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22 Car Shoreside Garage

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Posted 08 August 2011 - 02:11 PM

22 Car Shoreside Garage

You know, I never got around to making a topic for this. Well, basically I tweaked my old mod yesterday and now it works with saved games.

This mod will basically make your Shoreside garage bigger. You'll have the entire parking lot in which to store cars.
This mod expands the size of the Shoreside garage to include the entire parking lot. That means you can store way more cars without them disappearing. There are a few glitches, for example once you have three cars in there, and you drive another in they will disappear. HOWEVER, they are just invisible, not gone. Park the car and exit and they'll reappear. Also, you can't see parked cars when you stand outside of the garage. The garage is a block from the back of the original, to the east street, from the south street, to the front of the other non-useable garage. The garage door still works.

Just a little main.scm tweak, nothing major. Comment/rate if you want. Look at the screenies from right to left. (download now, 4 cars all saved, etc)

This mod works with some old save games!

I'm thinking about making the entire Staunton parking garage into a big garage for your cars, and I'm taking other suggestions as well. So if you have an idea for a garage mod, just tell me here. smile.gif

This is for GTA III, by the way.

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