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The Last of Us

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Posted 6 days ago

I bought this for my best friend for his birthday. I just got a text from him that says "I'm in the hotel basement nearly sh*tting myself." Haha

Just wait until he hits the Underground tunnel in Salt Lake City, he's gunna have a heart attack sneaking around those Bloaters
Haha yeah I told him he ain't seen nothing yet.

I actually thought the basement was worse. At least I can see worth a damn in the tunnel
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Posted 17 hours ago Edited by Dbns_Finest, 15 hours ago.

So I decided to go back to Tlou one more time on PS3 to get my platinum trophy by finishing it on Survivor. I have to say, I'm impressed

Even though I'm on PS4, the graphics still amaze me. Hell it looks better then some PS4 games. The story is really emotional. I've completed TLOU like 6 times but I almost shed a manly tear after the suburbs part.

So far survivor has been pretty easy. I'm at the end and I have 2 med kits, 1 smoke bomb, 1 molotov and plenty of ammo. Hopefully I don't get f*cked in the Hospital lol

I really love this game. Truly one of the best games of all time

Edit: Finished it, The hospital was actually pretty easy.

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