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Funny last words!

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Posted 02 April 2011 - 01:24 AM Edited by ciganyirto, 02 April 2011 - 01:57 PM.

Hey there, fellas!

What do you like to do in Vice City once you complited the game 100%? As for me, I like pirating. Pirating is a funny and entertaining thing - you REALLY should give it a whirl.
All y'need to do is grab a boat from the docks, start lookin' fer other boatz roamin' on the water, stop next to'em, and then jump aboard! The owner of the boat will immediately run away into the water and drown. And while doin' that, they usually say something totally unrelated and stupid, which alwayz makes me laugh!! I never heard such sentences throughout the game, so I would like you to try it out...and then answer mah questionz.

Question 1: Why do the boat owners jump off their boat into certain death once I hop aboard??? Don't they know blue water is deadly?

Question 2: What funny last words you heard so far?

Here is my collection:

Average male:
- Hey!
- Vice City is cursed.
- Just lemme get my stash!
- My dad will have my balls for dinner!
- You sorry ass!
- Here, I just leased this one!
- Hope I never find you!

Old timer male:
- You are in big big trouble!
- See you in 64!

Hard hat workman:
- You are soon to be dead!

Black person:
- Hey yo yo yo yo yo, easy man, yo!
- Yo yo be easy! Yo you got it, you got it!
- Oooooh sh*t!!!!
- Oooooh sh*t, you...you tryin' to JACK me!
- Hey yo, what's up what's goin' on?
- I, yo! Yo, I!
- Yo, you are trying to take my whip, son?

- You criminal!
- Eh...I don't think so, loser!
- Nooooo, I'm totally on my way to the mall!
- Oooh, I'm gonna have to totally take the nasty bus!
- These are leather seats.
- Are you the doctor?
- You brought something for me?
- You haven't seen the last of me, asshole!

I will try to write more, there are a LOT more, but since my native language is not English, there might be some sentences I can't write down, because I can't understand them. If you hear something which is not mentioned, tell me smile.gif

And have fun pirating! Arrrg, matey!!! biggrin.gif

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