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Grand Theft Auto: Bay Business

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(is three concept threads too much? This was really just boredom I guess.)

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Welcome to the San Fierro Bay Area. It's now 1983, and as the glitz of the 80's moves in, the city moves along with it. It's one of the most modernized cities in the United States, with low poverty and high income. But even with that, gangs continue to thrive as drug traffickers move into the city, bringing in marijuana and now cocaine. With a corrupt police force, the drugs aren't controlled at all.

After going to Vietnam, and living in Carcer City for years, 36 year-old Robert Harris decides to move back to his birthplace. After taking a train all the way there, things are much different than what they were in 1966. Development has changed the skyline, more drugs have came in since the hippie movement and new gangs have sprung up. When he makes the wrong move with a Mexican gang, they turn on him and want him dead. Being alone, he asks for help. Another gang helps him, which evolves into a full-blown gang war across the area. Being a veteran, Robert feels he can take on them all.

user posted image

Bay Area Map

Of course, the setting is the San Fierro Bay Area, based on the San Francisco Bay Area. It consists of four major cities, which are all bunched up together on two islands.

San Fierro Based on San Francisco, it is the largest city in the area. It has a large business area and lots of ports for goods to come to and from the city. Three gangs are situated here, along with a still-large hippie population in places like Garcia. New to the city is a rising gay population in Queens. San Fierro is known for making lots of psychedelic rock during the mid to late-60's, which is still present in the airwaves. Robert Harris lived in Calton Heights as a kid. Even being modernized, there are some slums and ghettos in the city.

Redwood Valley Based on Oakland, it is situated directly east of San Fierro. It is the largest city in Alhambra County (Alameda County), which has countryside east of the city. The city does not have an airport (unlike it's RL counterpart), instead it has lots of docks and a large industrial/port area. Like San Fierro, there are some run-down areas but the city is otherwise in good condition.

San Julio Based on San Jose, it is the largest city in Santa Cadrona county, the smallest in the area and directly underneath Alhambra County. The is lots of fast-growing development in the city, with a lot of suburbs and one skyscraper being built faster than you can say "This might turn out bad". No gangs are situated here, although ones from other cities are trying to grab it. San Julio also has an airport in downtown.

Copper Valley Not really a city, but a bunch of smaller ones, including Burlington, Santa Marco and Farthom City. Since the late 1970's, this area has been dominated by the computer industry, which has tuned the area from a small little residential area into a boom town.

Smaller Cities:

Riviera Situated north of San Fierro, it's a tiny tourist destination with a marina and a small port. Neighborhoods in it include Redberry, Bel Verbe, and San Ricardo. It's based off of areas like Marin City.

Pinnacle Northeast of Redwood Valley, it consists of many suburbs. It's based off of Pinole.

Marcoso East of Pinnacle is this slightly industrial city, a little larger than it. It's based off Martinez.

El Montorel A coastal town with a small landing strip. Based off of El Granada and Montara.

Jeffery Hill A small little town in the hills over Redwood Valley. A large farm is between the two areas, which is halfway between them. It's based off of Lafayette.

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  • Colt Model 1911
  • Walther PP
  • Desert Eagle
  • Automatic Pistol
  • .357 Magnum
Sub-machine guns
  • MAC-10
  • MP5
  • Uzi
  • Thompson (VERY RARE)
  • AK-47
  • M16 Rifle
  • Remington Model 870
  • Remington Model 1100
  • SPAS-12
  • Remington Spartan 100 (regular)
  • Remington Spartan 100 (sawn-off)
Heavy Assault
  • M-60
  • .30 Caliber Machine Gun (RARE)
  • Minigun
  • Grenades
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Remote Explosives
  • RPG-7
  • M72 LAW
  • Molotov
  • Flamethrower
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Baseball Bat
  • Knife
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Katana
  • Golf Club
  • Shovel
  • Axe
  • Chainsaw
  • Wood Plank (can be found almost anywhere)
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Grand Theft Auto: Bay Business now includes a new feature with vehicles - up to three variants of one, most very different from each other. This can be a different generation and such, like one from 1975 and 1980 or something. This is a list of vehicles that have two or more variants from different years, or in different body styles like wagons.

Manana (1981 version)
Manana (1975 version)

Sabre (1970 version)
Sabre (1983 version)

Phoenix (1979 version)
Phoenix(1983 version)

Perennial (1969 version)
Perennial (1983 version)

Virgo (now based off of the AMC Rebel, 1969 coupe variant)
Virgo (station wagon variant)

(NEW)Scarletto (based off the Toyota Corolla E70, 1979 version)
Scarletto (1983 version)

Bobcat (1967 version)
Bobcat (1983 version)

Admiral (sedan variant)
Admiral (turbocharged coupe variant)
Admiral (wagon variant)

New Vehicles:

Kosoku, based off of the third-generation Toyota Celica
Pension, based off of the 1978-1983 Toyota Hilux
Yearling, based off of the third-generation Ford Mustang
Flunker, based off of the DeLorean DMC-12 (Very Rare)
Mörgen, based off of the Volkswagen Beetle
Serengeti, based off of the second-generation Honda Civic
Clifton, based off of the Dodge Aspen
Coastal, based off of the fifth-generation Lincoln Continental
PWR-200, based off of the BMW K100
Heckler, based off of the Matchless G80, also very rare

user posted image

(the following was copied from an article from the San Fierro Watch, a popular newspaper)

Getting around in the area is easy. Just finding an unattended vehicle is all you have to do, and then get from point A to point B. Going around in almost every way imaginable, or legal, is convenient enough to gain 50 pounds.

Don't have a car? Is your destination just a block away but you don't want to use up fuel in your three-ton sedan? Just get up and go. It may not be fast but it's efficient. If someone's following you, you can sprint, but be careful because you can't go far.

Walking may be pretty tiring, so hop on your two-wheeled contraption and go. Usually, these come in two forms - pedal-powered or motorized. If it's option one, then you can go pretty fast down the hills of Fierro but going the other way might not be too easy. Option number two might just be a better choice, however many bikes are slow and will stall before you reach the top.

It is probably the best thing we as a society have ever invented - a vehicle on four cylinders running on decaying sea life which is destroying our planet. They can be attractive, fast and decapitation booths in the end, or small, unnatractive and slow but still save you money. These also can come in a variety of how many doors you have on them - either two, four or five - which I don't get because the back door technically is not a door. Anyway, they can hold overpaid actors, gangs of people, large families, or bank robbers. Any way you want, this is America.

Vans and Trucks
So you can't fit that safe you just robbed inside of the station wagon? Is putting it on top too revealing? Vans are your choice. If you're taking a good share of souveneirs from your neighbor's house two miles away, it's also what you'd like but a large load calls for large spaces. That's what we've been built for, to build big stuff. Still, big doesn't mean fast, which means you could be slowed down and left behind from your drunk and much richer friends in that brand-new Coquette.

If it weren't for these, or for steam engines popularized by them, we'd still be in the 18th century. Nowadays, we have trucks, buses and cargo planes, so what's the purpose of them? They're slow and make you wait for them to cross, it's senseless to still have them around. Just ride on the bus or get rich like me, you stupid poor people.

This is what I was telling you about that's making the trains phased out. They're fast, big, loud, and is where fat people travel to places everyone goes to, like Liberty City. Plus, with hundreds of colorful buttons most people have no idea know what they do, it's recommended you take some training before you get in the cockpit. They also sometimes get technical difficulties and crash into the ground, which could have been caused by Middle Easterns. Some people like to watch them fly in circles, which really isn't the reason why they go there - it's to watch the pilots die.

This has many purposes - one is to transport executive businessmen across town when he has three limousines, or to transport U.S. soldiers to that riot area. These are slower than most airplanes and usually hold less people, but that's not important - all that's important is being stylish. That's really all that counts.

One of the first forms of transportation, we use these to ship large amounts of Chinese-made cargo, take vacations in the bay, or send 2,000 people across the Atlantic just to kill two-thirds of them. I tried to go out into the Pacific Ocean for as far as I could once, but I reached some barrier and woke up in the hospital.

Don't worry about these.

user posted image

The guys who keep the city corrupt and safe from the people getting too close to the drug dealers. Some drive around casually dressed in sports cars payed by taxpayer's money.

These are the places you go where you're feeling down or just went into the bad part of town. They also have mobile hospitals called ambulances, which we can thank for the technology that was stalled 2,000 years ago.

Arson and other "accidental" fires can be a problem, which is why this is here. They'll put that out for you.

Public Transportation
This includes buses, subways and taxis. For people who aren't rich enough to afford more than one car, or one at all. Don't worry about them.

user posted image
Boredom is a bad disease anywhere, so it's recommended that you find a way to cure it.
(note: this is not the full list of activities)

Video Games
This is a new craze that has just popped up in arcades with pinball machines and sweaty guys driving vans. It involves having to use a joystick and big red buttons to control a pixelated character that eats dots, or a plumber jumping on turtles.

These have been around longer than video games and involves knocking around a metal ball into objects to get more points. It takes a quarter, like video games, but that one quarter often turns into your allowance, and, on regular occasions, your dad's bank account.

Some people call this billiards, which seems unreasonable. This has been around for hundreds of years, and is a popular game, if in a bar, a biker bar or a Jamaican bar.

Not really an activity, but some of my friends feel like doing this when they want to hang out with me.

Street Racing
An illegal sport first inspired by driving, it's highly illegal but no one seems to care about that.

Washing your sorrow away is one thing many men and women do, which then often turns into sleeping peacefully at the base of the stairs, in a car with some mechanical problems or the slammer.

Helicopter Tours
A new business popped up in San Julio back in 1978, called ArialTour. They operate tours regularly at the docks.

Playing roulette, blackjack or poker can make you win big rarely if you press your luck. If you do it wrong, then you'll just have to explain that to the casino.

Dirt Ring
This sport has been around since Garcia Stadium opened in 1971, with an oval-shaped dirt track. On weekends, it has motorcycles, but on weekdays it has cars fitted with special off-road tires.

user posted image

Even when the San Fierro Bay is a very urbanized area, gangs still flourish in the area and crime is a big factor. This is a list of the gangs currently in the San Fierro Bay:

San Fierro Triads: This underground gang has been in Chinatown since about 1920, making it the oldest gang in the area. No official leader is known, but they have rivals with almost every gang in the area.

Blood Feather Triads: A possible subsidary of the triads, however they are very small and only have about 30 members. They were formed around 1975.

Red Gecko Tong Another small set, about the same size as the Blood Feathers. They were formed not too long ago in 1980.

Rifa: Formed in 1980, this gang originated in the low-wealth part of the Garcia district. They have connections with the Vietnamese gangs in the northern and western areas of San Fierro.

Shining Razors: Later to be called the Da Nang Boys, they are a moderately large Vietnamese gang in Easter Basin. They mainly drive low-quality vehicles and ship illegal drugs into the city.

Sindacco Family: A Mafia gang from Las Venturas attempting to start business in San Julio and Redwood Valley.

Survivalists: Not exactly a gang, but they are a group of paranoid civillians who believe the world will end soon and are very hostile. Their only hideout is in the countryside outside of the city, on an abandoned farm converted into a small camp.

Bronze Garden Gang: A very small gang formed in the low-weath area of Bronze Garden. Their main business is stealing vehicles and either scrapping them or using them for gang-related use.

Northsands Crime Syndicate: A large gang in northern San Julio and south Redwod Valley. Their business is trafficking drugs, modifying vehicles, and protection. Peter Malchromede is the leader, and is British.

Hashbury Yardies: A small-time Jamaican group, obviously situated in the hippe-like neighborhoods.

McDarren Crime Family An Irish crime gang situated in Riviera. THeir leader is Sean McDarren.

user posted image

In GTA: BB, the player can listen to radio, watch televison, and even watch shows at the local theaters.

Radio Stations

SF Wave Radio
New Wave & Pop
DJ: Patty Farthom
  • Culture Club - Time
  • Don Henley - Nobody's Business
  • Duran Duran - Union of the Snake
  • Billy Joel- Tell Her About It
  • Alan Parsons Project - Games People Play
  • Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
  • Hall & Oates - You Make My Dreams
  • Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime
  • Dire Straits - Private Investigations
  • Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  • The Cars - Moving in Stereo
  • Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed
  • Men at Work - Who Can it Be Now?
Pre-1980 Rock
DJ: Ronald Norton
  • Led Zeppelin - The Battle of Evermore
  • Led Zeppelin - Ten Years Gone
  • Bob Seger - The Fire Down Below
  • Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
  • The Who - Pinball Wizard
  • Lynyrd Skynyrd - Simple Man
  • Steely Dan - Do it Again
  • Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way
  • Bad Company - Shooting Star
  • Rolling Stones - Miss You
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
Shine-On 92.4
DJ: Jeffery Jones
  • Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive
  • Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing
  • Earth, Wind & Fire - Getaway
  • Heatwave - Boogie Nights
  • Tavares - Heaven Must be Missing an Angel
  • Rose Royce - Car Wash
  • Cerrone - Give Me Love
  • Sister Sledge - He's the Greatest Dancer
  • Odyssey - Native New Yorker
  • Pattie Brooks - Girl Don't Make Me Wait
  • ORS - Moonboots
Radio X
80's rock, mostly metal
DJ: Cedar McAffers
  • Queen - Another one Bites the Dust
  • Van Halen - Hear About it Later
  • Mötley Crüe - Live Wire
  • Quiet Riot - Thunderbird
  • ZZ Top - Legs
  • Def Leppard - Rock of Ages
  • Mötorhead - I Got Mine
  • Alice Cooper - I Am the Future
  • Billy Squier - Everybody Wants You
  • Bob Seger - Roll Me Away
Redwood Valley Public Radio
Talk radio, news. Soon to merge with CCR to become WCTR

Senate vs. America
Senators and congressmen are put on the radio and asked questions by callers. Host is Gary Klefto.

News This Morning
The top news stories, with weather reports at the end of the show. The host is Harold Figettit and the weatherman is Steve Torrent.

Social(izm) Streets
People picked off of the street share their opinions with the government and the state. Hosts are Vincent Polsch and Earnest Jackson.

Technology Trending
The new contraptions made in Copper Valley are showcased on here. Host is Marcus Gibbles.

What if... Conspiracy Show
The strange beliefs that many people have are discussed. Host is Mr. Robertson (he doesn't give out his first name).

Our Authors
Aurthors of newly-released books are interviewed. Host is William Tarry.

The Right Lane Radio
Conservative talk show

Hosts: Jason Hawkins, Tyler Shackel, Rodney Lancaster, Patrick Repole, and Tyler Frazon, discussing about the government and hating on the Democrats.

Country Chat Radio
Talk radio, the station is far out in the country of course.
Host: Wesley Patrick

Guests: Any person that the station feels is important

Callers: The station has privacy for these people.

Hop 100
Hip hop
DJ: G Flasha
  • Grandmaster Flash - She's Fresh
  • Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight
  • The Sequence - Funk You Up
  • Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock
  • Grandmaster Flash - You Are
  • Run-D.M.C. - 30 Days
  • Sugarhill Gang - Apache
(the radio stations are incomplete, give me suggestions because I'm out of ideas)

A new technology - mobile messages, is coming to San Fierro. These are the two most popular on the market at the moment:

user posted image
Sumo Wordman

Pictured here is the Series 60, released in December 1982. It's the sucessor to the Series 10, released in April 1980. It's very simple, but cheap and efficent. It's the pager the protagonist gets on the first mission.

user posted image
Panoramic Futura

First released as the Series 100 in 1978, the Futura has more features than the Wordman, including a calendar. Pressing the Record and Play button will show the time. The Futura Series 200 was released in 1981.

user posted image
this only lists characters that have an important/semi-important role in the game

Robert Harris - 36 years old - Vietnam War veteran, just returning to his home from Carcer City. He is smart and wise but short-temepered. Really hates Vietnamese.

Keith Harris - 34 years old - Robert's younger brother, who did not go to Vietnam and stayed in San Fierro, even when his brother left in 1976. He is killed in the final mission strand.

Diana Harris - 39 years old - Robert's older sister, she makes appearances in the game and dislikes her brother going into the crime business.

Sean McDarren - 43 years old - An Irish loudmouth who drinks a lot. He is the leader of the McDarren Family, along with his brother.

Mao Zhan - 48 years old - Leader of the Triads and Blood Feather Triads, he is a fluent English speaker who has lived in Chinatown for all his life.

Aal Fan Li - 73 years old - Leader of the Red Gecko Tong and father of Ran Fa Li, he was born in southeast China and speaks little english. He requires a translator to speak to other people most of the time.

Tracy "MC B6B9" Vernon - 29 years old - Leader of the Bronze Garden Gang and still pretty young - he has lived in Liberty City for some time, is slightly uneducated but good at using guns.

Earnest Jackson - 28 years old - Tracy's right-hand-man and sometimes his bodyguard. He later becomes close friends with Robert.

Vincenzo Sindacco - 38 years old - He is the leader of the Sindacco Family, and tries to ally with Richard fails and is later killed.

Peter Malchromede - 45 years old - Many times going by the name of Mr. Mal, he leads the Northsands Crime Syndicate, and is British.

Adam Lain - 26 years old - Works for Peter Malchromede, and eventually knows Robert.

Tucker Jones - 30 years old - He's a racist, beer-drinking redneck who leads the survivalists. Very paranoid and hostile as well.

user posted image

This is the full list of missions in the game, with their titles and rewards. The locations represent what most/all of the selected missions are given in.

San Fierro
New ArrivalPager, safehouse, $20
Like Old Times$15
Unstoppable Force$500
In Heat$400
Take Me to My Home$50
Breaking InFree safehouse, $2,500
A New Lead$550
Rumble in the Jungle$500
Towing Service$3,500
Welcome to America$1,000
Hoh Chi Minh$3,000
Tenement Takeout$1,500
The Other Side$750
What a Show!$950
Flying Lessons$2,000
Abandon Ship$5,000
Alhambra County
Out ThereNew safehouse, $100
The Great Brit$500
Mafia Work$1,000
A Deal You Can Regret$10,000
Country Drive$1,500
Blood and Tears$2,000
Feeling Left Out?$850
The Redneck's Requests$500
Walk in the Park$1,500
The Preperation$750
Getting Organized$950
Safe Cracking$100,000
Survival of the British$15,000
Coming From Above$10,000
Construction Ahead$10,000
Surviva This...$15,500
Touch of Salt$8,000
Making Marks$9,500
Riviera County

What's WhatNew safehouse, $100
In the Valley$5,000
To The Top$2,000
The Machine Inside$25,000
Armour Escort$10,000
It's Good to Be Back$1,000
Dead End$15,000
Chopper Ride$7,500
Rumble in Riviera$8,500
Back in BusinessAsset in Chinatown, $1,000
Your Move$50
Final Mission Strand

A Loved One$0
Private Investigation$100
The Butler Did It$500
FINAL: Have a Nice Day$20,000
I'll make updates to this regularly.

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man u should keep going it will be epic when finished.

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