-Future Breeze
*Welcome To The Club (Nightcore Mix)-Manian
*Pjanoo (Nightcore Mix)-Eric Prydz
*Dum Dadi Do (Nightcore Mix)-Unknown
* Ayla (Taucher Remix)-Ayla
* 1998-Binary Finary
* A Tear In The Open-Tiesto
* For An Angel-Paul Van Dyk
* Hit The Floor (Nightcore mix)-BIg Bass Inc.
* Jump Jump (Nightcore Mix)-Nordic Stars
* Little Candy Raver (Nightcore Mix)-DJ S3RL
* Saltwater-Chicane
* The Beginning-Derrick May
*Kick Off-DJ Dean
*Techno Wonderland-Raver's Choice

user posted image

Radio Bloc 102.1 - East European Variety

If you’re visiting family in Avariya, then you should listen to Radio Bloc. It broadcasts the best pop, rock, and rap from all the Bloc countries, from former East Germany to Russia, and all the countries in between.

DJ: Vladislav Litvyak. He entered the country by hiding in a barrel of radiation-infested watermelons from Ukraine. Therefore, he occassionally talks to himself in a drugged/high voice during breaks. Litvyak has an extremely short attention span.
EXAMPLE: Hey shut up...NYET, YOU shut up look there's a bird singing-WHAT? WHAT IS THAT? Oh, sorry, Vlad be playing nice music from the Eastern Bloc...uh...-WHAT IS IT AGAIN-Oh nothing.

*Davai Avaria-Diskoteka Avariya
* Am Fenster-City
*Casars Blues-Renft
* Shokoladniy Zayats-Piere Narciss
* Dawaj, Dawaj!-Ruska
* Rakija-Marko Kon
* Svoboda-Lenningrad
* Radio Silence-Boris Grebenshikov
* Winterschlaf-Casper
*Schwarz Zu Blau-Peter Fox
*Kochana Polsko
*Nas Ne Dognyat-t.A.T.u.
*Millionaer-Die Prinzen
* Aram Sam Sam-Diskoteka Avariya
* -Pesenka-Ruki Vverh
* Stumm-Samy Deluxe
* Fizika Hip Hoppa-NTL feat. iSquad
* Vah Raii Uvah-DVAR
* Schlendrian-Feeling B
* Ti Da Bu Di Bu Da-Colonia
*Odlazim-Fipko Ivan

Raver Soundsystem - Hardstyle/Hard Trance

The best hard techno and trance all in one place. Party Hard, suburban ravers, party hard.

DJ: "Father Jacobs", a mentally deranged LSD addict who trained as a priest, but was kicked out of the church due to "Holding drugs for a friend". Now, he can be found at rave joints, either getting high, DJ'ing, or both, unsurprisingly.

*Widowmaker-DJ Zany
*Resistance-Wasted Penguinz
*Military Storm-DJ Bjra
* Suck My Dick-DJ Valentino
*The Enemy-Ruffneck
*Desert Eagle-Freax
* X2X-Brooklyn Bounce
* Thunderdome Till We Die-3 Steps Ahead
*Checkmate - T-Junction
* Raver-Showtek
*We Are The Future-Toneshifterz
* Nothing Else Matters-DJ Zany
* Insomnia-Trespasserz
* Always Hardcore-Neophyte
*Hardstyle Polka-Ukranian Hardstylerz
* Afrika-Tatanka
* Alone-DHT
* Escape-Noisecontrollers
* Keep It Comming-D-block & S-Te-Fan
* Raise Your Fist Fist-Angerfist
* Stereophobia-Dark Oscillators
* White Stars-The Universe Twisters

user posted image

RNG - Celtic Language Variety

From the Isle Of Skye to the streets of Little Belfast, the sounds of the highlands are here. Want to listen to a group of middle-aged men sing about the environment in a dying language? Then Radio Nan Gaidheal is the station for you!

DJ: Rhona McAllen, a highly egotistical, narcissistic, native speaker of Scottish Gaelic who wishes for the station to convert to a more modern "Gael-pop" station, rather than continue playing folk.

*Eireann-Afro Celt
*Language Of The Gaels-Dan Ar Braz
* Teangaidh na nGael-Cór Thaobh a' Leithid
* Oran Na Cloiche-Manran
*Tighinn Air A'mhuir Am Fear A Phosas Mi-Capercaillie
* Duelling Violins-Riverdance
* Coileach Ghlas A Fhomair-Clannad
* Back Home In Derry-Christy Moore
* An Sabhal Aig Neill-Runrig
* Ribhinn 'O-Runrig
* Alba (BBC Mix)-Runrig
*Siuil A Run-Lisa Kelly
* An Toll Dubh-Runrig
* Coisich A Ruin-Capercaillie
* Mairean Nan Cuiread-Tannas
* Siuthadaibh Bhlachaidh-John Mclean Allan
*An tOilean Ur-Clannad
* Tir An Airm-Runrig

Urban Jungle - Drum 'n Bass

If 1990’s nostalgia is more your thing, tune into Urban Jungle. Despite its name, it’s a pretty good radio station, if you’re a thug or one of those teenage street racers. So if you feel like mugging people for cigarette money or speeding down the freeway at 100+ miles an hour, this station is for you. Drum 'n Bass in your face!

DJ: Alistar "Drive By" Leslie - a 33-year-old man from Liberty City, a "professional carjacker" and street racer.

* Terminator-Metalheadz
* Together-Omni Trio
*Losing U-Orgin Unknown
*Outer Limits - Andy-C
* Midnight Club Track 2 (B1)-Surgeon
*Urban Junglist-Aphrodite
* Incredible-M Beat
* Open Your Mind-Foul Play
* Cold Fresh Air-Higher Sense
* My Mind-D'Cruze
*Why - D-Livin
*Jungle Muffin-The Moog
* Atlantis-LTJ Bukem
* Dancer-Tom & Jerry
* Fugitive-Fugitive
* Johnny '94-Johnny Jungle
* Pjanoo-High Contrast
* Sunspots-4hero

user posted image

Kawaii Radio 90.7 - JPop/Eurobeat

Love shaking your hips to J-Pop? What about fist-pumping to Eurobeat? The Land of the Rising Sun meets the Land of the Gloomy Skies, bringing you some good music to begin and end your day. Here are your DJs:

*Saori Himeno - A Japanese DJ'ing prodigy, Saori has been performing in Tokyo clubs since the age of 15. She loves anything cute and cuddly, and has a bright and cheerful personality and wardrobe to match. Saori speaks very little English, and Ralph makes fun of her for that.
*Ralph Hopkins - Handling the Eurobeat portion is Englishman Ralph Hopkins. He is the complete opposite of Saori, from the clothes (all-black) and the attitude (snobbish and arrogant). He doesn't hesitate to cuss out anyone on the radio he doesn't like.

* Warning-DJ Command
* Wild Challenger-Jindou
* Euroheat-Cherry
* S.O.S.-Veronica
* Go Shinkansen-Cherry & Luke
*Love & Money - Za-Za
*No One Sleep In Tokyo-Edo Boys
* China-Ken Martin
* Stop Your Self Control-Marko Polo
* Re-Sublimity-Kotoko
* Lollipop-Koda Kumi
* Hanabi-Mr. Children
* Love So Puffy-Puffy
*Space Boy-Dave Rodgers
*Mamma Mia-Veronica
* Speed Over Beethoven-Rose
* Hot Limit-John Desire
* Running In The 90's-Max Coveri
* Domo Arigato-Polysics
*Live In Tokyo-Kelly Wright
*Get Me Power-Mega NRG Man

user posted image

WTFM - Dubstep

Legally, this station doesn’t exist. But to the fans of Dubstep it exists. Nothing beats trying to find meaning in the loose collection of farts and gunshots as you watch your sanity go down the drain. Good luck trying to understand it. Wesley's music makes just as much sense as those who listen to it.

*Forest Chandler-A play on the word "4chan", home of memes. He is a 14-year-old middle schooler, broadcasting the station out of his mother's basement.
*Lowell Zatz-A play on the word "Lolcats", he is Forest's sidekick & best friend on the station.

* Warning-Excision
*Endorphin-Koan Sound
*Dope - Matt-U
* MTI-Korless
*Kill Humans-Dubsida
* Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites-Skrillex
* Druggers End Lane-Mistabishi
* Jam City-Aqua Box
* Burnin'-Coki
*Sierra Leone-Mt. Eden
* Eastern Jam-Chase And Status
*Follow Me-Tristam
* Smoke Test-Blackleg
*I'm Not Skrillex-Rednek
* X Rated-Excision
*Pazi Sta Radis-Sky Wilkuh
*Bury Da Bwoy-Mala
*2 Die 4-Bare
*Chinter's Will-Klaypex
*Throne Of Ravens-Varien
*Pumped Up Kicks-Foster The People

Capitol Jam - Grunge/Alternative

The Capitol Jam is for those who can't get out of the 1990's grunge mindset. Therefore, if you ramble incoherently, wear flannel everywhere, and contemplate suicide with a shotgun, this station is definitely for you.

DJ: Kurt Curtis - a 29-year-old man who still lives with his parents in Braddock. Also a drummer with the band "Anal Syndicate", which he says is one of the greatest rock bands ever, even if they haven't written a single song yet. Kurt's idea of being well-dressed is a flannel shirt and ragged jeans full of holes. His idea of fine dining is the $5 Combo Meal at a food truck. His idea of vacation is going anywhere outside a three-mile radius of Braddock. His idea of great music is this sh*t.

Kurt: And that was Pearl Jam with "Alive". Man, I love that song so much, I jack off to it! And now for some trivia. If you turn your radio dial a few notches right, you will hear the sounds of hell itself. Come on, try it.
*few seconds of silence*
Kurt: Hear that? Oh, wait. that's actually OR-Bit, but it sounds so much like anguished souls I can't tell the difference. OR-Bit? More like "OR-sh*t" to me. Seriously, I'd rather drink a glass of expired milk than listen to that crap.
*indistinct chatter*
Kurt: What, you want me to try it? Here goes. This is your DJ Kurt Curtis, drinking a glass of expired milk. Anything for the fans. Don't try this at home, kids.
*Unholy vomiting sounds*
Kurt: You go listen to these ads first, I'll be back. *Vomits*

* Rockin' In The Free World-Neil Young
*All My Hate And My Hexes Are For You-Crocodiles
* Lives Of Great Men-Hawkwind
* Hunger Strike-Temple Of The Dog
* Cats In The Cradle-Ugly Kid Joe
*Calypso-Blondie Acid Cult
* Nothing Else Matters-Metallica
* Rooster-Alice In Chains
* Touch, Peel, and Stand-Days Of The New
* Violet-Hole
* Come As You Are-Nirvana
* Orange Crush-R.E.M.
* Losing My Religion-R.E.M.
* Hellraiser-Ozzy Osbourne
* Alive-Pearl Jam
*19-2000 - Gorillaz
*Nightlife-The Soft Pack
* Ohio-Dandy Warhols
*One Week Of Danger-The Virgins
* Funny Little Feeling-Rock 'N Roll Soldiers
*Club Foot-Kasabian
*Ain't No Rest For The Wicked-Cage The Elephant

Metal/Country logo comming soon!

Metal Mania 97.1 - Metal/Celtic Punk

For those of you who bang your heads to hard Rock N' Roll, we salute you.


*Spike Jameson - A tough biker, heavy drinker, chain smoker and man's man. He believes men are the stronger sex and that women are created to be their slaves. "Spike" isn't actually his real name. The nickname comes from the spiked bat he always carries, used for hitting anyone who would dare call him "Stephan" to his face.
*Seamus O'Brien - He always refers to himself as "S.O.B." on the radio, and even to his callers, unaware that the abbreviation is used as an insult in America. He is a native of Belfast, and often has flashbacks of his time serving in the IRA as a demolition expert.

* Eagle-Sargant Fury
* Turbo Lover-Judas Priest
* Temple Of Love-Mr. Irish Bastard
* Wishmaster-Nightwish
* Engel (English Version)-Rammstein
* I'm Shipping Up To Boston-Dropkick Murphies
* Unknown Solider-The Casualties
*Scum Of The Earth-Rob Zombie
* Ace Of Spades-Motorhead
* Die Like A Dog-The Skels
* Billy Brown-Jackdaw
* Another Brick In The Wall-Celtic Pink Floyd
* Fuel-Metallica
*War Pigs-Black Sabbath
* The Trooper-Iron Maiden
* Devil's Dance Floor-Flogging Molly
* Locomotive Breath-W.A.S.P.
*Angel Of Death-Slayer

The Frontier 91.5 - Country Music

Lack of countryside in Monroe doesn't necessarily mean lack of country music. If you're a farmer, a cowboy, or just someone who really hates technology of any kind, give The Frontier a listen this weekend.

DJ: Hank Williams (no relation to T-Will of KRAP) - a retired rancher. He talks about his own opinions on controversial matters, such as Homosexuality, Racism, etc., all of which result in getting hate messages from opposing parties.

*Blue Sky-Allman Brothers
* Convoy-C.W. McCall
* Big Iron-Marty Robbins
* Country Roads-John Denver
* Union Man-Neil Young
* Shine-Dolly Parton
* East Bound & Down-Jerry Reed
* I'll Fly Away-The Kossoy Sisters
* The Dillards-Dooley
* Helplessly Hoping-Crosby, Stills, and Nash
* Midnight Rider-Allman Brothers
* Queen Of Hearts-Juice Newton
*Joe Hill-Billy Bragg
*Summertime Dream-Gordon Lightfoot

user posted image

PRBS - Talk Radio

Are you into talk shows that have a liberal viewpoint? Would you rather listen to a poorly-funded government radio station rather than real music? Don’t worry, Public Radio Broadcasting Service has music, if you count elevator music as real music.

PRBS hosts many public radio shows, from "Painting with Ross Bosley" to "Everything Considerable". And lets not forget the Monroe Metropolitan Area news team:

The Round Table

A news segment that presents news throughout the Monroe Metro Area and the world, along with the host's comments and views on the news:

Michael Hendrix - The lead news anchor on PRBS. Speaks in a bored, monotonous drawl, often punctuated by coughing. Shows very little interest in the news; only perks up when someone dies or a terrorist act occurs.

Hailey Stevens - Trey Stevens' fraternal twin sister, the co-anchor of PRBS. Actively protests against the city's loosened gun-control laws and the police's refusal to arrest criminals who are members of gangs. She refers to her brother numerous times when discussing social problems or other person's wrongdoings, calling him a "Useless Weaboo" who "Can't keep his head out of his ass and dick in his pants".

Bob Simmons - PRBS's sports reporter and former star quarterback of the Monroe Injuns in the 80's. He is extremely biased when commentating, favoring the Monroe-based teams.

Painting With Rob Bosley

In this segment, the local painter Rob Bosley tells the listeners how to paint numerous (and oftentimes offensive) pictures such as lynchings, rape, etc. and never loosing his calming, relaxing voice, even when yelling at the manager over the content of his artwork.

Everything Considerable

In this show, Hugh Jass, the show's host, gets a panel of random strangers he picked off the streets to discuss their views on numerous, random, and trivial items, such as "Whether or not Autism is a legitimate excuse for one's own shortcomings", "Are gays wrong, but lesbians alright", etc.

Maintenance Checks

This isn't really a show. More or less, it's just about an hour's worth of static and other mechanical sounds as the station goes through "Routine maintenance checks". However, throughout the "checks", an automated female voice reads groups of numbers, with each final number spoken with a lifted voice. This reveals PRBS as a secret government numbers station, in vein to "Lincolnshire Poacher", "Cherry Ripe", "Yosemite Sam". Throughout it's run, however, many technical errors occur, in vein to "UVB-76". For example:

Automated Female Voice: 3-5-7-6-1...1-4-5-6-5...
Male Voice 1:*In Background*Lotto numbers for next year, Am I right?
Automated Female Voice: 6-6-7-6-8...4-8-9-2-5
Background radio sounds are heard

Male Voice 2: This is 143, we're not receiving anything from 1206, think something's interfering?
Male Voice 1: No, no, the White House isn't too far away.
Automated Female Voice: 1-4-5-7-9...2-5-6-7-1...



National Public Broadcasting System (NPBS) Is a public television network with 400 stations across America. They are well known for their frequent pledge drives, poor-quality of broadcasting, and frequent documentaries. Their current line-up is:
*Ernest The Engine and Others: A German children's show featuring locomotives learning life lessons and other morals, NPBS brought it to American in the late 1980's to fufill their (many) open broadcasting slots. Now, it is one of the highest-watched programs on NPBS, mainly due to it's large fanbase of teenagers and adults, who obsess over the show & call themselves "Brocomotives". The show is known for it's cheapness and poor quality of filming, using small-scale models on a sparsely-detailed sheet of plywood, and hiring a single narrator (who has a noticeable stutter) to voice the entire cast. Regardless, it appears to be popular.
*NPBS Pledge Drive: Any die-hard viewer of NPBS is sure to notice the daily pledge drive, which involves two hosts (A nymphomaniac & a cynical suicidal pessimist) begging "Viewers Like You" for money while the camera pans off to a panel of a group of people sitting at a group of telephones, impatiently waiting for somebody who isn't a prank caller to call and pledge a donation. And don't forget, whoever pledges at least $5 to the station will get a free NPBS T-Shirt that cost $10 to make in America, because that's what NPBS strives for.
*Antique Road Trip: Mark Jarvis, the host of Antique Road Trip, travels to an antique convention in Monroe to rummage through people's junk and either disappointments them by telling them that their ancient family heirloom can be bought online in mass numbers for a quarter, or that the junk in their garage is worth a quarter of a million dollars, something that absolutely nobody would buy. Stay tuned for antique disappointment, brought to you by "Viewers Like You"!


The internet may be the root of all evil & laziness, but if you can look past all that, you'll find some pretty cool stuff on there. You can access the internet on the computer at Trey's safehouses, at public libraries, or at the Bean Machine internet cafes.

9Chan Remember when you were a child, and your parents warned you about all those dangerous people on the internet? This is where they lurk. The home of Internet Memes, "Anonymous", Racism, and Snuff, 9Chan has something for everybody.
Walkers Model RailroadingGetting into model railroading? This is the site for you! From trying to sell you overpriced pieces of track & wheels to criticizing you for your lack of knowledge, this website is every train-nerd's go-to guide.
Myroom"MyRoom" has gone through an upgrade, and is now easier to navigate! Trey has a "MyRoom" account that not only updates itself as the story progresses, but also serves as a way for Trey to contact mission contacts, see what his friends are doing, etc.[/center]
Monroe.OrgThe official tourism website for America's Capital. It lists everything involving tourism in Monroe, from the sights & sounds to the lunatics that prosper there
OR-bit.comThe official website for Club OR-bit. It lists the club's history, the celebrities that party there, play-lists, and the expensiveness of the drinks.
Monroe Metro PoliceThe official website for the Monroe Metropolitan Police Department. It not only has a criminal database, listing each criminal with a record, but also holds a memorial for fallen officers, "Records" for most brutality, etc.
Ubernahme GroupThe official website for the Ubernahme Group. It lists its many numerous subsidiaries and why huge mega corporations are much better than small "Mom and pop" businesses.
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Even though it's the number one center for politics, Monroe C.D. and the surrounding suburbs have their fair share of businesses and corporations. Here are the important ones:

Monroe Post

The main newspaper serving the Monroe Metropolitan Area. They are best known for heavily exaggerating the news, lacking important details, and uncovering scandals, both on the streets and in the government. Let's look at today's headlines:

Civil War in Scotland Rages on for it's 7th Year

EDINBURGH-It's just a regular day in the Edinburgh, Scotland's capitol city. Soldiers are drinking heavily in the pubs, not to be seen in daylight for the next few hours, tanks and armed troops parade up and down the streets, and the Scottish Congress fights over whether or not they should bomb Southwest Scotland.

For those who've been living under a rock for the past decade or so, ever since Scotland gained independence from the United Kingdom in May 1997, and since then, there has been many opposition. Out of the 74.3% of voters who were pro-independence, the rest slipped into the shadows, specifically the regions of "Dùn Phrìs is Gall-Ghaidhealaibh", or what we call "Southwest Scotland".

After an attempt by Southwest Scotland to secede from Scotland and join the United Kingdom in 2007, Scottish troops rolled in and shut down all the borders in and out of the United Kingdom. This act has been justified by commander Duncan McCowel, stating "Tá sé greannmhar, i ndáiríre. Chuir tú seo trí aistritheoir, ag súil a fháil ar roinnt ráiteas a dhlisteanú ár gcuid gníomhartha, ach ina ionad sin, fuair tú seo". A gaelic translator was currently unavailable.

Bank Robber Stopped by Vigilante

ALEXANDRIA-The Lombank in Alexandria was robbed by an armed robber earlier this morning. The robber, finally identified as Floyd Devon, a member of the Celtic Crosses Motorcycle Club, entered the bank at 11:46 and began waving a sawn-off shotgun at employees and patrons, demanding money. He escaped a few minutes later on a motorcycle with over $100,000 in stolen bank notes.

Luckily for society, a local vigilante now identified as Neil Myall was attending a miniature wargaming convention, when he heard the news VIA Police Scanner app on his FruitPhone. "When I hard tae news, I Knoo som'tin' was oop, and whoot if tey reached me home-me street?" Neil Myall told a reporter in his thick Scottish Accent, while smoking a pipe. "I goot in me car and droov doon tae street, hooping I can coot 'im off". Witness later reported Myall's grey Willard Opus driving eratically down the streets with Gaelic Folk Music blaring from the Interior, before violently ramming into Devon's motorcycle head-on. Myall calmly exited the car, adjusted his flat cap, and called the police. Devon, on the other hand, was flung onto the roof of the 24/7, violently deformed.

"Do I hete tae police? Aye, they're oll a boonch o' fookin' pigs. But in these parts, I'm tae police." Myall said with a grin and a laugh. Myall was a former officer in the Scottish Civil War, leading a fireteam to victory numerous times throughout the Western Highlands & Islands against the British.

Gun Laws About To Be Loosened, Again

MONROE-Gunshots are heard in the distance and bullets ricochet off parked cars in Monroe Highlands. Of course, this is a normal day, but thanks to a new bill to be passed by the end of the year, this could happen anywhere at anytime.

The new bill, the "Gun Control Act Of 2012", will loosen gun laws, making fully automatic weapons and certain explosives available to the average consumer. Lamar Thompson, a senator from Florida who first introduced the bill, states "This bill must be passed in order for us to triumph over the terrorists! I mean, if they can get their hands on RPGs, why can't average Joe, who wants to fight the terrorists, but can't because all he has is a golf club".

Ammu-Nation, the national Sporting & Hunting goods chain store has openly expressed their joy for the bill, stocking every one of their stores with assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades, despite the fact that the bill hasn't even been passed yet. Jacob Issacs, the CEO of Ammu-Nation, stated earlier today "Why waste our time waiting for the damn bill to get passed when we can start stocking now?"

Violent Shooting At Nightclub

COLFAX-Tragedy struck last night in the suburbs of Colfax as the nightclub "Eurobeat" as an unknown assailant entered the club and opened fire into a crowd of people doing "para para" with a heavily modified AK-47, before destroying nearby parked cars with an underbarrel grenade launcher. Luckily, nobody was hurt, except for a few ravers, who were killed due to excessive blood loss. According to security tapes, the shooter had a heavy limp and appeared to have a hard time fighting against the gun's recoil. The suspect is possibly an escaped mental patient.

The club owner, Trey Stevens, was nowhere near the club at the time of the shooting, as he was hosting a wild orgy of sex, drug, and video games in his Alexandria Penthouse. "I was eating out Jessica, my ex girlfriend, while being screwed by Raven, my current girlfriend, with a strap-on when I got the call. I sent my friend Neil to check it out while I got a BJ while playing 'Motor Vehicle Theft 5' on Acid".

The shooter has yet to be captured.

KT-3 Brought Up From Potomac, Only to be Sunk Again

COLFAX-Many years has passed since KT-3, a ferry boat owned by KT Ferry, sunk to the watery depths of the Potomac River in 1997, thanks to some arab trying to make a name for himself. Still, a group of engineers hired by the Shaw Corporation have taken the task of towing the ferry up onto a barge and taking it to a salvage yard, where it would have been restored to working order.

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. Right after the rusted-out wreck of the KT-3 was placed on a barge and tied to the side of a tugboat, the pilot of the tugboat, Antonio Benvolio, left the pilothouse to stand on the side of the tugboat in order to wave to some friends on the shore. The tugboat then veered into a dock, sinking instantly, along with KT-3's remains.

Benvolio retreated into the river and swam to shore, before entering into a karaoke bar in Oakwood and ordered a Sandwich & Beer as his boss frantically tried to call him, before giving up and calling the police. The police arrived 10 minutes later, arresting Benvolio in the middle of him singing karaoke to, ironically, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".

In other news, a Tugboat and a barge carrying the remains of KT-3 have sunken to the bottom of the Potomac River.

Nerve Gas Threatens Metro Station; Disposed Of Properly

U.S.D.D.-Terror struck Monroe C.D. commuters as they found nerve gas cleverly disguised as a discarded coffee cup earlier today at the U.S.D.D. Metro Station. After shutting down the Metro station and evacuating residents within five miles of the station, a N.O.O.S.E. bomb squad took the canister, which was found near a trash can, placed it in an armored van, and drove it to Leonard County, Maryland, where it will be placed in an undisclosed location in the mountains and detonated safely.

Blue Dragon Mall Arsonist Caught, Released

BRADDOCK - The person behind the Blue Dragon Mall blaze that killed a family of five last week has been arrested, local authorities say.

LaShawn Davis, 25, was spotted outside a nearby Pizza Stack starting to ignite a pile of garbage. Police arrested Davis and confiscated a cigarette lighter and a spray bottle filled with gasoline. After admitting that he is a member of the Huztlerz gang, Davis was promptly released and given only a warning.

Injuns Drop 6th Straight After Blowout Loss to Hitmen

COLFAX - The Monroe Injuns fall to the bottom of the league standings with a 56-14 loss to the Las Venturas Hitmen last Sunday.

Las Venturas star quarterback Terrance Barrow threw for 264 yards and four touchdowns, two of them in the fourth quarter, for their third straight win and a 9-2 win-loss record.

The Injuns fell to 1-10, their lone win coming against the Alderney Wyverns three weeks ago. They will be facing the Wyverns again on Saturday.

"It was painful", Injuns running back Todd Brandon said. "We played like sh*t today. Hopefully we'll be able to win against those Alderney motherf*ckers for the second time."

Discarded Trash Terrorist Strike Again

MONROE-In shocking new developments, NOOSE is now releasing that earlier today, a terrorist who may or may not be linked to the discarded coffee cup a few days ago, planted a nerve gas canister in a trash can near the Capitol Building, once again, disguised as a coffee cup. "We've had damn well enough of this!" said Jack Michaels, the head of directors for NOOSE in a press release earlier today. The canister, once again, was taken to the forests of Leonard County, Maryland, where it will be detonated later today.

The Übernahme Group

The Ubernahme Group was founded in 1973 by Edward Henschel. At first, it was a small record store in Avariya, but as the economy changed, so did his business-he became a multi-millionare by 1977, building their multinational offices in the middle of Monroe C.D. Since then, the Übernahme group has become a huge corporation, consisting of:
*Übernahme Megastore-A chain of megastores that sell Electronics, Video Games, and other things that hipsters, yuppies, and computer geeks can't live without.
*Übernahme Games-Founded in 1986 to cater to the new and emerging "Video Game, "Übernahme Games" is a booming company now, having created successful titles such as the controversial Criminal Germany, a sandbox game revolving around a German thug working his way up the criminal ladder. It is currently headed by lead writer Marcus Henschel.
*Übernahme Rail-After purchasing Northern Virginia's derelict rail line in 2008, the Übernahme group has rebuilt it, turning it into a commuter rail lines. Since the line re-opened in 2002, it has been booming with freight and passenger traffic. In the Übernahme Group's German nature, the company purchased and imported railcars of German Orgin, such as the Class 218, which operates alongsideBi-Level commuter cars and numerous freight cars.
*Übernahme Security-Ever since the Übernahme group purchased the "Tactical Solutions" private military company in 1999, it has since been converted not only as a PMC owned by the Übernahme group, but also as a Private Security Contractor and a military logistics company. It currently operates not only in Monroe C.D., but also in Australia, Russia, former Yugoslavia, and the Middle East. It is currently headed by Lucius Henschel, Edward's second son and Marcus's younger brother, violent by nature.

Shaw Corporation

The Shaw Corporation was founded in 1991 by Ronald Shaw as a media conglomerate. Since it's founding, it owns numerous radio stations in the Monroe Metropolitan area, including City 7, which his daughter, Angela, hosts. They operate out of their head office in Crystal ValleyIt consists of:
*Shaw Cabs-The Shaw Corporation owns the largest fleets of taxis in the Monroe Metro area. They hire former convicts to save on costs and efficiency rates, since all their cabs have a bulletproof divider in the cab. Not for the driver's safety, but mainly for the passenger's.
*Shaw Radio-The media conglamerate owns numerous radio stations, such as "City 7", "Capitol Jam", and just recently took over "Radio Bloc", in order to please the Eastern European crowd, much to the Übernahme Group's disgust.
*Shaw Construction-Shaw Construction is a construction company that helped the Übernahme Group help restore the rail line before their falling out. Other than that, they helped construct the "Heat" stadium in Colfax. They currently have plans to demolish half of Alexandria to make way for a housing development.
*It should also be worth noting that the Shaw Corporation has funded "Miniature Universe", one of the worlds largest model train layouts, located inside an abandoned warehouse near the U.S.D.D.


Thanks to Mayor Sciovaldi's loosened gun control laws (In favor of the Shaw Corporation), Ammu-Nation now has a large megastore outside Colfax that specializes in not only firearms, but Military Uniforms and other surplus items. Here, you can find:
*Brass Knuckles-For a true American punch!
*Swiss Army Knife-Every man in America needs this. After all, you just might get mugged while clipping your nails.
*Dagger-Yes, even the everyman needs what is essentially an oversized knife.
*P38-This Nazi German pistol can eliminate your enemy in a second, provided you can see the whites of his eyes.
*B92-This Italian firearm can be yours, if you have at least one arrest record and an outstanding warrant in another state! Also used by the police.
*Revolver-Wether you're into hardcore Civil War Reenacting or if you and your friends are making a low-budget cowboy movie, this is one gun you shouldn't miss.
*Desert Eagle-The gun of every single TV action hero. It can be yours too if you're into watching old "Angel & The Knight" or "Yuppie and the Alien" repeats.
*Ithaca 37-The standard shotgun for police officers.
*Sawn-Off Shotgun-Wait a minute, if this is a homemade gun, why are we selling it in large quantities at a megastore?
*Streetsweeper-This American ripoff of a South African shotgun is used by Mercenaries either overseas or on home territory.
*MAG-7-This badass shotgun will put anything down that dares cross it's path. From cars and doors to orphans and third world dictators.
*MAC-10-This pre-silenced submachine gun has enough firing power to take out a family of four. Problem is, you have to be close enough to see the looks of fear in their eyes if you plan to do this.
*Uzi-This Jewish submachine gun is easy to get a hold of. However, it's hard to get rid of.
*MP7-This German submachine gun has enough range to take out a guy on the other side of the street, but not enough power to stop him.
*AK-47-This Russian firearm has been used to death. From movies to civil wars in African countries, you can't see enough of this gun. Which is why we're selling it to you!
*M-16-When it comes to generic firearms used by nearly every law enforcement agency, including the Army & the NOOSE, the M-16 can't be beat.
*FN SCAR-This tricked out assault rifle isn't letting anything get in it's way. You've got your scope, you've got your grip, now all you need is someone to kill.
*XM8Shh...this firearm doesn't exist. Move along.
*Mauser-This WW2-era bolt-action rifle is perfect for taking out targets from afar. Just pray that you can get the sights lined up correctly...and that you're able to see your target through the sights.
*VSS-Here's a compact Russian sniper rifle. Small enough to strip down and fit into a briefcase, yet it isn't big enough to take out targets at far ranges.
*M82-An all-round sniper rifle. It's got power, it's got range, but it's got recoil.


A Real Estate company based out of Atlanta. They have a reputation for being some of the best property sellers in North America, and now they're trying to sell you their houses:

Seminary Ridge Penthouse: This up-to-date penthouse is just what every yuppie needs! Located in Seminary Ridge, this recently-renovated penthouse has lots of open space with a view overlooking the Capitol. This is the place for you if you want to show your egomaniac-side off to your friends!
Basement Apartment in Paradise Heights for Rent Some communist German gun nut came to us, trying to get us to rent out his basement apartment. We accepted, and now we're trying to give you a place to stay! It's a win-win-win situation! The house may look like a modest bungalow on the outside, but in the basement, you've got a cozy bomb shelter! That's right! If you need to survive the upcoming apocalypse, just hunker down in this bunker!
Stately Allentown Townhome Townhouses aren't just for Europeans anymore: they're for politicians and yuppies! You can have your own little slice of heaven wedged in between a dozen houses that look the exact same as yours!
One-room apartment in Monroe Highlands After the last owner mysteriously went missing, we got hold of this apartment, and we're passing it on to you! You get free cold water, eccentric neighbors, and a room to call your own, complete with meth lab. Plus, frequent blackouts in the area guarantee that you can enjoy a good nights sleep!
Luxury Mansion in Leonard You've made it in the Capitol, and now you've made enough money to buy this mansion out in Leonard to show everybody that you did. Four bedrooms, pool, hot tub, and spacious rooms to show off with your friends. Congratulations, you've made it.

Indian Joes

A small ethnic restaurant in Federal Square. Jackson Ward's loves eating here and is friends with one of the waiters. Sometimes drugs for Ward are dropped off here, which the waiter would give to him later. Other than the drugs, it has gotten good reviews for it's wide range of ethinic southeast asian foods.

Global Import Store

Located on the second floor of a shopping mall in Avariya, Global Import Store sells stuff from all over the world, 24/7. You want a counterfeit Loc-Down hoodie from Africa? Check. A laptop battery from Asia that failed quality inspection? You got it. Smuggled vodka from Eastern Europe? Knock yourself out. There are fake "Empress Cyborg Gumball" toys here.


This shop, which is open only at night in strip malls and other retail outlets sells clothes, CDs and other stuff for all you emos, goths, punk rockers, metalheads, and people who refuse to let grunge die. From flannel shirts to vinyl records to old 1970s bicycles, the store has everything you need to impress your friends and other people who refuse to get out of the '90s. Kurt Curtis and Megan Lockhart are loyal customers.

Louisiana Northern

This Class 1 railroad was founded after the Louisiana Western, Atlanta & Mississippi Railroad, and American East Coast Railroad merged in 1977. Since then, they run freight all over the southeast and midwest, including Northern Virginia. They have a large yard in Alexandria. However, since nobody seems to want anything to do with trains nowadays due to their connection with terrorists and autistic fanboys, they'll basically hire anybody just to drive a train from one yard to another. Just collect a work order and hop into one of their signature grey-and-yellow locomotives.

American Auto Trader

Do you need a car fast, but don't want to go to a dealership? Then purchase a copy of "American Auto Trader". The monthly publication has gained much controversy since it's first publication in May 1988, due to the fact that you're purchasing cars, not trading them, but also because that you can purchase non-American cars. Let's take a look inside the pages, shall we?
*1989 Albany Ariant-This two-door car is built for the everyman: it gets you to your office, your home, and your court hearing over custody of your kids. Just don't expect too much out of it-$2,000
*1985 Declasse Diva-This station wagon is...uh, can...wait no, will....aw, f*ck it. It's not going to do much other than cart around your family, so I'm not going to waste my time explaining it to you-$4,500
*2000 Annis Kuruma-Oh, a 4-door car, how special, like we don't get enough of those-$3,000
*2001 Maibatsu Monstrosity-Here's a fine 4-wheel drive SUV you don't want to miss if you're either a neurotic soccer mom who tries to get congress to ban everything that isn't suitable by her standards or if you're a huge ego maniac who's lacking in certian parts-$5,000
*1974 Declasse Rhapsody-Aw yea! Flashback to the '70's! Put on your bell bottoms, put your ABBA mixtape in the cassette deck, and you're ready to be transported back into a time of hippies, racial tension, and higher gas prices than today-$1,200
*2007 Gael Mallaig-This 2-door hatchback was created in newly-independent Scotland after their independence from Britian. Sadly, they couldn't get rid of the 1980s styling until the following year-$560
*1984 Vapid Yankee-This box truck can carry anything-from boxes to furniture to even half of Columbia, if you're into the drug trade-$6,750
*1998 Volmer R34-This Swedish hatchback is for everybody: from the old lady down the street to that wigger next door who'll turn it into "Da best street racin' machine, innit"-$3,450
*1987 Croatie Novska-This finely-built cargo van from Croatia features a leather interior, an oak wood dashboard, and a 5-gear transmission, if you bought it before the war. If you bought it after the war, it comes with a plastic interior, a plywood dashboard, and a transmission that were designed for hatchbacks-$4,560
*2003 Volmer V90-If you buy this car, don't act like a smug fa**ot saying "I own a Swedish car". While the car may also be sold in Sweden, the one you purchased is most likely from the Volmer plant somewhere in Halifax-$6,500
*1976 Classique Idaho-Nothing says "I've made it in this town" by an outdated luxury car-$5,000
*1991 Croatie Adriatic-This Eastern European import was one of the best in the world, until the war. The previous had this one imported at the height of the war, which means a plywood dashboard, plastic seats, and shoelace-thin seatbelts await you on your daily commute-$1,234
*2009 Gael Iverness-After the Scottish won independence from the United Kingdom in 2008, they dreamed of their country having a car company that exported vehicles all over the world. This is the result of having bad dreams-$900
*1968 SD40-Wait, what? This is an auto trader, but we're selling trains!? Well, the Louisiana Northern gave us this, and I guess we'll sell it off to some white trash dude who's all like "They all have pickups in their yard, but I've got a f*cking locomotive." Congragulations RJ, you'll be the king of the trailer park-$15,000
*2007 Vapid Arrow-Are you a soccer mom who carts her kids around all day in a boring minivan? Then why not drive this? Is it a minivan, or is it an SUV? Hell, we don't even know what it is! Why don't you buy it and see for yourself?

Blue Dragon

A store located in a strip mall in Braddock that sells Japanese-related memorabilia and video games. Let's take a look at their selection, shall we? Yes...yes we will, regardless of your choice:

*Criminal Germany-A video game made by the Übernahme group, which takes place in 1989 Berlin. You play as Wolfgang "Wolf" Seiler, a thug from East Berlin who, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, immigrates to West Berlin, and falls into the criminal underworld of West Berlin. Apart from the shift from Communism to Capitalism, but due to the shift in the criminal world: Cars are harder to break into: Banks are harder to rob, and more people want him dead. Can Wolf survive?
*Duty Calls: Special Ops-In this new installment of the "Duty Calls" series, you play as Vladisergi Petronovich, a Spetznaz operative during the 1970s. You go to Afghanistan to kill Americans, go to Vietnam to kill Americans, and even go to the plains of Idaho to kill Americans, until you realize that your Imaginary friend who fought alongside you was, well, imaginary. But who cares about the story? The important thing is multiplayer, where you can be killed by being stabbed in the foot over and over again while an 11-year old calls you every name in the book and replies to every statement with "That's what she said".
*Missionaries 2: Save Them Again-In this poorly-made sequel to "Missionaries: Playground of Salvation", you play as Frank Phelps, a racist, intolerant, homophobic minister from the midwest who goes to San Fierro to "Exterminate the city of bible-hatting fags". The game was criticized, not because of it's homophobic, intolerant, racist content, but because of it's poor technical specs. Enemies don't appear until the player is a few feet away from them, the AI is as smart as a mentally retarded housefly, and the vehicles handle like they're on air.
*Rock Hero: Ballads-Tired of weak songs that last only 3 minutes? Do you and your friends want to strum on a plastic instrument-shaped controllers for twenty minutes? Need not worry, because "Rock Hero: Ballads" is out. Can you and your friends get through all 20 minutes of "Alice's Restaurant"?
*Battlefront: Bosnia-In this exiting installment of the "Battlefront" series, join Dargan Radic, a Bosnian solider, on his quest for Bosnian independence, which is little more than going town-to-town, burning, looting, & raping villagers.

Stevens Enterprises

This is the unofficial name of the ring of Nightclubs that Mike "Trey" Stevens owns and operates out of his Grandparent's basement. Here is the list:

*Club OR-bit-Do you prefer expensive shots over cheap drinks? Do you prefer pumping trance music over music enjoyed by regular people? Would you rather pump your fist and shuffle with strangers over watching the game with your friends? Well then Club OR-bit is the place for you, if fit the dress code. Can’t attend the party? Don’t worry, Club OR-bit broadcasts its own 24/7 radio station live from the club. The "Three Princes" use the upstairs office, overlooking the dance floor, as their base of operations.

*EuroBeat-A Nightclub in Colfax that specializes in Eurobeat, Nightcore, and other fast-paced types of music. It broadcasts "Eurobeat" live from the club.

*Digital Underground-We’re guessing that you enjoy getting wasted on drugs and moving your body to the same song for six hours, or worse yet, one six hour song. If you want to experience this, just wander around the docks in Alexandria, and you’ll be sure to "Digital Underground". Be careful though. The police might show up and spoil your fun. But that’s got to be the least of your worries when pills are being shoved down your throat and the music won’t stop. The radio station "Raver Soundsystem" is broadcasted live from this club.

KT Ferry

Named after its founders Matthew Kelly and Paul Thomas, two Scottish immigrants, KT Ferry has been serving tourists and locals since 1979. It currently has 4 ferry boats: KT-1, KT-2 and KT-4. However, KT-3 It was shot by a rocket launcher by a member of the Scourge of Allah in 1997, killing all 109 on board, leaving only 3 ferry boats.

Tragedy Films

A film studio owned by Uriah B. Kester. Specializes in low-budget action and horror films, mostly with a lot of unnecessary sex scenes, blood and gore. Here is a list of films.

*The Infamous Vice Squad - about a group of East Coast vigilantes. This film is banned in 18 states and Canada.
*Street Beef - This gang-related film caused the death of two actors, who were to have sex in a burning building during the movie's climax.
*What Does Your Pocket Look Like? - a documentary about street crime. Kester hired actual pickpockets and muggers for his film, and ended up having his money and even his car (a golden Ruiner) stolen.
*A Bosnian Film - A documentary movie about genocide and rape in the Bosnian wars. This is Tragedy Film's bestseller, and since has produced many sequels, such as "A Second Bosnian Film" "A Third Bosnian Film", and their latest release in the series: "A Fourth Bosnian Film: Serbia's Nightmare".

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Monroe C.D.

National Strip-A highly historical district of Monroe, this strip of land spans 1.2 miles, with the Capitol Building on one end and the Monroe Memorial on the other, along with museums lining the sides. And let's not forget the Reflecting Pool, which, contrary to popular belief, isn't really a pool. There's also many other symbols of U.S. History, such as the White House, Australian War Memorial, and the "Tomb of the AWAL solider".
Winfield Point-A middle-class residential community. There is a monument to former Mayor Christopher Dixon here in the spot he was assassinated during his re-election campaign.
San Pablo-Hispanic community. Controlled by Los Pendejos. Muscle cars and beaters are commonly found here. Don't spend too long here, as you'll either be shot at or be caught in the middle of a drag race.
Jalton-Middle-class residential community, also houses a school, a church and some shops. Mostly family cars and minivans driving around.
Oakwood-Monroe's business district, with hotels, malls and other establishments. Luxury cars and the occasional SUV driving around. Club OR-bit and the Übernahme Group offices are located here.
South Park-A small nature park located at the very south of Monroe CD, which is best known for it's cherry blossom trees.. The City Convention Center is also located in this area.
Monroe Highlands-One of the largest, poorest and least developed areas of Monroe, mostly industrial (factories, warehouses) but also residential (apartments, flats, a few houses). Some businesses pay protection to the Huztlerz. Expect industrial vehicles and cheap cars here.
Odeiza-a small neighborhood in the west portion of Monroe. Here you can find a few houses and shops, a trailer park, a diner and a church with a graveyard.
Avaryia-Named after the Russian Techno group, this neighborhood houses a majority of the Russian, East German, and other Eastern European immigrants. It may be a well-cultured area during the day, but watch your back after dark.
Allentown-A very rich area of Monroe, home of Allentown University. Apart from the university, however, there's a ton of stately townhomes and a handfull of parks.


Del Rio-The middle-class residential district of Alexandria. It is full of nothing but Bungalows, Raised Ranches, and Strip malls. The Three Princes live here.
Little Belfast-The commercial district of Alexandria. It is one of the poorest districts in the town, and as such holds a high crime rate. The Celtic Crosses MC are currently fighting small-time thugs for control of the neighborhood.
Old Town-Here in this old, historic district of Alexandria, you can find restaurants, antique shops, and the Torpedo Factory, an old warehouse district that has been turned into art galleries and apartments since the end of WW2. "Digital Underground" is also located here.
Elvington-An upper middle class neighborhood near the border to Bennett County. It is home to good schools, large minivans, and large houses on cul-de-sacs.
Seminary Ridge-The richest neighborhood in Alexandria. Here, you'll find large penthouses, restaurant complexes, and stores that sell brands that you haven't even heard of.
Fort Clover - Once an old Civil War battlefield established in the event of a Confederate attack on the union's capital, Fort Clover is now an old Civil War museum that also hosts Civil War reenactments every weekend. The Shaw Corp. is trying to buy the land and turn it into a housing estate.

Bennett County

Hoover International Airport-Whether you're going somewhere or coming in, Hoover International Airport is the way to do it. Watch out for the tight security, however. Some terrorists said it was easier to sneak into the U.S.D.D. than the airport's tarmac.
Bishop Valley-This town sits so closely to the Hoover International airport that residents get no sleep because of the noise the planes make. It's full of apartment complexes, Luxury Sport Car dealerships, and the Yuppies that love them.
United States Department of Defense-The U.S.D.D. (Nicknamed "The Fortress" by locals) is the headquarters of the American military. The parking lot is open to tourists, but if you get anywhere near the building itself, you're in one hell of a fight. There's been rumors that the Army's been working on a giant Mecha-like robot in it's underground laboratory. But then again, they're just myths, right?
Braddock-Your average run-of-the-mill suburban neighborhood: Split level houses, strip malls, and fast food.
Crystal Valley-This town is full of nothing but Corporate offices and executive penthouses. The Shaw Corporation has it's corporate headquarters here, as do all the radio stations and other companies it owns.
Paradise Heights-An average community, home to an apartment complex, a cafe, the "Astro Haus" (a space-themed disco), a Burger Shot and some clothing stores. This community has a large German population, presumably people from Avariya who "Made It".
Lightsview-An exclusive residential community, mostly rich families' houses. There is also a small film studio, that specializes in cheap horror movies.


Port Colfax-Together with Franklin, they make up Colfax's industrial area. Contains warehouses, factories, a meth lab (SHH!!!), the KT Ferry office and a boat shop. Members of the Colfax Cartel hang out here.
Franklin-A somewhat poor community with the RNG Radio Tower, a Maibatsu dealership, shops (most of which pay protection to the Cartel) and houses. The Gaelic Mob has heavy influence here.
Downtown Colfax-Colfax's business district. Headquarters for many big, multinational corporations can be found here. Heat Stadium is here, which is sponsored by the Heat clothing company, it is home to the Monroe Injuns football team.
Bloomberg-An upscale community, with restaurants, stores, discos and strip clubs. Here you can find luxury cars, sports cars and sports bikes.
Maxaco-Colfax's red light district. Strip clubs and brothels make up the majority of businesses here, with the other spots filled with flats, restaurants, a fire station, a large abandoned warehouse and some cheap motels. It also overlooks the river, perfect if you've committed some heinous crime and have to escape from the police.

user posted image

Not only does the police and politicians control the city, gangs and vigilantes run the city as much as the politicians do.


Monroe Metropolitan Area Police Department

The MPD was founded in January 2009 when the Monroe Police Department merged with the police departments of the Monroe Suburbs. They drive around in white-and-red police cruisers, using standard-issue glocks and shotguns.

The MPD is best known for their brutality when it comes to street thugs and everyday joes, and their cowardice when it comes to organized crime groups, thanks to chief Pokrajac opting to release every criminal affiliated with a gang.

Übernahme Security

A private military company headed by Lucius Henschel. The MPD, unwilling to pay and equip a full-time SWAT team, has turned to Übernahme Security, hiring them whenever regular police departments would use a SWAT team.

They are equipped with Huntley Defenders, an armored vehicle that served in the Scottish Civil War, for riot control, and using Vulcar D-Classes for regular combat situations. They also have an extensive number of APCs and Tanks, but federal law prohibits them from operating within state limits. However, they are equipped with XM8 rifles, stright out of the Übernahme research labs. Their versatility and multiple uses have made them a favorite amongst mercenaries and an envy of other companies.



Type: Street gang
Leader: Andre Hickson- Once a high school football prodigy in Palomino Creek. During his third year, one of his teachers gave him an "F", causing him to be disqualified from the football team. He attacked that teacher with a screwdriver and dropped out after two days. Hickson moved to Monroe C.D. when he was 17 and settled in a run-down apartment in the ghettos of Monroe, where he joined a small street gang and rapidly moved up its ranks. He always talks about how he would be playing in the NFL if his life hadn't changed.
Colors: Black and Yellow
Weapons: Baseball Bat, 9mm Pistol, Micro Uzi
Vehicles: Yellow Declasse Sabre GT w/ black stripe
Crimes: Robbery, assault, homicide, vandalism, vehicle theft

Celtic Crosses MC

Type: Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
Leader: Rhys Drwg- A violent outlaw of Welsh Decent, Rhys Drwg founded the Celtic Crosses MC in 1987 and it has since became a large motorcycle gang with chapters in all major cities. The only requirements to join? Own a bike, have Celtic Blood in you, and hate any and all kinds of autority.
Colors: Green & Black
Weapons: Baseball Bat, Glock, Sawn-off Shotgun, AK-47
Vehicles: Angel, Wayfarer, Freeway, Hellfury
Crimes: Robbery, Arms Dealing

Los Pendejos

Type: Hispanic street gang
Leader: Esteban Palermo - a Mexican immigrant who once worked as a mechanic in San Andreas. Moved to Bennett County in 2004 and started his own chop shop there, without a business permit. The MPD have continually trying to shut down Palermo's chop shop, until he got fed up and shot down two cops. He then banded with a few other of his Mexican friends and formed Los Pendejos in 2005.
Colors: Light & Dark Blue
Weapons: Brass Knuckles, Knife, 9mm Pistol
Vehicles: 2-tone light & dark blue Voodoos, Sabers, and other muscle cars.
Crimes: Illegal street racing, vehicle theft

Scourge of Allah

Type: International terrorist group
Leader: Karim Abdul-Wahad. He is responsible for a lot of hijackings, bombings and other terrorist acts on the East coast since 1994, including the Vice Point Langer bombing in 1999 that killed 21 people and the assassination of former Monroe C.D. Mayor Christopher Dixon in 2001. This master of several different combat styles lives in a heavily-guarded but secret location in Braddock (The basement of a hoarded house for sale)
Colors: Beige with Arabian markings
Weapons: MP7, AK47, Rocket Launcher (very rarely)
Vehicles: Beige Sanchez, numerous vans and light trucks
Crimes: Terrorism, arms-dealing, assassination

Colfax Cartel

Type: Street Gang
Leader: Ramon Garcia-A former Venezuelan drug lord. After being chased out of Venezuela by Venezuelan police, due to not getting a cut of Ramon's drugs and profits, Ramon settled into Vice City, where the process was repeated again. This happened many times as he moved up the east coast, before settling in Colfax.
Colors: Red
Weapons: B92, Uzi, AK-47
Vehicles: Metallic red Burrito & Mule
Crimes: Drug-dealing, robbery, assault

Name: Ruska Rebels

Type: Street gang
Leader: Sergei Nevsky - Once a small-time criminal in his native Russia, he moved to Monroe CD in 1996 and settled in Avariya, where he allied with other Soviet-born thugs. The gang hates Americans, harassing them, destroying their property, and playing their music too loudly at traffic lights. They love listening to Radio Bloc, taking their name after the band "Ruska".
Colors: Gray & Dark Gray
Weapons: Steel Pipe, Glock, MAC-10
Vehicles: Dark gray Seppuku Custom, Sentinel
Crimes: Drug-dealing, destruction of property, assault, vandalism

McGreggor Family

Type: Mafia
Leader: Gavin McGreggor-A Scottish Civil War Veteran who fought some of the first battles of the war under Neil Myall's command. However, he and another group of soldiers disbanded from Neil's company, and took the war into their own hands, destroying British Strongholds without orders and executing British Journalists. When they were ordered back for a court marshal, they fled to Monroe and started a mob, controlling Little Belfast, Franklin, and other areas.
Colors: Black and Grey
Weapons: B92, Uzi, AK-47
Vehicles: Custom Black Iverness with spoilers and rear window blinds.
Crimes: Protection, Prostitution

user posted image

Lots of people run this city. From the politicians to the criminals. Everybody has a say.

*Mike "Trey" Stevens-The protagonist: The face of Monroe's nightlife and espionage, Trey owns "Club OR-bit", "Digital Underground", and "Eurobeat", three of the Monroe Area's most popular nightclubs. He works frequently with the "Three Princes", telling them about the criminal underworld that he hosts. However, he also acts as a "Middleman" in many conflicts, specifically the Ubernahme Group Vs. Shaw Corporation feud, handing off documents and other sensitive files, while managing to start some rumors of his own in the process. He drives a heavily modified Futo GT and lives in a penthouse in Alexandria with his girlfriend Raven.

Trey is often a laid-back individual, who often has too much free time on his hands. He is nearly emotionless and holds back his feelings, often letting it out at inappropriate times. He is best friends with Craig (Who he's known since elementary school), with Neil as a friend to some degree, similar to a business relationship. He only sees Dave as a “Cynical downer” and only as an acquaintance/friend of a friends. He has a hatred for rednecks, claiming that they’re the reason the country is in such a bad state. He also has a very low opinion of the police, calling them “Pigs” and criticizing them for their corruption and frequent police brutality. Trey is known to have a very poor sense of humor, and is prone to laughing at even the worst jokes and puns. He has a love for anything related to video games, anime, drifting, and pornography. He also never makes future plans, opting to play "Everything by ear", and is therefore heavily disorganized due to that. According to dialogue within the game, Trey puts excessive amounts of aftershave on.

Surname: Stevens

First Name: Mike, (Trey)

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Vice City, Florida

Affiliations: "Three Princes" vigilante group, various corporations and gangs

Criminal Record:

2006 - Wreckless Driving (Drifting down I-95)
2006 - Wreckless Driving (Drifting down I-95 during Christmas rush hour)
2008 - Tampering with state property
2010 - Hit and Run (Hit hitchhiker while Drifting down I-95 during rush hour during Christmas rush hour)
2011 - Public Indecency (Masturbating furiously to "Princess Robot Bubblegum: The Movie")
Owner of nightclubs throughout the Monroe C.D. Metropolitan area.
Frequently visits Anime/Japanese shops.
Has close ties with many members of the "Three Princes".

**Neil Myall-One of the Three Princes, war hero Neil Myall was a captain in his home country of Scotland, leading his firesquad throughout the Scottish Highlands, fighting the British in the name of Scottish Independence. After Scotland became independent in 2007, he fled to America, due to the high number of Scottish officers being killed by anti-independence assassins. He and his brothers decided to start a new life in Los Santos, hoping to make a movie about the Scottish War of Independence. However, their flight was grounded in Monroe due to weather, and he's been making a living as a vigilante ever since, working alongside Craig and Dave, and is nicknamed the "Prince Of Peace" by residents of Alexandria.

Neil is a very shy individual who suffers from OCD and, thanks to the Scottish Civil War, Antisocial Personality Disorder, limiting his face-to-face social interaction to his friends and very close friends, such as Craig & Dave. Because of this, he confines himself to Apartment, watching war movies and making models. He is proud of his Scottish Culture, and drives a grey Willard with numerous bumper stickers. Whenever the player calls him for backup, he'll bring an Uzi. His special friendship ability is that he'll rig Trey's car with a bomb.

Surname: Myall

First Name: Neil

Age: 25

Place of Birth: Mallaig, Scotland

Affiliations: "Three Princes" vigilante group

Criminal Record:

2009 - Grand Theft Auto
2009 - Assault
20011 - Manslaughter

Former war hero of the Scottish Civil War, single-handedly led a fireteam of troops to victory against the British on the Isle of Unst
Well Known vigilante, works out of Alexandriia, known as "Prince of Peace" by residents
Commonly seen attending Miniature Wargaming conventions and Battle Reenacments.
Known bodyguard to Mike "Trey" Stevens, nightclub owner.

**Craig Miller-One of the three princes, Craig Miller was a former helicopter pilot in the Virginia National Guard. After being discharged after violently attacking a protester during "Occupy Monroee", he decided to settle down in his hometown and become a vigilante, as the used car salesman job his parents suggested to him made him insane. When he's not catching criminals and doing other tasks that the police fail in, he helps his childhood friend Trey run "Digital Underground".

Craig is highly neurotic, often overreacting to everyday situations. He has an anger management problem, and is labeled as a “Homicidal Maniac” by others, due to his trait of freaking out whenever things don’t go exactly as planned. Craig, according to himself, has no fear, and often chooses more dangerous activities over ordinary, everyday activities. He is highly politically incorrect, often using slurs & nicknames while referring to people. He has an addiction to Hardstyle music, fratire novels, and video games. He lives in his parent's basement and owns a large HO scale model railroad, which is the butt of many jokes. Whenever the player calls Craig for backup, he brings a Cobray Streetsweeper. His special friendship ability is that he can pick Trey up in a (stolen) helicopter and fly him to any location for free.

Surname: Miller

First Name: Craig

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia

Affiliations: "Three Princes" vigilante group

Criminal Record:

2008 - Possession of a controlled substance on federal grounds
2008 - Assault on an officer
2009 - Disorderly Conduct

Known to "Flip" whenever confronted by law enforcement officers, or other figures of authority
Suffers from either OCD or anger issues: we haven't decided which
Uncle, Morris Miller, was a successful police officer who recently retired & is working as a private investigator in Leonard

**Dave Welwyn-One of the three princes & Neil’s Best friend. He was born in 1990 and grew up in Alexandria. He went to school with Craig and Trey, where Trey & Craig became close friends up until he graduated High School in 2008. Dave then joined the army, where he was stationed at PHV in Heidelberg. Germany, where he learned to drive trains and how to snipe. When he has discharged, he inherited his parent’s house in Alexandria, while they went to retire in Florida. Dave then got married and floated from job to job, including a forklift driver, engineer, electrician, cab driver, roadie, Burger Shot cashier, and a Carpenter, until his wife divorced him.

Dave is often viewed as a depressed individual, while nobody, not even Dave himself, completely understands why he’s depressed (Which is one of the contributing factors as to why Trey dislikes him). Dave speaks with a heavy "Gulf Accent", a variant of an American Southern Accent. He is an avid conspiracy theorist, consulting as to what sunk the SS. Edmund Fitzgerald throughout the course of the game. Dave is Neil's best friend, and is often called a “Kiss-ass” by others, due to his loyalty. He is an avid collector of Vinyl records, owning half a million dollars worth of records. He also takes interest in restoring classic cars, restoring a Helenbach throughout the course of the game. Whenever the player calls Dave for backup, he brings a Dragunov. His special friendship ability is that he’ll pick up Trey in his Helenbach and deliver him to any location for free.

Surname: Welwyn

First Name: Dave

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia

Affiliations: "Three Princes" vigilante group

Criminal Record:

2006 - Breaking and Entering (Broke into electric substation-found sobbing heavily and touching electrical boxes)
2008 - Disorderly Conduct (Ran into traffic on I-95 numerous times, narrowly being hit by cars)
2009 - Assault on a mentaly challenged adult
2010 - Insurance fraud (Threw self in front of bus, claimed it was a "Suicide attempt"

Unable to hold job: Fired from the Louisiana Northern, ARN, Panlantic, and numerous other companies
Commonly seen around Neil Myall
Has thick Gulf accent
Known to be suicidal

*Will Bauer - A Pro-Communist German immigrant from the DDR. Born from a Bosnian mother and an East German father, Will provides numerous gangs and vigilante groups with firearms. Other than that, he owns a warehouse in Colfax that serves as a front for his arms smuggling business. He drives a black Adriatic and can sell you heavy firepower out of his house in Leonard, after the police run him out of Colfax.

Surname: Bauer
First Name: Will
Age: 36
Place of Birth: Dresden, Germany
Affiliations: Numerous gangs and vigilante groups
Criminal Record:

2000 - Driving Without a Licence
2001 - Driving While Intoxicated
2003 - Hit 'n Run
2005 - Possession of Illegal firearm (numerous field-stripped AK-47s found in garage)
2006 - Accessory to Robbery
2010 - Armed Robbery
2010 - Resisting Arrest


Immigrated to America in 1998 after being threatened by anti-communism groups
Known to be pro-communist
Always manages to find a way to get his car out of the police impound lot.

*Raven Lewis-Trey's girlfriend since High School. She lives in the same apartment as Trey and is the only one who can tolerate his weaboo antics. She also encourages Trey to stay away from a life of crime, partly because her own father was a counterfeiter and was shot at the back by a police officer on the eve of her 18th birthday. Coincidentaly, the cop who killed her dad was Craig uncle. However, her exhibitionist ways have gotten here an MPD record:

Surname: Lewis
First Name: Raven
Age: 22
Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia
Affiliations: None
Criminal Record:

2008 - Accessory to Vandalism
2009 - Public Urination (Urinated against parked police cruiser)
2009 - Vandalism of State Property (Urinated against parked police cruiser
2010 - Streaking
2012 - Public Nudity (Swimming in lake naked)


Current Girlfriend of Mike "Trey" Stevens
Father, Reynold Lewis, was a former counter fitter who was shot down by one of our finest.

*Santino Sciovaldi-Mayor of Monroe C.D. (Republican). His mayoral campaign was entirely funded by Shaw Corp. His plans include destroying all gang activity in the city (actually a plan to eliminate the Shaw Corporation's rivals). Survived assassination when a masked man attempted to shoot him in the head during his inauguration.

*Martin Marshall- Monroe's vice mayor. Secretly plotting to kill Sciovaldi to take his place. He actually paid the masked man to shoot Sciovaldi during the latter's inauguration so he can take over as full-time mayor.

*Radovan Pokrajec- Formerly a mall cop in his hometown of Klanjec, he is Monroe's cowardly police chief. He's the reason why gang activity in the Monroe Metropolitan Area has risen 33% since 2008. When one of his men turns in a criminal, he asks him if he is a member of any gang. If he is, Radovan immediately orders him to be released, out of fear that the gang might order an attack on him. He's even scared of the Crimson Thunder and is the reason why he hasn't been arrested yet.

*Edward Henschel-A 59 year old German immigrant who moved to Avariya in 1971 and started the branded venture capital coglamerate, the "Übernahme Group", which owns many companies, not to mention the newly-built rail system, a PMC, and numerous other ventures.

*Marcus Henschel-The first-born son of Edward Henschel. He is the head of the "Übernahme video game" division, which is best-known for hit video game titles such as "Homeland", and the "Criminal Germany" series. He is known for commonly getting in trouble, both in the company and in the eyes of the law. He has an MPD record:

Surname: Henschel

First Name: Marcus

Age: 27

Place of Birth: Hagen, Germany

Affiliations: Übernahme Group", various criminal rings

Criminal Record:

2004 - Possession Of Stolen Property (CD, "50 Hardstyle Hits")
2004 - Sexual Harassment On An Officer (Female)
2006- Vandalism Of Private Propertey

Son of Edward Henschel, head of "Übernahme Group"
Video game designer, best know for "Criminal Germany"
Known to frequent nightclubs

*Lucius Henschel- Edward Henschel's second son and Marcus' younger brother. Head of "Ubernahme Security", a subsidiary of Ubernahme Group which offers Private Military services. Cruel and brutal by nature; once beat up his limo driver for tuning into City7. Unlike his brother, he has no room for fun, has no room for compromise, and won't take "no" for an answer.

Surname: Henschel
First Name: Lucius
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Hagen, Germany
Affiliations: Übernahme Group, various vigilante groups
Criminal Record:
2008 - Assault
2009 - Assault
2009 - Destruction of Property
2009 - Hit 'n Run
2010 - Possession of Illegal Firearms (AK47, Sawnoff Shotgun found in Seminary Ridge mansion)
Affiliated with vigilante groups, including "Three Princes" and "Crimson Thunder"
Son of Edward Henschel. Head of Ubernahme Security
Has anger-management issues (known to beat up random people, curse and smash things when angry or drunk)

*Megan Lockhart- Marcus Henschel's girlfriend, an emo chick. Marcus met her at "Nightcore Night" at Digital Underground. She once worked as a cashier in 24/7, but got fired because she kept stealing the money to fund her weed addiction, and later turned to Marcus to fund her habits. Edward Henschel does not approve of her as his firstborn's girlfriend. She and Trey once had a one-night stand.

**Ronald Shaw-Media magnate, father of City7 DJ Angela Shaw. Plans to demolish Fort Clover for housing development, much to the dismay of history fans. He rides in a black, bulletproof limousine.

**Jackson Ward- One of Shaw Corporation's chief engineers. He sends plans for the development project to the rival Ubernahme conglomerate in exchange for drug money. He drives a light blue Willard Faction.

**Cam Jefferson- Another one of Shaw Corporation's engineers. Unlike Ward, he is very faithful to the company. After he discovers Ward's true intentions, however, he gets pushed from the top of the Monroe Monument and, miraculously, gets wheelchair-bound.

*Howard "Crimson Thunder" Brandon- Corpses of known criminals have been spotted all over Colfax, with their hands and legs bound, their necks snapped and a lightning bolt carved into their chests. This is the work of "Crimson Thunder", the city's most well-known vigilante.

Surname: Brandon
First Name: Howard "Crimson Thunder"
Age: 39
Place of Birth: Cumberland, Maryland
Affiliations: Various vigilante groups
Criminal Record:
1998-Manslaughter (3 Counts)
2004-Attempted Murder
2008-Evading Arrest
Former Panlantic Construction employee. Got drunk during the company's Christmas party in 1998. Pulled out a .357 Magnum and fired six shots, killing two officemates and a bystander, and injuring three other officemates.
Moved to Monroe C.D. in 2004, started his vigilante career there. Moved to Colfax in 2009.
Marks his victims with a lightning bolt carved on the stomach.
Has never been arrested. MPD chief afraid of him.

*Charles Ellis-A veteran of the Australian-American War, Ellis experienced "Shell Shock" and killed his wife and three daughters in 1972. Lived alone in a raised ranch in Braddock until he got evicted by the health department. Now lives inside a dilapidated Boxville in Odezia with his shotgun.

*Uriah B. Kester - a 55-year-old film enthusiast. Operates Tragedy Films out of his house in Lightsview. He has been arrested for driving along the Truman Highway with a naked woman strapped to his car's hood, which he claims is a stunt for one of his next films.

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Posted 24 December 2011 - 06:17 AM

This is a real nice concept, I have ideas for a new radio station, it's mostly pop-rock but I noticed you have already a lot of rock stations.

Let me know if you need more ideas on something, I'd be happy to help.

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Posted 24 December 2011 - 07:01 AM

This is quite cool. In-fact Alderney is my favorite place in the game!!! Be it Leftwood, Acter, or Tudor. The entire city/island of Aldereney itself is just purely amazing cool.gif

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QUOTE (Mr White0161 @ Saturday, Dec 24 2011, 07:01)
This is quite cool. In-fact Alderney is my favorite place in the game!!! Be it Leftwood, Acter, or Tudor. The entire city/island of Aldereney itself is just purely amazing cool.gif

yes it is. Alderney "Blends together" so perfectly, right?

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Posted 25 December 2011 - 11:57 PM

Please add my stations as well, I'll send you some more weapons and characters

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QUOTE (Don Giovanni @ Sunday, Dec 25 2011, 23:57)
Please add my stations as well, I'll send you some more weapons and characters

it's a concept city, not a concept thread

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Posted 02 January 2012 - 04:02 AM

Sorry for the double post, but i had to bump the thread to say:

after collaborating with Bugoy, I think that this thread has "gone gold", meaning that it is now presentable to the members of GTA forums

feel free to enjoy.

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Posted 03 January 2012 - 10:25 AM

Avariya?? That doesnt excist.?

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Posted 03 January 2012 - 03:16 PM

Read on. After Alderney City was overrun by eastern europeans in 2009, the city renamed the district after "Diskoteka Avariya", having no idea that "Avariya" meant "Accident" in russian

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Posted 03 January 2012 - 06:58 PM

Why use word if you don't know it's meaning?

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Posted 03 January 2012 - 07:07 PM

QUOTE (Tycek @ Tuesday, Jan 3 2012, 18:58)
Why use word if you don't know it's meaning?

That's the entire point of the joke

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Posted 08 January 2012 - 06:37 PM

There are a lot of Used Auto part places all around Alderney in areas such as Normandy, Tudor, and Acter. You could possibly add those as some sort of chop-shop business. Also Alderney has Port Tudor and through out the island there are small yards filled with containers, so maybe smuggling?

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Posted 08 January 2012 - 10:23 PM

QUOTE (Mr White0161 @ Sunday, Jan 8 2012, 18:37)
There are a lot of Used Auto part places all around Alderney in areas such as Normandy, Tudor, and Acter. You could possibly add those as some sort of chop-shop business. Also Alderney has Port Tudor and through out the island there are small yards filled with containers, so maybe smuggling?

sounds good. but the hard thing is the fact that i'm not writing this as a game, but rather as a "universe" with many stories intertwining with one another (shaw corp. vs ubermhine ((i think)) group, vigilantees vs cops, etc.) but still, good idea

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 07:28 PM

I sent you a PM about adding new songs to the current stations and new stations in general

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Posted 16 January 2012 - 08:02 PM

QUOTE (Don Giovanni @ Monday, Jan 16 2012, 19:28)
I sent you a PM about adding new songs to the current stations and new stations in general

indeed, and i got it

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Posted 24 January 2012 - 06:00 AM

More stuff has been added. This deserves a bump.

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 10:29 PM

QUOTE (bugoy @ Tuesday, Jan 24 2012, 06:00)
More stuff has been added. This deserves a bump.

indeed it does!

i might even work on a "newspaper" section, and add a few more radio stations once unrated gets back to me

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 10:47 PM

Is there no story? It's a lovely city concept nonetheless.

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 10:55 PM

QUOTE (akavari112 @ Friday, Jan 27 2012, 22:47)
Is there no story? It's a lovely city concept nonetheless.

indeed it has, and without bugoy or don giovanni, this wouldnt have gotten off the ground much

anyway, the reason why theres no story is so the reader can make up their own, with either the given characters, or even make up their own. I'm considering adding a newspaper under the 'businesses' section to showcase some possible plot points (robberies, terrorist acts, etc.)

after all, who knows? When i gain the experience and turn this into a mod, i might throw in a good story!

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Posted 29 January 2012 - 04:28 AM

More stuff added again...BUMP!

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Posted 05 February 2012 - 01:58 PM

QUOTE (bugoy @ Sunday, Jan 29 2012, 04:28)
More stuff added again...BUMP!

indeed it has!

now we patiently await feedback & ideas, which we kindly accept

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Posted 18 February 2012 - 12:13 AM Edited by universetwisters, 02 March 2012 - 08:53 PM.

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 1:

"Take The Long Way Home"

The camera opens up on the dusk skyline of Monroe C.D, and switches to a fast-paced drive through of the city, focusing on monuments as the opening credits roll as the "Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D." theme plays in the background.

After the opening credits, the camera then pans over to the nightclub “Digital Underground”, where Neil and Dave are sitting in the office, having a “mock battle” with Miniature Wargaming figures on a coffee table. Craig watches the battle as Trey frantically shuffles through papers

Neil: Alright Dave, looks like your tanks have me infantry surrounded.
Dave: Yea, yea, uh…wanna surrender now?
Neil: Nah. I’ll just fight through them.
Dave: You sure-
Trey: Guys, if you wanna play with toy soldiers, then go-
Dave: These aren’t toys, these are-
Trey: I know, like I haven’t heard it a dozen times before. *Imitates Southern accent similar to Dave's.* This isn’t a toy, this is a 1:87th scale model imported from Germany-
Dave: -Austria.
Trey: *Switches back to his regular accent* Does it matter? Seriously, if you’re just gonna sit around and play with toy tanks all night, then you may as well go.
Dave: But I’m not bugging you-
Trey: Yea, you kinda are. I mean, I can’t focus on these numbers without you and Neil yelling army terms at each other.
Craig: You’re just mad ‘cause you weren’t in the army.

Craig, Neil, and Dave laugh

Trey: Yea, whatever. Anyway, Craig, the numbers for your club is really low. I mean, real low.
Craig: How low?
Trey: Uh…*Looks at paper* Only about two month’s worth of rent left.
Craig: sh*t man…that’s real low.
Trey: Yea, now we gotta get our heads out our asses and start making some serious cash, or we can kiss all of our hard work goodbye.
Craig: Okay, what do you want me to do about it?
Trey: For one, you can stop wasting money on water cannons and sh*t. I mean, if you wanna be sprayed by a water cannon, go out and protest the government, don’t come to a club.

Trey glances over at a nearby clock

Trey: sh*t, it’s getting late, and I gotta roll.
Neil: Oi, mind if I come with?
Trey: Sure. Anyway, Craig, Dave, I’ll see you gentlemen later-
Dave: See ya, Neil.
Craig: *Same time as Dave* Later on.

Neil and Trey exit the office and walk out to Trey’s Futo GT, which is parked out on the street. On the way there, Neil & Trey have a conversation

Trey: Neil, man, need me to drop you off at your bro’s place?
Neil: Nah, just drop me off at the hobby shop, I gotta pick some stuff up.
Trey chuckles a little

Trey: It’s funny how you, Dave, and Craig are all into those models and sh*t. I mean, you guys have a real railroad within walking distance!
Neil: Yea, well, Craig’s the train nerd, not me or Dave.
Trey: Oh yea, you guys’re into tanks and sh*t. Then why don’t you guys re-enlist into the army?

They reach Trey’s car. Trey pulls out a key ring and picks through keys as Neil continues the conversation

Neil: Hey, don’t even joke about that. War’s an ugly thing, and if you think war is nothing but adventure and sh*ts and giggles, you’ve been playing too much video games..
Trey: Dude, chill. I don’t mean nothing by it.

Trey unlocks his car and starts the engine as Neil gets in the passenger seat. The camera then pans over to the back of the car

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to drive to the hobby shop in Del Rio. On the way, a conversation erupts.

Neil: Hey, uh, can I ask you a serious question?
Trey: Sure, go for it.
Neil: What’s up with you and Dave?
Trey: Sorry?
Neil: I mean, do you guys hate each other, or what, ‘cause I can tell there’s a lot of tension between you two.
Trey: No, I mean, I’ve known him since elementary school, and I like him as a friend, but he’s not that fun to hang around with.
Neil: Why? He seems pretty cool.
Trey: Yea, but he’s a cynical downer. If he’s not talking about records or conspiracy theories, he’s talking about all the sh*t he’s going through.
Neil: You know what friendship is, right? It’s looking out for each other and having each other’s backs, regardless of what they’re going through.
Trey: Yea, but doesn’t it get annoying to you, having him switch from old vinyl records to NOOSE concentration camps to how he’d kill himself if he had the opportunity?
Neil: I guess he needs some help. We could all use help.
Trey: Neil, I’m gonna tell you something, and I never want you to forget it, no matter what.
Neil: Uh…okay?
Trey: You need friends to have power, and you need power to have friends…you got that?
Neil: Uh…I guess so. Something about needing to have power to have friends.
Trey: And needing friends to have power.
Neil: So…we’re just accessories to your plots?
Trey: I wouldn’t put it that way, because without…uh…
Neil: Just confused yourself?

Neil laughs

Trey: It’s a never-ending circle, I guess. I'm gonna need time to think about it.

The player arrives at the hobby shop. A short cutscene occurs

Neil: Hey, cheers for the ride.
Trey: Don’t mention it.
Neil: Yea. Also, if you want, go pay Dave a visit. He told me that he had some stuff to do and needed some help.
Trey: Yea, probably.

Neil exits the car

The player regains control of Trey. The player is then instructed to drive to Trey's penthouse

The player arrives at Trey’s penthouse. Upon arrival, a cutscene occurs

Trey walks into his penthouse and finds Raven, his roommate, in the kitchen making a sandwich

Raven: Trey, hey, what’s up?
Trey: Nothing much. Craig’s running digital underground into the hole, don’t think it’ll be long ‘till it’s gotta shut down.
Raven: Bummer.
Trey: Indeed.
Raven: Anyway, coming to bed?
Trey: What? It’s still early out.
Raven: But I gotta wake up early for a job interview.
Trey: You’re getting a job?
Raven nods

Trey: Where?
Raven: Down at Blue Dragon.
Trey: They're interviewing people now instead of just taking applications? Fancy.
Raven: Yep. Good Night.
They kiss as Raven goes into the bedroom. Trey walks over to the window and looks out it with his arms folded

Mission Passed

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Posted 18 February 2012 - 02:06 PM

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 2:

"Rough Riders"

Trey walks up to Dave’s front door and knocks on it as Dave walks past him taking a trash can to the curb. Dave double-takes and notices Trey

Dave: Trey, what’s up?
Trey: Hey, uh…

Trey walks over to Dave

Trey: Neil told me that you might need some help with something, and I thought I might help you with that…something.
Dave chuckles

Dave: Yep. Come on.

Dave walks Trey over to his Picador

Trey: Let me guess. Vigilante work.
Dave: Vigilante work indeed.
Trey: I see. I call driver.
Dave: You always drive.
Trey: Deal with it.

They enter the Picador. Dave turns on a police radio

Dave: Just got this new police radio.
Trey: I see.
Radio: We’ve got a 2-11 in progress at the Alexandria Lombank, any nearby units please respond.

Dave smirks

Dave: That’s us…you got protection?
Trey: Really?
Dave: Yea, I case anything bad would happen, do you have any protection?
Trey: Alright, fine.

Trey pulls a condom out of his pants pocket and laughs. Dave groans and gives Trey a P-38 out of the glove compartment

Trey: Woah, isn’t this, like, one of those Nazi German guns?
Dave: Yea, but that one’s just some cheap Hungarian knock-off that I picked up at Ammu-Nation.
Trey: I see.
Dave: Anyway, let’s roll.

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to drive to the Lombank in Del Rio. On the way, a conversation erupts

Trey: Alright, Dave, what’s the plan?
Dave: We go in, wave our guns at the robbers, they get arrested, I take you back to my place for beer and pretzels.
Trey: Sounds like a good plan to me.

They arrive at the Lombank. Upon arrival, a cutscene occurs

Dave and Trey exit Dave's picador. Trey cocks his P-38 back as Dave pulls a glock out of his jacket

Dave: Ready, Kemo Sabe?
Trey: Ready for those beer and pretzels, yea.

Dave grins as he & Trey kick the door in and point their guns at a group of three robbers. The robbers point their guns at Dave & Trey. Dave screams as he rushes one of the robbers and kicks the gun out of his hand. Trey runs up behind the gun-less robber and uses him as a human shield, shooting at the other two robbers before shooting the third robber in the head. Dave walks up to him

Dave: Your thug-killing skills are remarkable.
Trey: And you always said video games were a bad thing.
Dave: Yea, it'd be best to get out of here before the pigs show up.
Trey: I think so. Anyway, meet back at yours?
Dave: Yea, later on.

They both part ways-Trey heads out the front door, Dave heads out the back door. Right as Trey exits the front door, he sees two police cruisers pull up

The player gains control of Trey. They player is instructed to escape the police, and a two-star wanted level

The player escaped the police

Mission Massed

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Posted 19 February 2012 - 10:28 PM Edited by universetwisters, 19 February 2012 - 10:32 PM.

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 3:

"Stealing The Shipment"

Trey walks into Dave's garage and finds Dave huddled over a chart atop the hood of his picador as "Love The One You're With" plays in the background over the radio. Dave fails to notice Trey's entrance.

Trey: Yo!
Dave: *Muttering through teeth*Aw sh*t.
Dave throws the chart off the hood of his car and awkwardly leans on his car facing Trey

Dave: Hey man, uh...what's up?
Trey: You...you told me to meet you here after I lost the heat.
Dave: Really? Yea...yea you did, I remember now.
Trey: You okay man?
Dave picks up his chart and cleans up the mess he made as he and Trey continue the conversation

Dave: Yea, I'm fine...almost gave me a heart attack, I tell you what.
Trey: *Chuckles* I bet I did. Anyway, what's all this?
Dave: Just...doing some research.
Trey: Research on?
Dave: *Hesitates for a moment* Boats.
Trey: What about boats?
Dave: Nothing important, anyway, I just heard that some bikers-
Trey: Edmund Fitzgerald, isn't it?
Dave: What?
Trey nods over to a corkboard, which has numerous pictures of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, along with maps, charts, and various questions ("Did Gordon Lightfoot himself sink the Edmund?", "Were the Soviets trying to attack the Fitz?", etc.)

Dave: Uh...anyway, the Bikers are getting a shipment of Spank brought in from Columbia by ship. If we can go to the docks, steal their shipment, and blow it up, that'd be pretty cool.
Trey: Okay, I'm down.
They both walk out of the garage

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to grab a car and drive to the docks. On the way there, a conversation erupts

Trey: How do you know about this shipment?
Dave: I've got connections.
Trey: Oh, really?
Dave: Yea, really. Not as much as the metro, but I've still got some connections.
Trey: I'm afraid to ask who your connections are.
Dave: I'm afraid to tell you, to be honest. It's above top secret.

The player arrives at the docks. A gang of bikers are closing the back doors to a Mule as the Mule drives away. A few bikers get on their bikes and escort the Mule

Trey: sh*t, we're too late!
Dave: Not quite. We can hijack the truck and run it into the water.

The player re-gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to get the truck to stop and kill the bikers. While doing so, a conversation erupts

Trey: Why not destroy it here?
Dave: Trey, the best way to get rid of Spank is to get it to dissolve in water. I thought you'd know that, being a nightclubber.
Trey: Really? I was always told that the best way to get rid of Spank was through my nose.
Dave: Anyway, once the truck stops, get in it and ditch it in the water. I'll take the car and distract the bikers.
Trey: I think they'd much rather go after this truck than you.
Dave: You don't know much about the Celtic Crosses, do you? These are blood hungry motherf*ckers. If you look at them the wrong way, you're most likely gonna get a knife through the eye.
Trey: Hmm. Guess that's where you come in.

The truck stops. The player is instructed to enter the truck and drive it into a body of water as Dave takes control of the player's car & the bikers chase after him

The player drives the truck into a body of water

Mission Passed

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 12:45 AM Edited by universetwisters, 20 February 2012 - 01:31 AM.

Grand Theft Auto:Monroe C.D. Mission 4:


During free roam, Trey will get a call from Raven

Trey: Hey Raven, what's up-
Raven: f*ck, Trey! Some dudes showed up at the game store and took me!
Trey: Wait, what?
Raven: Some Irish dudes just showed up, fired a few shots in the air, and f*cking kidnapped me!
Trey: Oh sh*t...where you at?
Raven: Some projects down in Little Belfast. You close?
Trey: I can get there. Do you know which apartment you're in?
Raven: I'm in the far north building, I just don't know which apartment.
Trey: Can you at least guess?
Raven: Uh, it had a red door.
Trey: Gee. Thanks for narrowing the search down to about fifty.
Raven: Can't you hear them? They're partying hard! Just listen for some heavy metal sh*t.
Trey: Alright, I'll do my best.

The player is instructed to go to the housing projects in Little Belfast

The player arrives at the housing projects. The player is then instructed to find the apartment Raven's held up in by listening out for loud metal music playing from one of the apartments. Eventually, the player will find the apartment, and upon discovery, a short animation of Trey kicking the door open will play

Trey: Here's Trey!

The player is instructed to kill all the Irish thugs in the projects before reaching Raven, who holed herself up in the bathroom. Upon reaching the bathroom, a short cutscene will occur

Trey looks around cautiously, looking for Raven. He finds a closed door. He takes a P-38 out of his pocket and holds it in one hand as he slowly opens the door with the other, poking the pistol through the door's crack. Suddenly, his arm flies back as the door swings open. Trey looks around anxiously as he tries to figure out what happened, when he becomes tackled to the ground. The camera pulls out to reveal that Raven tackled Trey. Raven, upon realizing that she tackled Trey, smiles slightly and gets up

Raven: Sorry about that, thought you were-
Trey: One of those Clovers?
Raven: Yep. You want help getting up?
Trey: Nah...I like the view.
Raven laughs and helps him up

Raven: Lets get out of here, man.
Trey: Good idea. You good for a gun?
Raven: Yep, got one of theirs. Now come on, lets go home.
Raven and Trey walk out of the apartment arm-in-arm

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to kill a few Irish thugs attempting to rush you with bats before driving Raven back to Trey's apartment. While doing so, a conversation erupts

Trey: So, what happened?
Raven: Well, I got the job, and I was restocking the shelves with some copies of that new fps-
Trey: "Army Of America"?
Raven: No, "Battlefront: Bosnia". Anyway, some Irish hoods came in and started shooting their guns up into the air, stealing sh*t, and one of them saw me, took me back to that slum of theirs, and had their way with me.
Trey: Wow. You're...uh...you're really chill for just being raped.
Raven: None of them were as wide as you.
Trey: I'm f*cking touched.
Raven: But seriously, width matters, and-
Trey: Look, Raven, I appreciate the compliments, but If you want to sit around and talk about dicks, go talk to Craig.
Raven: Oh, speaking of Craig, can you drop me off at Digital Underground? I wanna get my dance on!
Trey: Sure.

The player arrives at Digital Underground

Raven: So, uh...thanks for the ride, and thanks for saving me.
Trey: No problem. See you back home, yea?
Raven: Yep. Take it easy.

Raven exits Trey's car and walks into Digital Underground

Mission Passed

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 02:23 PM

Grand Theft Auto: Monroe C.D. Mission 5:


Trey walks into Craig's basement and finds him running model trains.

Trey: Yo!
Craig: *Notices Trey* Hey man.
Trey: Still playing with trains?
Craig: Yep. Same as last week.
Trey: I see. Anyway, wanna hang?
Craig: By "Hang", you mean "follow terrorists around", right?
Trey: What?
Craig hands Trey a notebook. Trey opens up the notebook as Craig continues running his trains

Trey: You've got all this just for one terrorist?
Craig: Yea, well, Dave's got his own project going on, something about some ship that sunk in Michigan.
Trey: I see. Anyway, you want to follow this guy around?
Craig: Yep. I mean, if we know where he hangs out at, we can kill him and his gang.
Trey: This is the Scrouge Of Allah, isn't it? This isn't just another gang of hoods...right?
Craig: If you count blowing sh*t up as "thug life", I'd hate to know what a terrorist would do.
Trey: I know. Now come on, let's do this.
Craig & Trey walk upstairs

The player gains control of Trey. The player is instructed to enter Craig's Diva and drive to the nearby 24/7. On the way, a conversation erupts

Craig: We can take my car-
Trey: You mean that station wagon your mom's had for years?
Craig: Better than your riceburner-
Trey: f*ck you! *Laughs*
Craig: I'll be honored to. But that's not the point. The point is that we have to get to the 24/7 down by the train line.
Trey: Isn't that...like, a cliche or something?
Craig: I don't know. All I know is that he more than likely works there and he's affiliated with the terrorists.

They arrive at the 24/7. Suddenly, the terrorist exits the store, gets into am Adriatic and drives away. The player is instructed to follow the terrorist back to his house, yet keep a certain distance as not to spook him. During the ride, a conversation erupts

Craig: Alright, looks like he's driving one of those cheap Euroboxes-
Trey: I think it's a Croatie.
Craig: Hell, could be. You know, I heard that the back windows of those were heated.
Trey: Why?
Craig: To keep your hands warm while you pushed it!
They both laugh

Trey: Anyway, you have any idea as to where this guy lives?
Craig: The news says that they live in caves and spider holes, but not these guys. I hear they live in some raised ranch out in Braddock.
Trey: Raised ranch? Isn't that what you live in?
Craig: What? I live in a f*cking split entry, not a raised ranch.
Trey: They're the same thing-
Trey: Craig...Craig, chill out man...chill.
Trey: Why don't we listen to the radio the rest of the way, yea?
Craig: Yes, lets.

After a period of awkward silence, the terrorist finally arrives at his house and turns to Craig & Trey

Craig: Alright, here we are...wait, does he see us?
Trey: I think he does.
The terrorist runs inside the house

Craig: f*ck, he's seen us. Drive man, get us back into Alexandria!
Trey: Where?
Craig: I dunno, "Breakfast In America" or some sh*t, I can go for an eat.
Trey: Yea, being noticed by international terrorists really works up an appetite.
Craig: Why would they name a diner after a Supertramp album?
Trey: f*ck me if I know.
Craig: Do you know?
Trey: Uh...go ask Dave. He's more into that classic rock sh*t than I am.
Craig: Hey, I'm into it too.
Trey: Craig, the only Classic Rock I've known that you associate yourself with is anything from a Vietnam movie.
Craig: So? It's still good.
Trey: That's what they all said.

The player arrives at "Breakfast In America"

Craig: Thanks for the ride man.
Trey: Don't mention it. I'll see you around.
Craig: Agreed, and watch your back out there, man. It's an ugly world.

Craig gets out of the car & walks into "Breakfast In America"

Mission Passed

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Posted 20 February 2012 - 05:29 PM

So the protagonist and his friends are vigilantes that kill terrorists? Sounds reasonable I suppose, although I don't think Trey resonates the qualities of a killer/criminal in any way, shape or form. What made you settle on that guy? He looks like a computer programmer or something. confused.gif

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