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Do you think Tommy's one liners are funny?

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Poll: Do you think Tommy's one liners are funny? (131 member(s) have cast votes)

Do you think Tommy's one liners are funny?

  1. Yes (92 votes [74.19%])

    Percentage of vote: 74.19%

  2. No (3 votes [2.42%])

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  3. Sometimes (29 votes [23.39%])

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  • Journey_95


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Posted 4 weeks ago

Yeah they are hilarious and awesome. Tommy is easily one of the best GTA protagonists, Rockstar did a great job with him & Ray Liotta delivered as well.

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Am Shaegar
  • Am Shaegar

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Some are indeed funny, but not every line coming out from his mouth. Sometimes, I thought his one lines appear to be unrelated to the on-going situation. It didn't make sense, and maybe it was just a casual one.

  • Yinepi

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Yinepi, 4 weeks ago.

Some of them are. Most aren't.

The sarcastic "Thank you!" when picking up money, and "At least I don't own this piece of crap." when crashing a car are funny because they make a play on the game title and theme, but the "I did your wife" isn't because it's just a generic insult.

  • ViceBoy69


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Posted 2 weeks ago

"Blame my mother i do"

" Your as boring as the other guy"

"Whats your wife doing you pork bastard"


Overall i think the whole games well scripted, the peds reactions to Tommy or situations are funny too.


The 2 guys who stand outside the bus, they also drive a van if Tommy punches the van they both get out  you usually hear "Nut job"  or " somebody call the police"

The security guard has a good response to Tommy when he fires a gun  " i will stick my foot so far up your arse"

The Coconut Kid
  • The Coconut Kid

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I liked how they were often quick witted and intelligent and didn't rely on vulgarity.

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