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Image Hosting Sites

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Posted 09 December 2011 - 11:55 AM

Hello, I'm not sure if this is the proper area, but it seemed the most appropriate.

I'm in need of an image hosting site, and I want one with image tracking so I can see how many viewed it and how much bandwidth it has taken. I've joined so many it's ridiculous and yet I am not yet fully satisfied. I thought I found the perfect image hosting site, it was Imgur. I enjoyed that the most as it had the ability to track my images with such detail. This not only includes views on the album and image on the imgur site alone but from views when an image is embedded on another site, this also includes IMG BB coding which is perfect for forum use. However I find that it struggles with retaining image quality and png transparency not only on large file images but more so on normal ones. Yes, I know Photobucket and ImageShack are quite good ones but they lack in their tracking abilities as they only count views of the image on their actual site, not through hotlinking and embedding. I am also currently using PicturePush as my high quality image uploading needs but again it does not have the abilities to track views beyond its own site. An example of what I am saying, there is an image of Imgur's tracking capabilities.

user posted image

As you can see this is a thumbnail image used to entice Minecraft players to click on it and go to my texture pack thread. This image is posted on the first post of a 'texture pack hub/database' hence the large amount of views. I find this very interesting see these figures in conjunction to the success and progress of my texture pack and I wish to continue its use. I Have two options as I see it, make my large images not large so the quality is not butchered and its original transparency actually works or one of you chaps have an image hosting site that fulfills my number loving needs and high quality uploads.

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Posted 09 December 2011 - 05:40 PM

One option would be to get your own host. That way, you can even check for unique views and sort them by regions. Plus, you can set up download area with the same hosting, and then you can track clicks as well.

All you would need is a web host with PHP and database. Script for something like this is extremely easy. You can probably write your own, find one that already works, or ask somebody to write it.

Maybe that's overkill for what you're doing, but it's the only thing I can personally think of.

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