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Whats your biggest Wtf moment?

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Posted 11 November 2011 - 09:08 PM

QUOTE (krasiejow @ Monday, Jul 18 2011, 21:01)
WTF is this? My first modding try
user posted image

I couldn't help but lol...

I've had quite a few WTF moments in GTA VC, once a boat just randomly "drove" onto the land out of nowhere.. I think someone has already mentioned something similar.

My others are in GTA III, though. Like I remember once a Diablo gang car was randomly flying, I shot it and it sped off before coming back down to earth again. Another time after a mission I blew up a vehicle and a bunch of peds ganged up on me and kicked the sh*t out of me so I died, despite having full health and armour initially. It was funny as well as WTF. I couldn't leave or fight back. Oh and when I made a bunch of people run into the water to their deaths. wow.gif

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Posted 24 November 2011 - 10:19 PM Edited by mincemate003, 25 November 2011 - 06:46 AM.

QUOTE (Wolfmight @ Tuesday, Oct 4 2011, 11:58)
Hell, the stupid AI was full of WTF moments.  And ALWAYS when your about to FINISH a long and difficult mission as well!!!
AI walking in front of your fire, like deliberately stepping right in front of it... gun touching their back suicide glitch.
Then there's the AI running in front of a speeding car... BOOM,  and somehow YOU fail?  Fvck it, they died of stupidity, sad Christmas.

I've just had a moment like this. Not sure if the AI ran in front of the car, or if the car just drove in the wrong spot, but it happened. Doing the bank robbery mission (The Job) and right after I park the taxi at the bank and we get out, a van from out of nowhere just f*cking runs over Cam. The mission ends and the others just disappear, even the body. Completely dumb.

Edit- got another WTF moment. Playing the last mission, just finished it, the "mission passed" screen comes up after the credits and... the game freezes! Freezes right there on the mission passed screen! On the final damn mission! icon13.gif

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Posted 13 March 2012 - 03:17 AM

Big WTF happened when I was standing in front of the Hyman Memorial Stadium waiting for Hotring to open. I was really bored and I had a gatling gun, so I started shooting around. After a while I had a 6-* wanted level - nothing special. Things started to go crazy after something killed Tommy - I don't remember what exactly. He respawned like normally except not at the front of the Downtown hospital but at the stadium!
Any idea why?

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