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San Andreas Nostalgia!

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Posted A week ago

I actually never got past the first mission until last year. I got it when it came out. I wasn't impressed and didn't start playing again until last Summer.

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Posted A week ago

GTA San Andreas is an immortal game and even after 14 years you will be amazed by new discoveries in this game.

I first played this game on my friends pc in 2010.I was so immeresed in the game that i didnt want to leave his house ( I had a potato pc back then) till my mom called me and i got good scolding for reaching Home late :p
When i played it on my pc in 2014 i did no missions.
Just used jetpack and roam around the map- cities,villages,forests,mountains,beaches so many beautiful places.
But my favorite hangout spot was grove street. I just love watching the sunset from CJs house rooftop,street lights slowly turning on,people walking around some smoking,talking while others riding bicycle.
That is very similar to my neighbourhood!
This game has a special place in my heart.
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