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San Andreas Nostalgia!

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Posted 2 days ago

..In a good way! This may be R*'s most ambitious game to date. What they managed to pull off running on a PS2 is nothing short of a miracle. Havent played the game since 2015 and I recently started a new game. Theres so much to do and so much to see. I guess this is a SA appreciation thread  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


What is your favorite thing to do in this awesome game?

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Posted A day ago

Starting a new game is always so special. All of a sudden there's so much ahead of you to do. As for my favourite thing? It's more of a combination of things. I don't quite go for the starter save but I definitely get a bulk of the side missions out of the way. It was a great way to get reacquainted with the city and earn some extra cash early on. Don't bother even buying weapons because you'll end up with nothing by the time you reach the countryside. Save it for properties and businesses later on.
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Posted A day ago Edited by GTA_The_Series, A day ago.

This is back in the day when R* weren't greedy f*cks with D*ckTwo. Back when they made gta games with heart. IV was their last grate game imo. V was good up until their online sh*t. Then at the end R* was f*cked with T2 making their moves with the modding.

OT: What's my favorite thing to do in SA?

Just play it...that's all. Playing this in 2017 and will for years to come. SA was the sh*t for it's time in 2004 and still is. Makes you realize R* weren't always the way they were as they are today. T2 made them worse in a whole other way.
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Posted A day ago

My favorite, and most nostalgic GTA game. Here's how it went.

Hello darlings! This thread is dedicated to sharing your good or bad memories of playing GTA...SA is definitely the most nostalgic for me, mainly because it's the first "official" GTA game that I played...And despite the fact that the disc is more used up and worn out than my asshole, I still keep it safely in its box, and in my game drawer...Why? Because of all the fond memories I have of playing it...And it happened during summer vacation, so I didn't need to worry about homework, or my parents telling me to go to sleep because it's a school day tomorrow...This was also the same summer that I got my first computer(ergo, my introduction to internet), and started listening to extreme metal...So the whole day I was playing the game, looking for random sh*t on the internet(most of it related to SA and R*, and doing research on extreme metal), and listening to the aforementioned music while taking notes on its sub-genres and their respective bands...Yep, it was the best summer vacation I ever had, so what stories do you guys have?

As for my favorite thing to do, cause havoc with the hydra, gamble, drive through the whole state, the little things, you know? :)

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Posted 21 hours ago

Driving a train across the whole state for the sub-mission. Even if the job is very easy with the passengers' train and doesn't give anything fancy it's very agreable. I love trains in general and seeing the landscapes of the countryside, the desert, the lights changing with the day time, the sound of the train, it reminds me good memories.

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