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How To Change Your Wheel ?

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Posted 28 January 2011 - 11:47 AM

Note : you've to download Kams script for importing and exporting DFF for 3ds max .
First Make Col. :
That's easy follow me !
Well , I'm Selected Sabre's Col For Yardie .

user posted image

You've to Select an Original DFF SA Cars , For Example (Sabre,Blade) or any car (SA Cars) .

user posted image
Write In This Bar Anything ex(Blade,Yardie,....etc)

Second Press DFF IO To Import Your Car and the Wheel of course !
Then Press H To Show the list , Find chassis_vlo , do it what's on picture exactly From 1 To 6 .

user posted image

Press Hammar Icon To Unselect The chassis_vlo .

Then Move yor wheel up close to the old wheel Like this in the picture :

user posted image

After this, Press Scale To Size Your Wheel , Note : Be Sure To Make Your Wheel Exactly Like Old Wheel's Size , If You Make Bigger , The Wheel'll Go Down The Ground In The Game . Touch The Point (Black Star) To Size Easier . My Bad ! Well Ignore The Num.1 !! Delete It After Scaling To Avoid Wheel In Underground !!!!

user posted image

Well ,after deleteing Select Your Wheel and Follow The Picture's number :

user posted image

First Zoom up To See Better !
Find The Wheel's Dummy (wheel_rf_dummy) .
Then Find Your Wheel(Your Wheel's Look Broken , alone in the corner) or you can select your wheel to know where's it (it look white) and move up close to Wheel's dummy (wheel_rf_dummy)Like In The Picture and press Connect to Wheel's dummy (wheel_rf_dummy) .
user posted image

Note : all Wheel've a Different names ! But The Wheel's Dummy's Always The same name (wheel_rf_dummy) .

Then Close The Window .
Select Your Wheel And Follow The Steps In The Picture :

user posted image

Note : You've to reset xform to avoid the uncorrect wheel's place .

Now You Car's Ready For Export , But Don't Forget To Unhide chassis_vlo !!!!
Follow the Steps !

user posted image

Well , After This , Press Hammar Icon To Unselect .
Select DFF IO .
Now Select Everyparts of the car (All) And Follow The Steps :
You've to select An Original Col .like (sabre,blade,tornado) etc .....
user posted image

After Exporting the car , you've to add The Textures of the wheel (If Ya Didn't , The Wheel'll look White ! <missing textures> )
So You've to know how to add textures by TXD Workshop .

How ???
open your TXD Workshop ,
First Select (Open TXD) And select your wheel's TXD . then press (Export) and select Export all textures to bitmaps .
Second Select Your gta3.img .
Then Write Your Car's name(Ex..blade.txd) note you can find by writing car's name (to write , there's a bar in the left corner )
Then Select (Image) from toolbar , and select Templates And select (Insert image from templates)
And choose whatever do you like (16,32,8 bit) .
Then after insert image select your new image (The Yellow) and press (Impot) To Import your wheel's image one after one .
Note : Be Sure you're adding the textures at the car's textures , (ex, if add this car as blade , you've to add Wheel's textures to blade.txd)
and don't forget every textures you've import , RENAME The Image as What's the image of wheel is name . To Rename Double Click at the image for rename .
after insert all wheel's textures then press save TXD and Exit !

Cheers !

The Result :
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

If anyone got trouble with this , Just send me a message to fix it .

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Posted 26 May 2012 - 06:51 PM

Pure awesomeness !!!!
Best tutorial ever. Totally up to the point. No bull$hit. Respect.

Can anyone do such a tut for replacing wheel in z mod as well, i placed my new wheel on the original wheel, deleted the older one (also under the rf dummy), moved the new in rf dummy, looks al nicey in GGMM but turns invisible in game !!

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